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Why is racism still in the community?

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Okay, I need to rant about this

    Well, I’m sure it’s pretty self-explanatory that racism is wrong and disgusting. Singling out people because of the way they look? How is it different from a person having blue eyes or brown eyes? Why does it matter when it’s skin. We may all look different on the outside, but what exactly is wrong with that? There are beautiful and handsome people of all races. Sometimes I sit in bed and I just wonder; Who was the person that looked at somebody with different colored skin and decided that they didn’t matter and they didn’t belong. Who was the first person that thought they were superior over somebody else because of their race? How did it start? I just can’t even grasp with my mind what goes through racist people’s heads. (Also, I do understand all races can be racist) But, inserting violence towards anybody of Chinese descent for starting covid 19? Those people are not to blame. One person is. (Possibly) Apparently, nobody can come up with an excuse of why they are racist to biracial people or African Americans. No child of ANY race should grow up feeling insecure in their own skin because of this judgemental society we live in. Whether you are Caucasian, African American, Biracial, Asian, Indian, etc. We are all human. All people with feelings. Why should it matter if somebody has curly hair, or straight? Dark skin, light skin, tan skin; brown hair, blond hair, red hair? You don’t see people today experiencing violence because they have green eyes and not blue. What is the difference with skin? It’s simply how we look, not who we are. You are not defined by looks and should not be judged or discriminated against in any way because of your looks. All skin colors and races are beautiful, inside and out. (Not everybody in every race though. Some are ugly on the inside)

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320 days ago
Also, NurseTearful?
I understand. I'm white and although I've never had racism directed at me, I know people who have. But let me remind you, that for the last THOUSAND YEARS it's always been about white people. I'm sorry that racism is happening to you and at your school to Caucasians. But PLEASE remember that it's probably instantly dismissed because white people just have it better in general. More privileges almost no biases against them. In the story about the broken arm that I said, white people would be the head or the heart. The most cared for and safe part of the body.
320 days ago
To all of the kids saying ALM:
Let me educate you on something. BLM is ABSOLUTELY NOT saying only black people matter. It is sticking up for black people because they ALWAYS have it the worst. Judgment is directed onto them and stereotypes simply for having dark skin. To make it easier to understand, if you went to the doctor with a broken arm, and he put you in a whole-body cast, you would say, "But why are you putting my whole body in a cast when it's just my arm that's broken?" Black people receive the most hate, and especially when they do things in reaction to their oppression. If a black person did something destructive, in response to someone being racist to them or someone they know for being black, A lot of people would immediately jump up and point out that they were being destructive instead of noticing the person harassing them. It's like if you were in school being bullied for a long time and finally start to fight back, verbally, or physically, and the teacher came over and punished you, instead of the kid who has been harassing you for years. Obviously physical harm and destruction is completely unacceptable, but it's bad to only notice that part of the story. Now, of course EVERYONE matters but BLM isn't about saying everyone who isn't black DOESN'T matter, it's about standing up for the black people who everyone believes doesn't matter.
*Side note* When I say everyone, I mean racist people
404 days ago
All lives matter!
Also I know this isn’t popular opinion but if I can just say how from my experiences in England high schools a lot of racism is happening to ‘whites’ and I know it isn’t going to be discussed for MANY years. Like yeah it’s just sad and it’s really hurts especially when I can’t even mention it because I’m white so it’s just instantly dismissed.
573 days ago
Also people can have different opinions like me I believe that every lives matter.
573 days ago
582 days ago
Exactly, Snehal!
583 days ago
Racism isn’t just about black people
583 days ago
Yea Ella please stop you were the one being racist just cuz ur not rude about black people doesn’t mean your not racist
583 days ago
It wouldn't be there if you wouldn't keep saying that black lives are more important than anyone else's. I support blm but I support alm way more. Alm involves the polices lives, asian lives, Hispanic lives, white lives, black lives, etc. So quit saying that no one else's lives are important and that black lives are more important than anyones. This is to Ella btw
601 days ago
612 days ago
I spelled judgmental wrong. My gosh, this is why I hate iPads