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Dear Diary: Rub that salt into the wound

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"People said middle school was the best year of their lives. Well! Not for me!"
Meet my best friend Shira's Diary! And hear her horrible experience so far at middle school!
(She allowed me to put her entries!)

    Thu, July,26
    Now I should probably start from the beginning. I am an 11-year-old girl named Shira, I've got curly brown hair, caramel-colored skin, brown-colored, almond-shaped eyes, long lashes, and curves.

    nI lives in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. I live with my mom and dog named Buddy. I don't like Buddy.😑
    He's a German shepherd mix and quite tiny but is the loudest thing on earth.

    But who cares about him. I went to 5th grade and everything was never the same after that. You see, I had 2 best friends in 4th grade; Mya, a short, black-haired drama queen, and KC a dirty blond trainer who lives up to hair color. They hate each other. And I had a good friend name Jabari too. I and Jabari met in 3rd grade. (I had a crush on him and he liked me,😏🤭.))
    Jabari was so nice back then. We were LEGIT the best of friends. Until Ansani came and complicated things. Ansani is Jabori's annoying Cousin/Best friend.

    He liked my best friend Mya, who liked him. They got in a relationship. It didn't last. Boy, they hate each other. I also had a friend named Holly back then too, that blond jerk was a scammer! (😡)

    Throughout 4th life was carefree! (Not)KC and Mya and I were going to the Boys and Girls club together and that caused so much drama over who spent too much time with me.

    I felt like I was being torn in 2. Ha, that ended in 5th Mya was going into 4th and KC was homeschooling. I thought I had scored. But no.
    It all started with group b. You see Covid-19 had started and that made things hard, we had to split our class into 2 groups. And Ha, boy drama gets harder as you grow up. There was a cute boy next to me who I concluded was a crook because I had lost my pencil grip and he magically returned it.
    His name was Tristan, he was smart, sweet, and nice. Not to mention athletic!

    And I sat next to the worst person. Sheila was known for being a backstabber. And I ignored the red flags. I trusted her and I ended up regretting it.

    Then behind me was my current best friend Deliah, the smartest and coolest girl on the planet. Delilah and I quickly became friends.

    And I learned Tristen was not a crook, and Sheila was being so nice. Then Wendy,(Hades i.e)
    Came into our group. Ruined my life. She stole my friend and crush. But I learned she just wanted to fit in and be cool. At first, that brunette-headed super popular girl was my enemy now she's one of my closest friends.

    Ha, thought my drama was over! WELL, group a popped into group b and turned our brains into noodles. Group A was immature and reckless. And bullies too. I REMEMBER being picked on hundreds of times.

    When the school year ended I was sad, I didn't want to leave my class. I was too scared to move onto 6th.

    But here I am now.
    Summer began and I was prepared. (Nope)
    Not really…
    You see during the school year I made a bunch of friends in my group. Candy, Maddie ECT.
    And I was shocked when we got put in the teen group for the summer.

    Instantly I felt nervous and sick but with my friends there with me the nervousness faded away.

    I was happy that I was with them and bonded with my group instantly. And yeah there were a few bumps but eh, who cared?

    I did, some of our old staff members left us. And that was hard. And on top of that, Drake showed up. Drake was from the group a year under us and moved up. (Nobody knows why)
    Now he was cute, blue eyes, brown-blond hair, good sense of humor...And I fell head over heels for this guy.

    I shouldn't have.
    Right now I'm panicking because Maddie told Drake I liked him. And of course, there were those secrets but then at Lunch, they told me. Drake liked me back, I was stunned.Shocked.Amazed!
    Right then I SHOULDA said, "Okay," and shrugged. Because then and then on, Drake protected me, followed me and LEGIT annoyed me. It was unbearable. He made me want to stay and not go. (Which is tomorrow)

    Today was that bad. And I don't want Drake to be there anymore, I need to erase that image of me and him forever.

    I have a plan. I will act normal around him and hang out with my friends more. Eventually, that image will be gone, and I will be fine on Monday when Jabori comes.

