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Letters to my BFF chapter 2

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Okay here's chapter 2! If you have any ideas for the story please let me know.

    As soon as Amelia got home she went straight to her room, sat at her desk, and started writing...

    Dear ocean,

    At school, yesterday Elorie decided that she was going to talk to Ryan, and she told him that I've liked him since 5th grade. I thought that he would tell the whole school but instead, he walked me home today and held my hand for a split second, His hand was so soft and warm, but then he let go... Anyway, I'll update you more tomorrow.

    -Love Amelia Spice

    She folded it and put it in an envelope and sealed it, didn't write on it at all, and put it in the top drawer of her desk.

    Last year during the summer vacation she and her twin sister went to the west coast with their parents, and Elorie, because she was Amelia and her sister's best friend. They lived in Idaho so it was a long drive to the Oregon coast. One hour into the drive Elorie and Amelia were asleep, but Amelia's sister was awake with their mom, making sure she didn't fall asleep. A drunk driver ran a red light and t-boned the spice family's car, hitting the passenger side door right where Ocean Spice was sitting. Ever since that day, almost a year ago, Amelia has written letters to her twin sister and BFF, Ocean.

    After dinner, Amelia went up to her room and opened her drawer that held all the letters she wrote. She had almost written one every day since the accident. She thought there had to be at least 150 letters in that drawer. Her whole life from the past year was in there. She decided that she should go to bed since it was 10:30 on a school night. She was excited about school tomorrow because then she could see Ryan.

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