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The Truth about Wolf-Bloods

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Read this find the truth that hides behind all the lies.

    We made fun of them changed there name made stupid drawings of them, we killed them for game, and captured them. Treated them like Horses killed them when they were hurt. even though they tried to become friends with our society But we blocked them out and used them for work. Shot them in the head when we did not want them anymore, and watch as their body became human again. Now they are hidden on earth, some even try to lead a human life.

    What humans are really like, the good and bad. Humans are evil and cruel they tear down forests, making animals flee from their homes, pollute the ocean making sea creatures die. Even when they try to stop it keeps getting worse, back long ago there were slaves not just people with dark skin, but many wolfbloods. They mistreated everyone. Even though I am white, I feel like garbage for what my ancestors may have done to many innocent people and wolfbloods. The good humans, there are barely any good humans in the world, but the real heroes I know are the ones working in hospitals, and the ones caring for homeless animals, the ones healing hurt animals and then releasing them back into the wild, the ones fighting our wars and battles while we lounge in our chairs eating Junk and watching stupid T.V. shows and playing Video games.

    So not all humans are bad, and we know the past we had with WolfBloods, Let's try to make a better future.:)

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