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Letters to my BFF chapter 4

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Chapter 4 is finally done! I hope y'all like it! If you have any feedback please let me know.

    Dear ocean,

    Today Ryan came to our house and watched a movie with us, and on the drive home he held my hand, and when we got to his house he hugged me! I think he likes me! He calls me Mia. He's the only other person then you that calls me that. I don't know why he calls me that... Did you tell him! Just kidding. I love you so much!

    Love- Amelia Spice.

    Amelia was getting ready for bed when her phone buzzed. It's some random number saying goodnight. A few seconds later the random number said "by the way, this is Ryan." Oh! But how'd he get my number, she thought to herself. Then she messaged Elorie.
    "Hey! Did you give Ryan my number?"
    "Ok, so that's a yes?"
    "Ok but next time warn me pls. Night love ya."
    "Night love ya too."
    She messaged Ryan back "night, see you tomorrow."
    "Yeah, see you tomorrow! And when you get to school find me."
    I wonder why he needs me to find him..... Amelia thought to herself. Amelia was worried and excited about tomorrow because she didn't know what was gonna happen.

    The next day at school Amelia was looking for Ryan. She saw him by the water fountain, with Sophie. Sophie was one of the cheerleaders, but why was she talking to Ryan. Amelia wanted to go over there and talk to him, but she didn't want to have to talk to Sophie. Amelia finally got up the courage to go over and talk with them. As Amelia got closer she started hearing parts of their conversation, Ryan was asking Sophie about something on Saturday night, which was tomorrow. At this point, Amelia lost courage and turned around and went to find Elorie. As she was walking away Ryan saw her.
    "Hey! Mia, can we talk now?" He left his conversation with Sophie, to follow Amelia.
    Amelia didn't have any guy friends, so she didn't have much experience with boys.
    She turned around to face him, and she could see Sophie waiting for him at the water fountain.
    "Hey..... I didn't want to interrupt your conversation."
    "Please you saved me, I did not want to talk to Sophie, but don't tell her I said that."
    Amelia chuckled and then responded, "what did you want to talk about?"
    "Sophie thinks that she and I are a thing..... I mean technically we are."
    "What do you mean?"
    "Well during Christmas break, we started dating, and I thought we broke up last month, but she thinks that we are still together."
    Wow, I didn't even know that they dated..... Amelia thought to herself.
    "So why does this matter to me?" Was he asking me out or something?
    "Because I- uh I-"
    He couldn't finish his sentence before Sophie joined in.
    "Hey, Mia!"
    "Please don't call me that."
    "Oh, I thought everyone called you that? Or at least Ryan does."
    "Sophie, can I please finish my conversation with Amelia?"
    "Sure Ry!"
    As Sophie walked away Ryan continued what he was saying.
    "I thought we- uh- I-"
    He was interrupted by the bell, so he would have to wait till after school to talk to her again.

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