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A Crazy Life

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This is a story that can be true that may make you bring your iPad/phone/computer to the bathroom because you are laughing so much. WARNING: Swearing!

    It was morning. A beam of sunlight was spilling through the partings of the curtains. Dad strolled in, and shook me awake. 'Jaqueline Fern Anderson, how many fucking times do I have to say "WAKE UP"?' Sorry Dad, my dream was about flying unicorns- 'THERE IS NO SHITTING UNICORNS IN EARTH, YOU IDIOT!' Dad shoots at me. Mum shouts up the stairs, 'No swearing, Dave. Jackie, get up, Neenah's at the door' Dad stomps out of the door, while I get out of bed and fling on my uniform. I hear a "CRACK" and stumble to the window, while tying my Mary Jane shoes, and peer out of the window. Dad's car is in flames. I run downstairs and warn Dad. 'Son of a bitch' He strolls to the car and shrieks 'SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT MY CAR!' 5 minutes later, the bus stops outside the neighbourhood, avoiding the firemen and their vans, and the police and me and Neenah rush to it. Shane Daniels, my crush allows me and Neenah to scoot in beside him (Yes, the bus is very modern, three seats per row) on the bus. Neenah, who knows my crushing on Shane, pushes me to the middle, and I blush crimson, and try to focus on my lap. Shane leans in and kisses me on the cheek. I say, 'excuse me' and I pull Neenah, who has her jaw dangling in shock, and I walk to the back, and throw myself on the unoccupied four seats, hallucinating. Neenah fans me with her hands, and lends me her inhaler (She has asthma) and I breathe in, out, in, out. I calm down, and plop myself beside Shane, Neenah accompanying me. 'sorry about that.' We arrive at St. Bridget's. The bus drives onto the parking spot, and there is a deafening, disgusting "CRUNCH" 'SHIT MY ASS!' The bus driver screams. We are after knocking down and killing Miss. Bridget. The Headmistress.

    What will happen next? Try and continue the story in the Comments!

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