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The Dream

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Here's chapter 1 of the story called "The Dream"!

    The Dream

    The Night before school; School starts back tomorrow and I still am so worried. My crush will be there. I and he are partners, and we both have the same classes it's like the teachers want to kill me. But I guess it won't be that bad maybe I could ask him out tomorrow it couldn't hurt anything. I'm going to bed I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow

    First day back; OMG! I just found out my enemy is dating my crush, and there is just something about her that gives me the creeps. What am I going to do I mean it's not my fault me and him have all the same classes, or that we sit by each other. Well, let's see what happens when I get to school.

    In the school; So I just arrived at school, and my crush is not here yet. So I'm going to go to the end of the lunch table and maybe he won't see me.

    Morning trouble; Well my crush just got here so he asked me "is this seat taken" I said no so he decided to sit right in front of me. What should I say? I'm going to ask him how his morning went. "Hey so how is your morning so far"? He said "good now that I'm with you. He has a girlfriend what am I going to do. Oh, no his girlfriend just got here and she's coming my way. She said to him " why are you sitting by her"? Then he said, "because you weren't here yet babe". I'm so mad I thought to be liked me but I guess I was wrong and now his girlfriend is mad at me. Like always. I'm going to ask the teacher if I can go to the lady's room.

    Lady's room; So I'm in the lady's room but my crush's girlfriend followed me in here. She creeps me out so much. On, no she's talking to me. She said " Stay away from my boyfriend or you will wish you had", her eyes turned red, and then she goes outside so I follow her, without her seeing me.

    Outside, the secret; So she's running really fast and now she's a wolf. Wait she's not an ordinary wolf she's a demon wolf. I got to get back inside. I knew there was something about her that wasn't right.

    To be continued...

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Chapter 2 will be here soon! Enjoy reading!
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