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Why Dress Codes are Sexist

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I’m just really mad about this right now and wanted to write about it, lol.

    I’m sure everybody knows about the strict dress codes all around America. Schools apparently enforce these to help students focus on school and make sure the building is appropriate. Saying that sounds....well..acceptable, normal, understandable. But, dress codes have been used to target girls and show racism. For example, girls wearing any sort of tank top. Whether, it’s spaghetti straps or inch thick straps. They will be singled out and told to change because they show their SHOULDERS. The same schools allow boys to wear tank tops. The typical American public school dress code for girls is:
    -No tank tops
    -No showing stomach
    -No ripped jeans(some don’t have this and some have no rips above the knees.)
    -No shorts above the knee.
    Plenty of girls are forced to wear knee-length skirts/shorts. The only problem with shorts should be if they are blatantly showing their butt. By singling out girls and telling them that showing your shoulders is too inappropriate and sexual. Showing your thighs is disgusting and inappropriate. Showing your collarbone is too “revealing”. Girls hear this all the time in schools. By saying this you are body-shaming. Making them think, am I really disgusting and inappropriate. Will people look at me that way? As that type of girl?
    Boys have a dress code to make it look fair, but the dress code is basically, don’t come to school in your underwear. If girls can control themselves while boys wear loose tank tops showing their stomachs, arms, shoulders, and even short shorts. (Boys are allowed to wear short shorts but not girls?) Then, I think boys can muster up enough self-control to not be distracted by a girl’s collarbone, shoulders, or legs. If they are. That is not the girl’s fault and not their problem. Those boys should be the ones having to change stuff if they cannot be mature and be respectful when a girl is wearing normal clothing. They are refusing to blame the boys but instead call out the girls for what they are wearing. Breaking down their confidence and self-esteem; Then schools apparently encourage confidence in your body and looks. The next moment they are body shaming a girl for showing her shoulders in 100-degree weather. Boy comes to school shirtless? Oh, well. That is more distracting than shoulders. If men(teachers, staff), and boys cannot control themselves, you do not take away a girl’s privileges because of that. It is flat-out body shaming them and making them feel like girls have to dress a certain way or else they are some sort of well, inappropriate girl.

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462 days ago
It’s kind of annoying guys don’t have any features of their body that clothes do not have to cover up that are provocative because then I can’t give them more dress-code -~-
462 days ago
Thankfully I live in England and obviously I have a uniform. On the rare occasions they let us come to school in our own clothes everyone can wear WHATEVER they want! Thigh high shorts, tube tops, slight show of cleavage, noodle straps, stomach can be shown, shoulders being shown are completely fine e.t.c
The only things I’d keep as a school since I understand schools can’t be inappropriate / suggestive, no cleavage shown, half way up thighs shown and from waist to just under cleavage about halfway can be shown. Then for the boys they can not be shirtless.
668 days ago
I totally agree! Most school’s dress codes are used for sexualizing and victim blaming.
Example of victim blaming-If somebody robs you:
“That’s your fault. You should have had security or something. You should be more cautious”
That is victim blaming and that is exactly how dress coding is. Telling girls it is THEIR fault that people are attracted to them. It disgusts me
672 days ago
If boys cant learn to control themselves thats not our fault nor our problem. Equality is so important in this world and the community is lacking it so much that boys are not called out for anything they do wrong and this angers me because we deserve to be respected and loved just as much as they do😡
672 days ago
anyways, I just came to say that this is so true.
672 days ago
this is so true . omg u shud start a petition for this or sum . like girl. wow,

and also u forgot one thing (u dont need to add it but we have it in my school)

We arent allowed clothes that show our body type . Like the ones that attach on ur body , they are kinda tight.

GAH I cant explain
676 days ago
I just realized in the description I put right instead of write. Whoops....