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Is this space for crying?

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Maybe it is.

    Me: *finds door* MINIREENA!

    Minireena: Oh (censored by creator) no!

    Me: PLEASE!

    Minireena: Pastel Chica, why in the name of pizza do you always call me to do this? Why not Bon Bon or Bonnet or Bidybab?

    Me: Because Bon Bon and Bonnet have no legs and Bidybab typically isn't slender enough.

    Minireena: -_-

    Me: PLEASE!

    Random Magical Person Whom we Shall Call Kylee: *appears out of nowhere*


    Me: What in the name of pizza?

    Random Magical Person Whom we Shall Call Kylee: Smallius-Pastel Chicaus! *zaps me with a wand*

    Me: *turns into Ella-Bella (My small animatronic wolf form, also known as EeBee)

    Random Magical Person Whom we Shall Call Kylee: Another transformation done! *poofs away*

    Me: *dives into the door and sits down and cries*

    Minireena:: N

    Me: Is this hole for crying? I feel like it's for crying.

    Minireena: Oh dear lordhave mercy...

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515 days ago
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518 days ago
It's definitely for crying. Totally.

Minireena: *jumps in and cries* Why is she so annoying?! WHY?!

Ballora: You broke my Minireena. FEEL THE RAGE!

Bidybab: *cries outside the hole* I can't fit!

Circus Baby: You broke my Bidybab!

Me: :"D I may die... see you guys next time if I don't end up like Mangle...

Mangle: HEY! *chases me*

Me: D: