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The Knight of the Golden Star ⭐

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    Chapter 1:

    There he was galloping to the battle for the glory and honor of his family, and of his nation whose name was Stonia. He was going to fight soul to soul the man and the nation that had to make him live without the sun of his sunrise, the one named Cecily Ainworth.

    But who was this man?
    This glorious hero?
    This ....... This knight of the golden star?
    Whose face, still like a stone, was not affected by the wind that skimmed it fiercely. This, in a way, an ordinary man was nothing more than you and me.
    Or was he?
    I shall tell you who was he.
    I shall tell you what kind of soul he had.
    I shall tell you what kind of like was the one he lived.
    So read my beloved story, and let it dig it's way to your heart.

    So why don't start in the beginning?

    Some time ago, about half a year, there was..... He. As I say before our glorious hero, Sir Geoffrey Brickenden. The knight of the golden star. The only difference was that he wasn't a knight, he could not bring out of himself one good reason to be a hero, and he wasn't the kind of young man that was called glorious; at least not in the present time. He was just young Geoffrey Brickenden. The almost knight squire, condemned to fill his disappeared father's armor of glory and courage, becoming the living copy of Sir Terrowin, the knight of the golden star armor.
    Cause when he disappeared with no apparent explanation, the only thing that was found of him was his shield and a letter to his, at that time, nineteen-year-old son; that shall be given to him a day before he was proclaimed knight before all the kingdom by the king himself.

    And here we are.
    At the beginning of the story of a man, of a glorious hero, but most of all of the knight of the golden star.

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831 days ago
This story isn't finished.
834 days ago
835 days ago
Lol you're right, it did say half a year 😅
837 days ago
It was just half a year. 😅😅😅😂😂😂
837 days ago
Thanks everyone. Did you honestly like it??????
837 days ago
Ooo, I like the two years ago part :))))
837 days ago
Evemoon - this sounds like the start of every medieval ages movie, like the intro part when the narrator talks. it's got great descriptions! love it!
837 days ago
Evemoon- this is awesome!