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7 Kids: A Sad Life: Part 5

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James and the six other kids, counting Connor now. They all go to Romania, about to go. But then an old friend catches up with them, a friend that they hadn't seen in a few days. But who?

    James was so excited because he hadn't been on a plane in a very long time. Well, he couldn't, his parents abandoned him like all of his other friends.

    James walked down the road, passing a bunch of cars in the middle of the day. In New York City, there was traffic all day, every day. James had to wait like ten minutes to cross the road for all the cars to clear. James got back from his thoughts then and him and all the other six friends were walking down a steep hill. Because of the trees, it looked dark. Like it was night-time. James took his backpack off and took out a wipe to wipe off some mud off his trousers. He looked up and saw Molly and Connor quite far away from him and the other four. Connor must have said something funny because Molly laughed in the middle of the conversation. They then wrapped their arms around each other while walking.
    James scoffed but he hadn't realized that Hannah, Daniel and Richard were behind him. Now two more people knew. Daniel looked at James, nodded, then smiled. James smiled back, then looked back at Richard and Hannah, who were both staring at him, turning their gaze to Molly and Connor, who were now sitting under a tree.
    "Oh my god," Hannah said, while Richard just stayed there, staring at Molly and Connor. "You like Molly?" Hannah said, a little too loudly. James looked at Molly and Connor again, but they hadn't moved. Luckily.
    "Yes, but she can't know," James stood up, and put his backpack back on.
    Hannah hugged him, trying to comfort him. "I'm sorry," Hannah said, then looked up at the sky, trying to think of what the right thing was to say in the situation. "They'll break up soon. Connor's a little too old for her."
    "Thanks," James said, and felt like he was about to cry. But he was too old for that now. He straightened up and coughed. He then moved up, catching up to Connor and Molly. All six of the kids walked down a steep hill, then the trees somehow stopped. And they were all hit by sunlight again. They kept walking when the six of them heard someone call their name, a familiar voice. Someone they hadn't seen for a few days. But who?
    The voice caught up with them, and then they saw the person. Max. Max MacDonald. Their old friend. They finally reunited with him. Now there were seven. Seven kids. Dealing with a sad life. Being framed for murder.
    "Max?" Hannah said. "You good?"
    "Yeah," Max said, breathing loudly through his words, making it hard for it to hear what he was saying.
    "I'm finally here." Max said, and he was about to faint.
    James turned his gaze to the sky. And then looked at Connor. He was quite far away from him. Then their eyes met. Connor stared at James. Then he smiled at him, and grinned. Like he knew something. James turned around and looked at Max, who was now up from the ground and walking away across the road. James then thought about if Connor was the one who framed the six of the kids. Was it him? Or was James going crazy. He needed to find out, dig deep and find out if Connor was actually framing them.

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584 days ago
Can you read my story? I gave your story 5 stars. Here's the link: https://www.allthetests.com/quiz37/quiz/1587074371/Im-An-Unpopular-Girly-Girl-Part-1
755 days ago
I have 4 sibling and my bff has 6 sibs ans soty family taylor has 5 sibs
796 days ago
You should do a part three at some point! I like this story...
796 days ago
I've made part 2 now!