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A Thousand Years

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Flaggy made one for herself called I hate you I love you. I wanted to make one so... I stole this name from Flaggy.:3 (If you shorted my name instead of Fox is Foxy or I will send everyone from Five Nights At Freddy's after you)

Chapter 1- Foxhowl

I stared at my phone a message pops up. I glance at the text. " Hey, Foxy wants to come with me to the park later? " The text says. I check who it's from. My friend... My crush you would say. I text my friend back. " Of course Lil. " I see her sitting on a bench with a joyful or a sad smile. I let my mind wander for a bit. "Mom I'm going to the park with Lil!" I shout as I put a jacket on. "Be back soon." My mom says. I grab my phone, and my earbuds and turn on a song that fits my friend and my relationship. I get to the park soon enough and sit on Lil's and my common bench. I go on to my phone to see a message from Jay on Scratch. "Hm, I don't care Flaggy put anything in your series." I roll my eyes "Hey guys what are you doing?" I asked the two on Scratch. I get a message back right away which was uncommon from Jay. "Flaggy doesn't know what to put in her new series." I softly giggle as I message back. "Flaggy why don't you put a cat named FlaggyHasNoIdeaWhatToWriteAbout and they try to find something that you can write about?"I see a message from Flaggy pop-up. "Not funny Fox." I giggle a bit then look up to see Lil walking towards me. "So why did you want me to come to the park with you?" I ask Lil. "I broke up with Jacob," Lil whispers to me. "That's great! I mean that's horrible." I whisper back to Lil. She didn't seem to notice what I said. "I liked him a lot but he wasn't right for me." Lil raises her voice a bit. I think about a line from A Thousand Years the song I was listening to earlier. "But watching you stand alone." I quote in my mind. I shake my head softly and look at Lil who just stopped talking. "I'm going to go home now." Lil whispers. I try to grab her hand as she gets up and walks away. I try to hold back a tear but it falls onto the ground.

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does lil know you're... wait, i forgot if you're bi or gay, sry
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whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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*Eyes widen*"How dare you give me emotions!"
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71 views? Wow! :D Thanks alot! This is one of the best Christmas presents ever!
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51 views? Wow that means alot to me!
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30 views already! Thanks a lot guys!
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