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7 Kids: A Sad Life: Part 6

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While meeting their old friend, Max, the whole gang of the Seven Kids reunite finally and have the whole squad. Then they go to Romania, finally.

    James then thought about if Connor was the one who framed the six of the kids. Was it him? Or was James going crazy. He needed to find out, dig deep and find out if Connor was actually framing them.

    While Max was standing there, frozen, he was processing everything that had just happened. Daniel told him about Romania, and the roommate that had connections to the person who was framing them all. Or, possible connections.
    James took his phone out, too look at the GPS. They all needed to take a taxi to the nearest airport and use the tickets to Romania. Luckily, they had Connor, who was eighteen, and he could help them get on the flight. But something felt off about Connor to James. How he was three years older than Molly. It felt weird that Molly was dating someone years older than her. But James had no way of telling Molly that he liked her. He couldn't tell Molly he liked her, he was too scared. About what she would say. Would she reject him? He just didn't know.
    "So you kids going to Romania?" Max asked, he then frowned and inspected the plane tickets. First class. "How the hell did you find the money for this? You robbing banks?"
    Connor coughed. "Actually, I'm kind of some rich kid."
    Max frowned again, and then all the seven of them waited for a taxi.
    The seven of them hailed a cab, each two different ones. The cabs followed each other to the nearest airports to use the plane tickets. The only thing James wanted to solve was: who was framing them for murder? And what was off about Connor? There was something really weird about him. He just felt that way. Was it because of his feelings for Molly? Possibly.
    When the seven kids got to the airport, they waited in a long line to use the tickets. "This line is long as hell." Max said. He had that type of impatient, arrogant personality.
    "There's a lot of people here." Molly replied.
    "Probably skipping town or something," Max said, as a joke. And Molly giggled.
    James had the seven tickets in his hands. And every time he looked at Connor, he felt unsafe near him. A possibility was that Connor actually framed them for the murder.
    But did he?

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160 days ago
I found the part 2 😃
160 days ago
Part 2 we need part 2.
164 days ago
Great story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1142 days ago
Can you read my story? I gave your story 5 stars. Here's the link: https://www.allthetests.com/quiz37/quiz/1587074371/Im-An-Unpopular-Girly-Girl-Part-1
1313 days ago
I have 4 sibling and my bff has 6 sibs ans soty family taylor has 5 sibs
1354 days ago
You should do a part three at some point! I like this story...
1354 days ago
I've made part 2 now!