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The unknown Nora

3 Chapter - 460 Words - Developed by:
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We can all remember the story of
' Sleeping Beauty ', Aurora is cursed and three fairies take her in and raise her, blah blah blah, but in those sixteen years wouldn't she have had a sibling?

Well, the answer to that in these chapters.

It was three years after Aurora had been taken away, but the sadness still hung in the air as if the air itself had been cursed,
and there was the King and Queen still crying, they were absolutely inconsolable, but there was also someone else crying, A tiny little baby girl in the Queen's arms, and the tears in the Queen's eyes were happy as well as sad.
"What should we name her?" the Queen asked, "Nora, we will call her Nora, It means 'light'" answered the king, "Sounds perfect" Replied the queen.
And so Aurora had a sister now, even if she would never know it.
This time the King and Queen were careful; they fired several servants and made Nora's meals themselves, and most sadly of all they didn't tell the public that another girl with green eyes and light brown hair had been born, and when Nora started to walk they never allowed her to go out of the room she had been born in.

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737 days ago
Beautiful. I’m curious to know what happens next! 💚