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What dogs do at night

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I don't know, I just thought of it but if you like dogs, I recommend you read this

    Bell watched as tucker and mom went to their bedrooms. Once she knew that they were never going to come out for the rest of the night, she jumped off of the couch and ran through the dog door That lead to the backyard. She dug a narrow tunnel under the fence which led to the Other side. Bell trotted along the sidewalk Until she Reached the vet. "Hi, Bruno!" Bell said. "Hi, bell" Bruno responded. "Hey! Why do you smell like hamburgers?" Honey yelled as she ran over to Bruno. "I stole one today for dinner. I ate the whole thing. Then my stomach didn't feel good, and I ended up puking in the sink." Bruno responded. "AND WHAT WERE YOU DOING IN THE SINK?" Ella said confused. "Mom said I needed a bath and I hate the bathtub so it's either that or taking a shower with mom..." Bruno said depressingly "EWW!" Bell said. "Okay are we going or what?" Ella said. "Okay okay let's go," honey said. they crept through the sausage factory and went into the secret hole in the alley. They entered the hideout, which had dog beds, toys, and treats. They spent the night there.

    In the middle of the night, Bell woke up to a strange noise. It sounded like dad's alarm clock, but no, it wasn't that. She peeked out of the hole and saw red flashing lights on the walls of the bank. Then shortly after, saw two black figures rushing past her. Bell jumped out and started chasing the thieves down the street. She jumped on one's back and made him fall to the ground. She barked and bit him until she was certain that he wouldn't get away with the large bag he was carrying around with him. Now time for the second one Bell thought. She sprinted toward him and pounced, but didn't manage to grab him. She ran as fast as she could until she was in front of him. She barked and jumped forward. She remembered feeling pain in her left leg, and then nothing but pitch black. She lay on something cold, and hard, breathing hard, trying to move, but she just couldn't. She heard another sound and it sounded like sirens. She heard gun shooting, footsteps, screams, and then silence.

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263 days ago
Did Bell die?! Omgosh I hope not!
506 days ago
507 days ago
Okay rainbow! Can I call you rainbow? I will totally make more I'm already working on it!😁
507 days ago
I loved it soooooo much you should keep making booksundefined
508 days ago
Thank you I can make another one if you want
511 days ago
Hi I loved reading it!
511 days ago
Pls enter in the comments what you think. If its positive I can write more. You can also give me ideas for the next book. Thanks have a great day!