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Luna's Diary(Keep Out!)

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I am QUEEN DEE! Please tell me what you think of my Luna's Diary book one! Please give me some positive feedback! Sorry if it's got so many chapters but little content!

    23rd June 2021
    Hi, I am Luna Smith, this is my diary, it was given to me by Haily so that she could see how I am progressing, but I don't mind it, even though it's like they are invading my private thoughts they give me my three chocolate bars and a lollipop when I am a good girl, but I am in some trouble because Mrs. Evrelton the meanest woman alive hates my guts!

    She hates me because I deliberately try to get out of my foster homes, only because those people don't even love me, they do it because they want money! The only person I want is my mother! She is the only person who understands me, but my Aunt Jillian thought my mom was irresponsible and gave me up for adoption when someone adopted me, I and my mom got separated and now I somehow ended up here because the woman who adopted me thought I was an irritating little nuisance and left me at sunny skies children center's doorstep!

    I don't know where my mama is but I don't want to lose hope in finding her, because I know her in searching for me the same way I am looking for her! Anyway it's dinner time and I have to go, if you get to dinner late you are on dish duty for two whole days! Unfair, right?

    26th June 2021
    Hi there I am back! Mrs Evrelton called me to her office and said she found a foster home for me! Honestly why does this woman try to give me a family when I already have one! My mom will come for me one day and I don't want to get attached to one of these dunder heads!

    The woman who wanted to foster me had long thick curly hair, blue eyes, and had makeup plastered all over her face that looked like a Barbie doll!
    Her name was Veronica and I did not like her!

    She had yellowish teeth and had terrible breath! And when Mrs. Evrelton asked what I thought I would have said "Are you. mad? Where did you pick this woman, from the streets!
    But that was rude and so I had to lie and say "She is super pretty!

    Veronica had pale ugly skin and a pointy nose with a little booger buddy hanging up in there! She was wearing a blue shirt, a cheetah print skirt, and pink heels with a yellow scrunchie in her hair. She has NO sense of style!

    But then when she finally stepped out I told Mrs.Evrelton I was NOT going anywhere with that delusional freak, she thought I was being rude and ill-mannered but we both knew she looked crazy but she said that if I didn't find a foster home I would need to be sent to a boarding school! Not just any boarding school but St Anna's correctional facility for wayward girls

    That place is practically a prison! But she said I had a choice: prison or foster care!
    I chose NEITHER! I told her I wanted to stay until my mom came, but she disagreed! she said that I was going with Veronica or to St Anna's!

    I chose St Anna's. Veronica can't take off anything! Let alone dress properly!

    So Mrs Evrelton sent Veronica home and got me enrolled into St Anna's!
    But the only reason I am doing this is because she promised to try her best to locate my mom! But that old bat could lie about anything!
    So I didn't trust her and I was going because I was aggressive and had gotten into fights!

    But it was because of Alena that scumbag! She makes my blood boil. She told me I wasn't pretty enough for my mom to want me so I bit her and punched her nose! What did you want me to do nobody disrespects my mother!
    Well, I have a few days of life left before I go to prison for crimes I never ever committed!

    30th June 2021

    Well, today is the day I leave:-(
    Just kidding! I am leaving tomorrow! But today I have to. pack up and say goodbye!
    But guess who is coming with me to St Anna's... Alena! Yes, that means wriggly worm cry baby pants is coming along too! I am not so childish for an 11-year-old but when it is Alena I will stoop as low as I can go even if it means name-calling!

    I can't believe I will be stuck with her for the semester!
    Why me!
    Anyway after my appointment with Haily my therapist, well maybe not my therapist but yeah I feel much better and I think I am going to like it at St Anna's!

    Because the food is better than Greta's greasy Lumpur mashed potatoes and meatballs that is one thing I won't miss! But maybe even missing Mrs. Evrelton!

    No, I won't miss her. I hate her and she hates me!
    But anyway the bus is here I have said goodbye to all the kids and caretakers and Haily says I might come back for regular appointments and stuff, I will miss the city!

    What will happen next? Please, tell me if I should continue or if I shouldn't in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

    Bye now......


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Your great at writing!
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Please keep writing! u r great!