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Letters to my BFF's

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"WHY DID YOU DO THAT!" Exclaimed 14-year-old Amelia. "Because it had to happen." Said one of her best friends, Elorie, as she was walking away from Amelia and her locker. "You had no right to do that. You know that right?" No response, Elorie was too far down the hall to hear her. As Amelia was walking towards the door out of the school she had to do anything and everything possible to avoid Ryan, the cutest boy in the school, in Amelia's opinion. She had liked him since her first school dance in 5th grade when he asked her to dance because she was all alone. It was the sweetest thing anyone had done for her. As she almost got out the door and into the clear Amelia bumped into someone. Someone who was like a foot taller than her. Oh no she thought as she slowly looked up. "Hey there Mia." Said Ryan fisher, her crush for the last 5 years, with a grin on his face. "May I walk with you home?" She could feel her cheeks heating up as she looked into his deep blue eyes.
"Ummmm I guess." Responded Amelia as she was trying not to faint. He's talking to me! She said to herself.
"Are you ok? You look like you gonna pass out." He said to her as he moved his dirty blond hair to the side so he could see better.
"No I'm ok, I just need some water." She said as she reached for her light gray water bottle that was in her backpack. Oh no, it's empty!
"One second I'll be back, I have to refill my bottle." He followed her as she walked to the water fountain. "You could have stayed back there. You didn't have to walk with me. " "what if I wanted to. I need the exercise." He said back to her smiling.

What did Elorie tell him that would make him want to talk to me? As they walked back to the door to start walking home someone yelled "hey fisher you walking with us?" She turned around and realized it was Kevin, one of Ryan's closest friends. "No I'm gonna walk Mia home, but I'll talk to you guys later. Bye."

As they crossed the street it felt as if Ryan moved closer to Amelia. Then when they were like 3 blocks from her house their hands hit each other.
"Oh sorry." Said Amelia nervously.
"What are you sorry for?"
"Um, I hit your hand....."
"Oh, it's ok." He said as he was grabbing her hand. WHAT! She thought to herself. He let go and looked away from her.
"Sorry if that was weird."
"I didn't mind it." She said shyly.

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