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How I survived the apocalypse.

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This is about a girl who survived the apocalypse!

    Hi I am Emily, It's the first day of school I am going in to fifth grade... Or I was..

    A couple Hours ago My parents went on their honeymoon which let me in charge of my little brother Zack and our dog Max. When we watched there car almost disappear A Bunch of creatures attacked the van they were in, We stood there in awe as we saw our parents scramble out and the creatures lunge towards them. I picked up Zack and ran inside locked every door and window. We raced upstairs following max in to the safest room in the house "Our parents bedroom and locked the door. I new what just happened I have read books about this "The apocalypse" It's where a virus breaks out and zombies attack people for their brains. I shudder I never really liked our parents they always did drugs and smoked weed, I had to make dinner every night for me and my brother. Half the time they were at a bar getting drunk. I had a bag in my room full of food I could grab it but I would risk having to leave my brother alone. I urged myself to get up from the floor and race to my room I filled a couple of bags of weapons and supplies, ( I'm A total nerd but still better to be prepared than be a zombie!) I sprinted back to my parents bedroom to find my little brother missing from the spot I left him I knew the only place he would go... Outside.

    I grabbed a pistol and latched it on my belt and stashed a knife in my shoe, I put on a hoodie and a hat grabbed everything I needed to survive and stuffed it in a backpack. I could hear barks moans and screams coming from our backyard, I raced as fast as I possibly could to the door and flung it open only to see my Brother hiding inside one of those bicycle trailer things with Max inside too. One ugly monster trying to grab him, One bloody eye at the center of his eye red goop hanging from poop-green bumpy arms with layers of sharp teeth-His name is now "Guy" because... I don't know but I need to get him away from my brother. I race towards the bike and ease myself on the front seat, and push "Guy" away from the bike... But then something crazy happened, He talked! " Hey wait up! " He kind of sounded like... our neighbor Brody... he leaped on another bike and raced towards us. Once I got a closer look the monster thing looked like Brody's Halloween costume last year! The webbed hands of the creature arose from the handlebars and steadily took off its face? and a sweating chubby red face with a worried look appeared! it is Brody! he looks like he just went for a ten mile jog while wearing a parka and snow boots uphill! I want to laugh but I can't, I am so out of breath that I pull over on someone's lawn and collapse as if my legs are made of marshmallow I get up and lean on the bike.

    " So how's it going? " Brody says "Oh you know Just the usual" We both crack up " Where you goin'?" I say in between laughter "Oh... I was following you" " Well you should re-think your plans, I am going to find more people I was thinking about going to Costco" " I am following you" I smirk and snort " He is such a goofball " I think I hop on my bike after taking a sip of water and toss my backpack inside the bike trailer. I am pedaling like mad I know I will make it towards Costco but it will take a couple hours, and if we don't make and it gets dark we're dead for. I spot a Geico and hop off my bike and pry open a car, my brother in a seat and put on a seat-belt, Then I toss the bikes in the back and close the backdoor, hop in the drivers seat, and search for the key. I look in every crack and corner, no key. It ha to be here somewhere... I check the ignition the key is there so I twist it and the engine sputters. I know how to drive a car-Kind of, I learned how by driving my dads truck around, I got arrested but it was worth it. I start backing up, we are on the road.


    The next book will be here soon when 100 people read this

    Made by: I love potatoes. Check Out other books by: I love potatoes.:)

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Part 2. 💙
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Great book. 😃
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pls need one comment guys
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Ok guys I need at least one coment and fifty readers then I will make the next one