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How I got my broken arm

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I blame it on my mom.

    I walked into my backyard, clutching my notebook. My mom, as usual, was smoking in the garden. "Mom, can we drive to the corner store so I can get some new pens?" I asked hopefully. Usually, she didn't let me have anything I asked for. "Fine. Grab your money, I gotta get groceries anyway." She groaned, sizzling out her cigarette and throwing it in the trash. She drove to the corner store, and I ran straight to the art section. I grabbed the 10 pack of gen pens and ran to the counter. "Hello, Emmie. Another 10 pack?" Ms. Lagoons asked. "Yep. I can't afford any other pack." I sighed. "Hmm. Well, how about I let you take home a 20 pack for the price of a 10 pack? Just this once." Ms. Lagoons smiled. I nodded, grinning widely. I hopped into the car with Mom. "What is that?" She asked, noticing my 20 pack. "Ms. Lagoons gave me a 20 pack for the price of a 10 pack!" I smiled. "What! No, no, no! I'm turning around." She said, beginning to make a U-Turn. She tried to grab the 20 pack out of my hands, but I tugged it back. Suddenly, the 20 pack slipped out of our hands, and it slapped the gas pedal. May I just say that the 20 pack is as heavy as a BRICK? The car started to get out of balance, and before we knew it, we were on our side. A big rock hit my arm, and I could hear the sound of my bone snapping. And that's all.

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553 days ago
will your story be continued?
559 days ago
Me who have broke 10 times my arms:
That's a normal day for me :')