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Near has always been uncomfortable around others, for so many reasons.

One being that Near's genderfluid, AFAB.

Another being that they have white hair, extremely pale skin, and wears all white, androgynous pajamas most of the time.

Only one person makes Near feel safe, and that's the reckless blonde he grew up with in an orphanage.

Now they've moved on with their lives, trying to achieve their dreams… both of them have to go to college.

Something Near didn't know is that Mello's going to the exact same college…

Who knows, maybe the opposites will catch up.

    (There will be several parts that will equal as chapters. There will probably be around 20+ parts/chapters.)

    Near stares at himself in the mirror. Well, glares at himself.

    At the moment, he's trying on so many different REAL CLOTHES outfits so he can look appropriate. Truly, this place is ridiculous, his dorm is small, but thank god he doesn't have a roommate.

    This college will… will help him to get a college degree, so he can get higher-level jobs, and then still be a detective, as he so desperately wants. He's looked up to L, the greatest detective in the world since he was in the orphanage.

    "I wonder if Mello still has the same ambition…?" Near murmurs to himself, dropping the clothes he was wearing and grabbing a random outfit from the small closet he now has.

    He puts it on, and when he's done, it turns out to be a long-sleeved sweater and a skirt with leggings underneath. He grimaces. Although… actually, he looks pretty good. Just… not for going into classes.

    Maybe Near's overthinking it. He's got to be overthinking it. There's no way that it really needs this much consideration.

    He shrugs, leaves his stuff on, grabs his back, and steps outside, sweeping his long, hip-length white hair that he grew out after he left Wammy's, and partially while in Wammy's, into a ponytail.

    What's his first class again?

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