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The Unknown Part 1

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How do you describe life? How do you describe death? These might not be normal questions, but it may be helpful to ask yourself this depending on your situation and perspective.

Where has the time gone by? There is no clock in this vast and darkroom, so it is hard to keep track. I walk around aimlessly pondering about questions commonly asked by those who don’t understand much. Stupid questions as one might put it.
But of course, it does have some intent to put people in other perspectives. Those who seem all-knowing could be asked the most simple question and yet not know it. It all depends on background, and such. Those who wonder do not always reach their answers. And sometimes if they do they are extremely disappointed.
It is when one asks who one could exactly experience something we all fear in one way or another. Death. An immortal person would have to ask themselves this over and over since they themselves can’t die. Is it quick? Or slow? This is the main question of which an all-knowing person could never answer. Since only those who have experienced something could tell their tale of knowledge on that subject.
Even something from a children’s mind has been inspired by something experienced by someone or something else. A question they ask themselves and only themselves, then answer to the best of their own imaginations.
And so I start over in a circle around the endless room, ready to ask the question once more.

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