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Being a kid sucks

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I'm an adult now (thankfully) but when I was a kid I'd make lists of why it just SUCKED so now it's your turn: why does being a kid suck? Tell me in the comments

#1 You have a bedtime
Bedtimes make no sense to me I give my kids a VERY LOOSE bedtime so people don't judge me but what is that teaching our children? That I'm gonna listen to their body for them. And news flash I can't do that.

#2 You have to eat what you're told. This affects little kids more than the ones who'll be reading this bc as you get older you understand that this is necessary.

#3 You can't have sex.
Sex is THE BEST. I would've loved to be 'doing it' at 13 but thanks to my age I couldn't

#4 Homework!
I hate homework even as an adult. Teachers give it to my kids for me to teach the lessons. They are the teacher! Do your job! Teach the kids! I'm not the teacher I am the mom I don't have to teach them math you do and I'm not gonna just because you're too lazy to.

#5 You can't drink. Let's be honest, we all drank as teens but if we got caught...

#6 Grounding
You make a mistake as an adult (as long as it's not illegal or involving your job) you're fine you make a mistake as a kid: Give me your phone!

#7 classmates
Kids can be so cruel!

#8 Teachers
Like a mother who doesn't love you and makes you do math

#9 Chores
Okay as a kid I didn't realize that this isn't about being a kid because your chores are MUCH WORSE as an adult

#10 You can't cuss
I hated this part of being a kid

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199 days ago
I don't cuss, I love my teachers, I WOULD NEVER DRINK, honestly, some of this is for like, 15,16,17.
265 days ago
I do not like homework
273 days ago
Luckily my parents cuss like sailors and they let me in front of them not at skl tho. Also most kids have a good time, like I miss being like 2-8 and being able to shout and be messy and go around in just knickers lolll
291 days ago
I just wish parents would listen to me for once they listen to all 6 of my siblings and I’m the 2nd oldest and they ignore me 😔
371 days ago
U should not have achol when u 12
371 days ago
371 days ago
I can't swear or eat want what I want I can't wear what I want I put Corp top my mother basically ripped it off
542 days ago
I hate being a kid! I’m 9 years old and my voice sounds like a 5 year old. 😡 I hate being flat chested it’s like im a robot from when science was new. I get teased all the time! I wish I could wear deodorant but thanks to my mom I’m still a little girl. UGH 😑
603 days ago
i cuss a LOT and im only11
670 days ago
7 and 8 are the only bad ones all the others are reasonable-
I think the worst part is even if the parent truly is way out of line they have the legal power to control all of their kid’s / kids’ lives.
813 days ago
Actually I’m 12 and my parents let me cuss. Just not to often. AND I LIKE MATH! My parents don’t ground me. And my parents actually give me sips of alcohol sometimes but rarely. I don’t like it. I also don’t have chores. But we live out on a farm. So I can’t ride my bike to school, visit friends easily or sneak out. And my teachers don’t give us homework unless we have something overdue. 😄
819 days ago
You covered pretty much everything