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My Narrative

2 Chapter - 435 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 490 taken- The story is completed

I made this Narrative uhhh And please note that It's a Work in progress and isn't my best work thank you! Ends randomly though lol email me if you have suggestions on what I should do!

    ¨Hyahh!¨ Kiko Yelled as she Kicked a troll in the face. Light roared and shot a beam of fire at the rest of the monsters. ¨Great Job Light!¨ She said happily as she hopped on her. Light flew up towards the sky beaming with pride. The Green Brook forest looked darker than usual the past three weeks, But she tried to make the best of it with her best friend light- the dragon. As the Big Sun Dragon flew towards the Big tree marketplace, she dazed off hoping to see anything familiar that could be her real home or family. ¨HELP!¨ A Loud voice screeched in the undergrowth. As soon as she heard the voice she was shocked back into reality

    A Boy was holding a stick and waving it at the small troll walking towards him, he screamed again. ¨hey!”she yelled and got the boy and the troll's attention, the troll started attacking her but she punched it and the troll fell. ¨Yes!¨ he said in relief, ¨Wait- Who are you?¨ he gasped. ¨I'm your savior obviously- oh and Kiko!¨ she said smiling. ¨I'm Sol like Soul, but less creepy- and uhhh can I pet your dragon…? Or will it bite me?¨ He said gazing at the giant white and yellow dragon. Light grunted laying down. ¨Well… Maybe I should tell you something..¨ He said sadly. ¨You know shadow? He's the king of demons, he has just been released and is destroying the world as we speak, starting with the greenbrook forest.” He looked at Kiko worriedly as she gasped ¨WHAT!¨ she said in horror. She Screamed when she saw black filling the forest with speed, and Sol and Kiko hopped onto Light and flew as fast as possible Away from the gross mist. As soon as They were on the move KIko said ¨What is that!¨ Sol looked back slightly panicked as a bug smacked right on his face. ¨EWW¨ He said disgusted.

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509 days ago
It's great! I love it!
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Should i delete this..?