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This is where I will put my blurbs please comment with ideas, feedback and just for a chat!

    The shoeless girls blurb:
    Can someone read this? It’s a blurb for my new story!
    Easifa hates shoes. Why create something that stops your feet feeling things? The grass under your toes, the rough concrete, the smooth marble why should all those feelings be hidden by socks and shoes? She often thought this. Whenever she could she would kick off her shoes and dance with Wafa, her dog who she had to keep hidden away because her tediously old fashioned school frowned upon animals and not wearing shoes. Easifa has been in this school since she was 6 years old but she had not made a single friend until Nyota, a girl with a knack for fixing things and a dislike for shoes joins the horrid school. Together they run to find their past and weave their future.

    The girl who ran on clouds blurb:
    Unremarkable was not a word you’d use to describe this certain girl with her deep knowing brown eyes and beautiful gold brown hair that looked as if weaved from the finest silks she was anything but unremarkable. She spent her days staring at the cloud filled sky its unique blue filled her with comfort, she often wondered not about anything in particular she just wondered while the other kids played and ran she wished she could run again free like a wild horse in a field. She would remember the days where bowel cancer didn’t exist for her. Ruby Ann would run again but not on the ground but on the clouds.

    Beginning of the great spoon catastrophe:
    Dirty, horrid, repulsive yes these are all words you would use to describe Grubb muddmoth, even the name makes you gag. He is not exactly human but not exactly dwarf either, he is what you call a dwaungon which is a dwarf/dragon/faun hybrid.

    Hairy, revolting, scaled, short, stubby… these are even more words to describe Grubb’s appearance. He had shaggy tangled goats legs with hoofs caked in dried mud and who knows what else! His eyebrows looked like two caterpillars crawled on his forehead and had long since died. If you could even see his eyes beneath those eyebrows you would find darkness and a flickering flame, dragon eyes, filled with hate and revenge, dragon eyes are some of the most mesmerizing things on the earth they will pull you into a trance and make you lose yourself in the immense beauty. Grubb used his spectacular eyes to put people in a trance and then steal spoons. Grubb for some reason adored spoons, he was sometimes described as a kleptomaniac but I think that spoonomaniac would suit him much better. He inherited his short stubby size from his third cousin twice removed or in simpler words his dwarf gene

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