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9 months ago

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What happened to me and my boyfriend 9 months ago.

    "Jack, Thanksgiving break, here we come! Where is the dog?" I asked as I sashayed out of the doors to high school, meeting up with my boyfriend in the field. "About Jo, Zoey... My grandmother took him for the rest of the week so we could go on a small little Thanksgiving break vacation without worrying about him..." Jack explained, holding my hand as we walked to the Toyota. "What! Jack, Jo was supposed to go with us on our little vacation! The little bulldog puppy hasn't been to the beach yet!" I said, stamping my designer high heel on the cement in frustration, my wavy brown hair flowing in the wind. "I'm sorry, Zoey... But my grandmother hasn't seen a dog in 10 years, and I just couldn't say no to someone who helped raise me..." Jack sighed, helping me get into the car. "I helped raise you to popularity, Jack. Tell your little old grandmother we're taking Jo with us, or I'll find a new boyfriend to take on a beach vacation." I snapped, pointing my sharp, glittering, French-manicured finger at him. When we arrived at Jack's apartment, he said, "Zoey, I can't do it. Take your stuff and go, find another boyfriend to go on vacation with. I care about family more than I care about some rich, beautiful, popular girlfriend." I stopped walking. "Alright, have it your way." I snapped, gathered all my stuff, and put it into two glittering silver designer suitcases, got all my money back, and left. I got in my Mercedes and called Max, one of my backup boyfriends on my iPhone 12. With no hesitation, he snapped to say he would be my new boyfriend and go on a beach vacation with me.

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574 days ago
This girl sounds like she is very popular and has a lot of boyfriends. I think in the future she will be indifferent, and will have secret lives with different boys.
600 days ago
Guys your kinda being rude she just is prepared for things to happen and its ok to have a backup boyfriend if thinks aren't steady at all
600 days ago
Wow I'm sorry that that happened also should I get a backup boyfriend cuz things aren't going that great...?
603 days ago
interesting. cant tell if its a joke or nah
604 days ago
Your Toxic,how could you do that!?
Jack sounds so sweet,just how could you do that to him?!HE GAVE THE DOG TO HIS GRANDMOTHER!Just toxic!
606 days ago
Toxic. I can barely get one boyfriend never mind back up boyfriends but you don't need to shove it in our faces.
606 days ago
Toxic a hole.
607 days ago
Your a spoiled, toxic player. You don't deserve to do that to your boyfriend just because he gave his OWN DOG to his GRANDMOTHER!
607 days ago
I would dump you. You sound stuck up and annoying. Who has back-up boyfriends?
607 days ago
This is why I'm dating a rock, not a girl.
608 days ago
Or just a stuck up, toxic whore.
608 days ago
Sounds to me like your a bit of a player