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    “I’ve finally figured it out. People are prisoners of their phones. That’s why it’s called a cell phone.”
    “Phones make you closer to people farther away from you. But it takes away the ones sitting right next to you.”
    “Whenever you’re ready to look up from your phone, I’m here for you.”
    “Your cell phone has already replaced your calendar, your camera, your alarm clock. Don’t let it replace your friends and family.”
    “Put your phone down. Your texts will be there later. The person in front of you won’t.”
    “Life is what happens when your cell phone is charging.”
    “Why have anyone around you if your phone is more entertaining? The people in your presence either choose to be around you, or you wanted them to be around you. Don’t disrespect them. Value every minute. When they are gone, they are gone forever.”
    “The best relationships and friendships aren’t posted all over social media.”
    “The blurred image around your phone is called life.”
    “Phone charge lasts longer than relationships/friendships these days.”
    “We’re living in an era where capturing moments using our phones is more important than living those moments with whoever’s next to us.”

    Her eyes glued
    On the screen
    Can’t put it down
    I’m nervously fidgeting
    I try to make small talk
    She brushes it away
    Who is this?
    Where’d the other go?
    She’s texting him again
    I don’t mind him, I guess we’re friends
    But it’s supposed to be our time
    Not theirs
    Seems like she’d rather be
    With him than me
    Are we still forever?
    It doesn’t seem like it.
    She promised
    I promised
    We promised
    And she’s leaving
    So soon
    Too soon
    She complains
    About her other friend, Jaida
    Who’s always on her phone
    And doesn’t talk to her
    And is always
    Texting other people
    Why can’t she see?
    She’s like that to me
    And she also seems to have lost
    All ability to understand
    That there are people
    With emotions
    Other than her
    Even worse
    None of this might ever be fixed
    I’m terrified to bring
    It up to her
    In fear
    That she’ll get upset
    Or hold a grudge
    Or not bother to fix it
    And this is the worst time
    To be having this problem
    As she once said to me
    “I haven’t been very honest about how I’ve been feeling recently. I feel like since you started dating Sydnie, you haven’t been acting like yourself, and it really hurt me but I’ve been just bottling it up.”
    It’s my turn to say
    “I haven’t been very honest about how I’ve been feeling recently. I feel like since you got social media and Will moved closer to you, you haven’t been acting like yourself, and it really hurts me but I’ve been just bottling it up.”
    Where is
    The girl
    The one I loved
    The one I thought
    I would be with
    The one who
    Is it my best friend?
    I miss her
    Where is she?
    All I see is a girl
    One I don’t know
    Wearing the face
    Of my best friend
    And all I see is a girl
    Always on her phone
    And addicted
    Always on her social media
    And addicted
    Always talking to or is with her boyfriend
    And it's all driving me absolutely
    Out of my mind
    Screaming in my head
    Rip at this straitjacket
    With my teeth
    Ram into walls
    Of my mind
    Trying to get out
    The quiet is unbearable
    So I shriek
    The room is just so
    Black and white and black and white and black and white and more
    Spirals down until I can’t take it any longer
    I can’t hold this inside
    And I have to make
    An excruciatingly hard decision
    But it’s for the best
    Hopefully, I’ll soon be free
    Hopefully, we’ll soon be free
    But for now, I’m
    All because
    I don’t have the answer
    To the most important question,
    And only she can say;
    Where is the girl
    That I once thought I knew?

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376 days ago
Omg i cried when i read this

Its so true tho, people are addicted...
Thank you maya for writing this.
(Also what happened to you and your friend after this?)
613 days ago
Bess, that's probably one of the most meaningful things anyone has ever said to me 😭❤️
613 days ago
😢😭aaw, maya
this shows how addicting screens are
like, ppl dont think ab it much, but they are so addicting. And this really emobdies that. It embodies pain as well. I felt with you as i was reading it.
613 days ago
This is the story of my best friend in the entire world and how I feel we are growing apart. Bonus poem:

I Won't

I won't go.
I won't.
Even if it tears me apart.
I will sew the seams back together over and over.
It keeps ripping.
I am here.
I am here.
I am real.
I am not letting go.
No one can hear me scream
because my screams are silent.
My muscles are burning.
I won't let go.
I am here.
She is here.
Even if it's just barely.
Through the haze
I can see
just enough
to keep her in sight.
I won't go.
I won't.
I'll stay here forever
No matter what
I won't go.
I won't leave her.
She won't leave me.
I won't go.
I won't.