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Death on Holiday

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I shrank back, pushing his hands away. As my brother glanced nervously at me, I rolled over. I didn't want to see him, or more accurately, I didn't want him to see me like this. I knew deep down I was a mess. But there was no way I could be cured. How could I be happy and go on with my life like nothing had happened, when it was all my fault they were, or already, dead?


A family holiday turned bad.

When 15 year old Emily finds out her family and her friends' families have booked a cruise to New Zealand, she is mostly excited. New Zealand is amazing, right? It's only a few days travel by boat from their home in Sydney, Australia, and the scenery is beautiful. But when natural forces turn against them, who will survive and who will perish? What will happen to those left alone? One thing is for sure: no one on board will ever be the same again...

Based on a true story, the tragic eruption at Whakaari/White Island in 2019

This novel is based on quite a touchy and disturbing subject, and will therefore reflect into the story told itself. I am deeply sorry if I have any details incorrect, I am merely writing from my own imagination and research that I have conducted, and although sounds like an actual occurrence, is entirely made up. I am only taking inspiration from the actual eruption. Please feel free to end or stop reading at any stage, if it gets too much for you.

My heart goes out to anyone who perished and their families and loved ones who are still here after this tragedy, as well as anyone who was impacted by the horrifying events.

-A. M. S

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