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WIP story!

1 Chapter - 388 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 168 taken-The story is currently being written

Quinn Driscoll the quiet one! It's short and not yet finished sorry


    Quinn was the quiet one. In every story, there is always someone quiet. But it's more likely to be brave, astonishing, or even smart. But in this story, she was the quiet one. Nobody likes her, and she only has one single friend. Or was a friend that is, until she moved to a crazy town called Dansville. Now this town was adventurous. Yet she would call it loud. This is the story of how Quinn Driscoll a quiet 13-year-old becomes the greatest she can be.

    ` `Are you sure I'll like this school?` ` Quinn’s voice was drowned out by the vacuuming. She sighed why am I so quiet!
    Quinn grabbed her blue backpack and rushed out the door annoyed at her parents.

    Left, right, then... Oh right again, then forward.
    She was very close to her new school. Maybe she should have told her parents before she left for the first time. What if someone came and tried to kidnap her! She can't fight back! She had almost tripped as someone poked her shoulder. ` `Hi-` ` The person said.
    Quinn stared at the girl. She was so pretty! The girl was blond and had a light blue headband and a purple spotted dress. Surely the girl couldn't be talking to her, the one wearing a yellow hoodie and sweatpants.
    Her eyes are Orange! It was a strange bright orange that seemed to glow as she looked into them

    The pretty girl was still trying to talk to her. ` `can you hear me…` ` she started.

    ` `Oh yes, I can. Sorry` ` I was not amused as the girl smiled. ` `I'm Eleanor, and you are?` `

    ` `Quinn` ` I sighed hoping to get away from the happy girl.

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