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Letters to my BFF chapter 3

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Okay this one is a little longer (I think).

    The next day, as soon as Amelia got to school she started looking for Ryan. She didn't know why she was looking for him. She didn't see him so she went to her classroom and sat down, waiting for him to walk in the door. 5 minutes later he and Kevin walked through the door, and then after them Elorie. Elorie said something to Ryan, that Amelia couldn't hear, and then sat down next to Amelia.
    Amelia got curious enough that she had to say something.
    "What did you tell Ryan?"
    "I told him that you like... Candy!"
    "No, you didn't" Said Amelia laughing. "Tell the truth please."
    "Ok fine! 2 days ago, on Tuesday, he asked if you liked him, and I said yes because it had to happen."
    Elorie looked like she was really enjoying this conversation.
    "Well he walked me home yesterday, and held my hand for a split second, but then let go and looked away from me." Amelia looked down at the floor.
    "Ok, everyone get your books out, please." Mrs. Siller had finally got to the classroom to start class.

    After school was over Elorie and Amelia started walking to Amelia's house. Every Thursday night at the Spice's house was movie night, and Elorie was practically family to them.
    They crossed the street and then they heard someone running behind them. Elorie turned around and laughed.
    "Should I leave you two alone?"
    Amelia turned around also and then turned back around and continued walking home.
    "Mia, slow down!" Ryan tried to get her attention.
    Amelia was pretty sure this was all a prank because the school year was almost over.
    "Amelia, I know what your thinking, but this isn't a prank!" Elorie was trying to reassure her.
    Finally, Amelia stopped walking and turned around to face both of them.
    "Are you sure?"
    Ryan grinned "I wanted to know if you were doing anything tonight. So are you doing anything tonight?"
    Now Amelia knew she was blushing.
    "I have a family movie night."
    "Oh never mind."
    Elorie chimed in "but you could come if you want!"
    He looked happier now that Elorie said that.
    "Sure, what time?"
    "5-8. You could come with us now if you want."
    "Let me message my parents and ask."
    And a moment later he got a response. "My parents said I could come, thanks for inviting me!"
    Elorie always made everything better. This wasn't the first time Elorie saved the day.

    They got to Amelia's house and watched national treasure. When it was time for Ryan to go home, Amelia and Elorie went with Amelia's mom to take him home. On the way there Ryan held Amelia's hand and didn't let go this time. When they got to his house he hugged Amelia and went into his house. Elorie winked at Amelia with a big smile on her face.

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