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Gilmore (intro)

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    “In every generation, a Chosen One is born. She alone will stand against the demons, vampires, and the forces of darkness,” mocked Tina as I closed my book and slammed my locker. Shut up, I thought though I was too afraid to stand up to her, but what was I going to say? She’d probably just twist my words and throw them back at me. Just like every time. Did I not mention this in my diary? You’re right, I didn’t. So first of all, I’m Jen Gilmore. I’m from Lafayette, Louisiana pop 245,000. And I’m not exactly popular. I was on the student council in first grade. I got this from my mom for Christmas who has absolutely terrible taste in pretty much everything. Even, my diary says Jennifer in Rhinestone and butterflies. Anyway, let’s get back to the story...


    I saw my mom pull up in some fancy red BMW with some guy that I’ve never met. “Hey, sweetie,” my mom rolled down the window, “Hop in!” “
    Mom, it’s a two-seater,” I rolled my eyes.
    “Well, take your bike.”
    “I don’t have a bike,” I screamed “Remember, you weren’t there to teach me!”
    “Quit making a scene.”
    “God, wake up mom!” “Just ‘cause it’s my 14th don’t you just into my life even though you missed the first 13th,” I turned and saw Sofia behind me listening to my conversation. Oh right, I forgot to mention your parents are divorced. As I ran away, I seemed to hear what sounded like my mother’s “You’re a really interesting person, Jen we should catch up sometime.” Oh my god, it just me or is she totally oblivious to everything around her.

    The Voice

    As I hurried down the alley near Main Street, I heard a voice. I saw a figure which looked somewhat like a werewolf from far away approaching me. “Hello, Jen,” in a low voice.
    “W-who is you, more importantly, what are you?” It looked as if it were some mythical creature.
    “I am your watcher”
    “My what?”
    “You are the chosen one Jen”
    “Hahaha, like Buffy? No way.”

    I looked at it confused and then squealed. Oh my god, I get to be the next slayer, I thought. I saw the creature somehow peel off its face. No, it couldn’t be. Could it? The “creature” took off the mask burst into laughter. “Oh Jenny, so predictable,” Jess chuckled. “But the voice?”
    “Halloween store”
    “No, no, no, no!” I said as my phone beeped. He just posted it.

    Bloomingdales and Isabel

    I can’t believe my dad forced me into going to the mall with mom. As soon as I sat on the sofa my mom rang the doorbell. I will never forget this day. When I opened the door I saw a girl who looked about my age. She strawberry blonde hair just like me. My mom announced, “Jen, I’d like you to meet Isabel-“ “Hey”, I interrupted. “She’s your half-sister!”
    “Mommm, how could you not tell me this!” I screamed at the top of my lungs
    “It didn’t come up until now.”
    “Didn’t come up until now, mom, this a big deal!” I continued “Mothers tell their children if they have a sister-“
    “Half-sister,” Isabel interrupted
    “Ugh, you’re just like mom!”
    “Girls are we going to the mall or not?”

    “Ok,” Isabel said as she marched out the door. “I swear Jen if I have to drag you all the way to the car I will.” “Fine, I’ll go”. We walked to Mom’s new red, shiny BMW. I went to open the door when I saw that man I’ve never met. “You’ve gotta be kidding me,” I sighed. On the way there, we listened to terrible music. Reggae. “So... 'man I’ve never seen' are you Isabel’s father?” With an awkward smile, he said yes.
    “When’d you and mom meet?”
    “About 10 years ago”
    “Oh really, cause mom was still with us then”
    “JENNNNNN, not in front Bell and Joe”, mom screamed a glass-shattering scream
    “Are we there yet?”
    “Yup,” said Joe
    “So Bell, what do you think about all this?” Isabel was silent. I swear I couldn’t even hear her breathe. Then, after a few minutes, she screamed, “Yay, let’s go to Bloomingdales!” “Bloomingdales,” I asked
    “What Jen, you’ve never heard of it?” Isabel annoyed me so much I just didn’t have words for it.
    “No, I’ve heard of it it’s just mom can’t afford it”
    “No we can afford it, Izzy,” my annoying mother said “But keep this up Jen or you’re gonna stay in the car”

    This is not a true story, none of them are. They have all have an abrupt ending because I don’t know where to end them. Sorry, if there are mistakes because I don’t have enough time to proofread. And unlike you guys (or maybe you do I’m not sure) I don’t pre-write my stories on here, I just go with it.

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