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Why Mommy?

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This poem-like text was circulated at Springfield High School (Springfield, VA, USA) after two students were killed in a car accident a week earlier. Below the poem is the following request:

Someone took the trouble to write this poem. Please pass it on to as many people as possible. We want to try to spread it all over the world so that people finally understand what it is about.

If you also have a homepage, please take it over too. It is so important that people finally understand what drinking and driving can really do! Far too many alcoholic accidents still happen on the streets, killing innocents over and over again.

    Why Mommy?

    I went to a party, mommy, and thought about your words. You asked me not to drink, so I didn't drink alcohol.
    I felt very proud, Mommy, just like you said before. I didn't drink anything before driving, Mommy, even if the others made fun of themselves.
    I know it was right, Mommy, and that you were always right. The party is slowly coming to an end, Mommy, and everyone is driving away.
    When I got into my car, I knew that I would come home safe: Because of your upbringing - so responsible and fine.
    I drove up slowly, Mommy, and turned into the street. But the other driver didn't see me and his car hit me with full force.
    As I was lying on the sidewalk, Mommy, I heard the cops say the other guy was drunk. And now I'm the one who has to die for it.
    I'm lying here dying, Mommy, please come quickly. How could that happen?
    My life is bursting like a balloon!
    Everything around me is full of blood, Mommy, most of it is from me, I hear the doctor say, Mommy, that there is no more help for me.
    I just want to tell you, mommy, I swear I really haven't had anything to drink. It was the others who just didn't think about it.
    He was probably at the same party as me, mommy. The only difference is just:
    HE drank - and I will die!
    Why do people drink, mum?
    It can ruin your whole life.
    I now have severe pain, such as sharp stabs.
    The man who hit me, Mommy, is walking around and I'm here dying. He just looks stupid.
    Tell my brother not to cry, mommy. And Daddy should be brave. And when I'm in heaven, Mommy, write "Daddy's Girl" on my tombstone.
    Somebody should have told him, Mommy, not drink and then drive. If he had been told that, Mommy, I would be alive now.
    My breaths are getting shorter, mum, I'm scared. Please do not cry for me, Mom.
    You have always been there when I needed you.
    I have one last question, Mommy, before I leave here.
    I didn't drink before driving, why am I the one who has to die?

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Im litteraly crying...i Will definitely share this.god bless yall if anyone reads this 💟