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The Wolf-Blood War (1)

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This is just a story I made up.
Kishi goes to a school like normal girls, She and her friend got into some trouble together, Even though it was small, something Big came out of it.


    Kishi Wakai may seem normal, but she has a secret. She is a WolfBlood. So this is how this story started out; "By Mum!" "By Kishi, be back by dinner!" Kishi waved her hand behind her as she raced to her Best Friends house, "Malika Howard". Malika is your usual 12-year-old, Sassy, and Outgoing. Kishi swung open the door to meet Mrs. Howard. "Hi Mrs. Howard!" Kishi said "Call me Salina" Mrs. Howard Always had to remind her that she didn't like being called "Mrs. Howard" because it made her feel old. "Malika is upstairs" Kishi nodded as she slid off her shoes and raced upstairs. "MALI!" she squealed as she swung her arm around her bestie. "KISH!" Malika squealed back. "GUESS WHAT?" Malika said "Umm you found your moms shoe and sneezed in it..." Kishi replied
    "Eww no... JUSTIN ASKED ME OUT" Kishi smiled slightly, her friend had a huge thing for Justin. But her feelings for boys weren't large, she just wanted to have them as friends. "Oh cool, Umm... Mali I have something to tell you." a worried look spread across Malika's face "I am well... the thing is" Kishi chuckled slightly " I am a wolfblood" Her friends changed from worried to furious "AND YOU NEVER TOLD ME THIS?" Malika Erupted "well... I'm telling you now," Kishi said in a small voice. "WHY? WHY NOT EARLIER WHY NOW? YOU KNOW MY PARENTS CAN HURT YOU THEY ARE BOTH SCIENTISTS!" Kishi heard thumping footsteps up the stairs. The door swung open and Malika's mom came in wearing her scientist outfit. She was caring about a case that made Kishi Uneasy. "Hi, Selina, what brings you here?" Kishi said eying the case. "I heard your girl's conversation, quite interesting actually but sadly since the door was closed your voices were muffled. Malika, Tell me everything you two were talking about." "What? Why? No mom I would never do that!" Said Malika "Because if not you will lose your phone for a whole year" "I'd better go erm... my mum said not to be late for dinner" Kishi inched her way out of the room, Down the stairs, and out the door. She shifted in o a wolf and sprinted to the woods which was behind Malika's house, the fastest way home.
    Before she could reach it she was caught by her scruff by one very strong man, next to Malika's dad...


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287 days ago
its not my best work but i was bored so idc