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The Stickmen: Season 1

11 Chapter - 828 Words - Developed by:
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The Stickmen is a comic series I made about a year ago. This is me writing it.

    Stickmen: red, yellow, orange, blue, green, black, cyan, grey, purple, and brown.
    We finally escaped the facility! We are so close to escaping! BANG!
    We all check our stomachs. Then, purple collapses. Red charges at the guy who shot her. He beats him to the ground. We all get on the helicopter. Leaving purple behind.

    We follow the man who brought us here. He tells us to go ahead. BEEP! We look behind us and he locked us in! Gas fills the room. We wake up and yellow is super fast and red has fire on his hand? Could it be that we have superpowers? (Black can create portals. Orange can turn invisible. Cyan has ice. Blue has water. Yellow has super speed. Green has nature. Red has fire. Brown has strength. Grey has electricity.) Brown breaks down the door! CRACK! As we walk by the man who brought us here is laying on the floor with brown standing over him. Black sends us through a portal. But then I'm falling when I go through!

    As we are falling blue makes a pool of water for us to land in. Orange looks over and sees someone fall away from the water. He goes over and sees grey laying on the ground, blood surrounding him. Later, we are at his grave. I make a rose for the grave.

    1 year after the deaths red, black, orange, and brown are riding in a truck. Without noticing, black drives the truck off a cliff! Red grabs orange and uses his fire for flight. Brown grabs black and throughs him up onto the cliff. Black looks down as brown plummets to his death. Later, red and I (green), go up onto a rock that black was on. As soon as he sees us he jumps off! Before we could have any emotion, everyone comes over. In a panic, yellow says "there's a bom-". BOOM! Explosives blow up all around us. ZAP!

    We once again wake up in a facility. It's flooded and a piece of the ceiling is collapsed. We climb up the piece of the ceiling. There are clones of us! FIGHT! Orange grabs the other orange! CRACK! VICTORY! Green runs at the other green and pulls vine around him! Then he pulls it in! VICTORY! Yellow runs at other yellow and rips his head off! VICTORY! Yeah, you get the point. After they win they find they are stranded in the middle of the desert!

    3 months after the facility, red is sleeping when blue wakes him up. They come outside in orange. Some people want red. They pull a gun on them! Red shoots fire at one of them. BANG! Orange falls. Later, red becomes angry and attacks the other stickmen! Blue shoots water at him and knocks him out!

    Red wakes up in a jail cell. Blue let's him out. They walk out and find pink stickmen! She grabs blue! Red shoots fire at her. She pulls blue in front of the fire. Pink and blue collapse to the ground, both burning.

    Yellow runs over and finds that he and red have revive cubes! They use the cubes and suddenly purple and grey appear! Then they see brown climb up the mountain they were at!

    Red takes a power cube and gives purple a power! She can now lift things! BOOM! Yellow grabs everyone and runs them away from the explosion. Yellow falls with his body destroyed!

    Brown is talking with Cyan when he sees a cat! He goes over to pet it but it bites him! He goes insane and tears cyan apart! He comes after red but he shoots fire at him and kills him.

    A portal is outside and everyone walks up to it. Tentacles grab grey and pull him in! It starts pulling in red and me (green) when purple grabs us and pulls us away! She gets pulled in! Red pulls me over to behind a dumpster. He tries running but they grab him and pull him in! They found me. They grab me and pull me in!

    There are 6 complete seasons of the stickmen as of now.

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