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Never (Part 1)

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This is my first time posting a story on here:) I wrote this for English class last year, but I’m gonna split it into parts because it’s kind of long. It’s in first person but the speaker is not me. Let me know if it’s any good:)) Thanks for reading!

He did nothing reluctantly, no matter how disagreeable. It was either all or nothing. There was no room for emotion, no room for reason. Everyone else criticized him for it and said that one day, he would get himself into some real trouble. But there was something about his alacrity that I admired. So the day Lucas said he was going to go bungee jumping, I gladly followed.

The Miller’s adopted me five years ago. I was 8 years old. Lucas is my older brother, sort of. He was adopted by the Millers when he was 10, three years before I came to live with them. He also had a little brother, Carter (yes, named after the baby clothes brand). Carter was only 1 and therefore adopted very soon after he was put in the system: babies always get adopted first. The family didn’t want two children so Lucas spent time at the agency for another 2 years. Once the Millers adopted him, he visited Carter as often as he could, trying to be the best long-distance brother as possible. But 3 years ago, Carter died in a car accident. He was only 8 and his death sent Lucas into a you-never- know- when-your-life’s-gonna-end paranoia. He didn’t go crazy, he just became a lot less...careful. His adventurousness heightened and he started doing more risky things: jumping out of a friend’s plane with a cheap parachute, diving with sharks with inadequate gear, alone. The shift in Lucas’s behavior brought us closer though, somehow. It’s difficult to explain. I guess it’s because now he only had one little sibling. Sure, he wasn’t the best example, but even in his paranoia, he still made sure I was safe. And I admired that.

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