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That Dog Part One

2 Chapter - 418 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 75 taken-The story is currently being written

Amber has always wanted a dog, and when her cat dies, now's her chance! But with challenges in her face... Will she get that dog?
Please stay tuned for part two!

    Amber stood in front of her mother. "Amby!" Said Amber's mother. "You know Milo only just left us!"
    Milo was Amber's all-time best friend, who was a tabby cat. "Yes, Mum, I know he died but-" started Amber. "No buts! That dog is not our type! You know Milo died a few months ago!" Her mother cut her off. Amber walked away sadly. She just wanted a puppy. She didn't care whether it was a boy or a girl, or what breed. She just wanted a dog.
    There was one perfect dog that she found. A gorgeous kelpie puppy, with large bulging eyes, that made Amber's heart melt. Then she realized what 'not our type' meant. It said that the puppy was $1,500. Amber groaned. Her blonde hair shimmering. Still, the puppy was perfect. She trained her eyes on the dog. "Tess" she whispered. That dog was Tess. Her Tess...

    Amber woke up to the sound of her mother singing the lyrics of 'just like a virgin' by Madonna.
    Amber, half-asleep turned on her phone. She opened up the dogs for sale area and found Tess. Her eyes, still bright. "My little Tess, my little puppy" sang Amber; not realizing she had selected the buy now button! "Oh no!" Shouted Amber. She knew she couldn't buy the dog.. but she put in her address.. and she opened piggy bank up.. just enough money... And Amber bought the dog. Luckily the dog came with all of the essentials. But how was her mum going to feel! Amber immediately regretted it.

    How is Amber's mother going to react? And will she get her dream dog?

    Wait for part two coming out soon!

    Please comment on what you thought of it!

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444 days ago
Hey all! Sadly, That Dog, will not continue. It may continue, but is highly unlikely. I do not have enough time and typing for long ammounts of time without being able to save is really hard.
But! Now is your chance to shine! Email me via the button below, your draft of writing. I will proof read it to see if I should change anything. I will copy and paste it into a fan fiction, and give you credit at the discription and end of the story.
What you need to enter
Please give me your name. Make it not be your real name for privacy reasons.
Please make it child friendly for any young readers.
10+ writing age.(younger can be accepted if only one, so please inmform me of your age.)
Thank you!
632 days ago
This is actually based on IRL. my cat died in lockdown, and I am planning to get a dog next, the rest is fantasy
632 days ago
Okay thanks!! Thanks for all ur support!
632 days ago
Yay so excited for part 2! I might try email you!
633 days ago
Thank you! ☺️ I will try to do part two soon!!
Melonseed54 (p.s, feel free to email me via down the bottom!)
635 days ago
Hi this is great so good I have done your other quiz ur lockdown hobbie one it is me from before you are so good at making these totally recommend it!
641 days ago
Hope you all like it!!