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What I want

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A story of how I wish my life was

    I want a life that's exciting never full of worries but always full of dangers that I manage to slip past. I want to run with the wolves let my spirit free, we would run until supper then we would hunt. I would be the slowest but I manage to find shortcuts they would attack a buffalo, later we would taste the good taste of fish maybe even squirrel. I would live free. Nobody could judge me for who I am. What I am. And what I believe in.

    But no I can't run with the wolves, I stay inside my house listening to my teacher drone about wanting us to turn our screens on, with one click I could turn my computer off, Runaway, find a better place. My life plans when I am older is to escape society, Live amongst the wild animals, have a dog and 2 cats. But I can not escape because the guilt in my heart pulls me down, that's why I am typing this I need someone to listen to my thoughts, hopes dreams. Never mind that we need to focus on what happens next. My friend is screaming at me over Roblox how I have been so mean but I haven't done anything. Soon the next day I look at my Roblox chat her message is gone I see, my cousins messages she never messages me I look to see, My friend said she told my cousin to tell me goodbye but this is what it said: " GOODBYE PERSON WHO MADE ME SAD". Soon I get angry messages from her friends. I facetime my cousin and ask her what side he is on she can't choose I soon hang up the phone and burst n to tears, me and my cousin facetime for hours on end a day because we live far away she is my best friend but she can't choose between me and my old friend?

    I tell my mom at night and hug her I am crying why did this have to happen? I would be running with the wolves right now if it wasn't for my guilt. I decided soon that these feelings can't pull me down I pulled out a notebook and wrote every good thing about myself I felt confident and happy. I took a jog at the park with my dog it was the first time I ever went alone. I wrote a sorry letter through email to my friend she hasn't replied yet people who ear reading this but I am sure she will soon- I hope.

    By the way my cousin barely knows my friend. and this makes me sad. this is a true story based on my life

    Stay strong during these hard times

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352 days ago
This is true story about me no hate comments pls