    I will act normal and be fine. I hope.😖😣😩😓😫😱

    Alright, I’ve figured it out, I’m NOT going tomorrow, if I don’t go, I bet that group 3 will forget what they saw. And when they do I’ll be happy, being telling Jabori the truth if he wants to know otherwise. I’ll be my normal self. Great huh? I know I have this under control if I can calm down and think slowly. I remember breathing slowly and thinking about your situation can help a lot. And if my friends tease I’ll say,” Please stop.” and if Drake does anything I’ll ask him to quit too. Because I’m nice, but I will tell people to quit. And who cares if Jabori and Drake start fighting! Not me, because I’ll be hanging with my friends.

    Jul 27, 2021
    Ha, Drake and Jabori didn't come! All that worrying for nothing! Monday was boring as ever and today was meh, I've realized I have nothing to worry about! Oh and here's my class schedule!:

    Ist Period: Math(Regular)🤔😕
    Second Period: Home EC(😁
    Third: Computer😫
    4: Lunch A😶🤔🙃
    5: Earth Science😐
    6: Ancient World History (Yay,😑🙄
    7: Advanced ELA(🙂

    Sounds fun ...I hate history and computers….

    But I LOVE home EC!
    But...I have Regular math…


    Ugh, I want to be like this on the first day; ATTACK!

    Hahaha, yeah no .I'm not that daring and carefree I'm more of
    Eat you and rip them to shreds type of girl. Ha, my friends say otherwise.
    Well, That's pretty much all I got. See you.

    Aug 2, 2021
    I hate life, B&G ends this FRIDAY, dance starts tomorrow, KC is such a jerk, my mom’s being her usual self, making me feel sad. Very funny though too, not. She doesn’t like me, I can tell.
    How do I know? Because she’s made me feel unloved and hated so much I feel nothing now.

    I’m still frightened about dancing, I don’t want to do it. I really don’t. But mom doesn’t care. But that’s the type of person she is, so I shouldn’t be surprised. The dog is still annoying. Mya came to B&G and registered, ha she acted like she didn’t know me.

    That is because Mya wants to be popular when she comes back, little does she know when she comes back I’m in the POPULAREST group in the club, being best friends with Candy and Maddie are great. Plus I’m friends with George AND Drake.(Bonus)

    So when she comes sauntering in and ignores me she’ll get what she deserves.

    August 9th, 2021

    Welp, here I am back from my first day of middle school. Dancing is alright, I've got a bit of confidence in there. Now school,

    My homeroom teacher, Ms.M, is alright I guess.

    What's great is this schedule!

    1st Hour~Regular Math(Ms. M)
    *Class with my friend from awhile ago)

    2nd Hour~HOME EC! (Ms.P)
    *Class with Delilah! AND Tristan! (Bonus for Trist)

    3rd hour~Computer(Ms.C)

    4th Hour~Lunch(With friends)

    5th hour~Earth Science

    6th hour~Ancient World History(Mr.Fransisco*Tristan*

    7th ~Ela! Advanced(😏


    August 20, 2021
    Hahahaha,6th grade what a mess. I love it, I did my first dance performance today.
    Not that bad, except the nervousness. That was rough, in school everything is perfect. Except, Tristan my crush he’s still sweet and kind, but his best friend Philip, he’s cute, kind, and above all hilarious.

    And nice to me, we talk a lot and I think maybe one of them likes me. This diary is gonna get full soon every day I will come home and write what happened so here we’ll start with today.

    In class Mr.Fransisco my history teacher caught Philip messing around with Tristan, and said,” Philip stop flirting-playing-I mean horsing around with Tristan.”The whole class burst out laughing. Especially me, I thought that was so funny!
    Haha, and get this the other day Mr.F was talking about labeling our paper’s with our names so we don’t get out things mixed up with other people’s things, and I said,” I’m probably the only Shira in the whole school,” and Philip leaned close to me and said,” Well….I’m the only Philip!"

    And I giggled, and I asked Tristan if he thought I was insane and he said yes because in Home Ec we made smoothies and my group made poison. I offered some to Tristan and he backed away grinning. And in class, I asked Tristan if he still thought I was insane and he said kinda.

    And that was quite funny too. I think I’ll have a good time in 6th grade I want to branch out a bit more with Trist and Phil but I’m not sure what to say. I mean I asked Phil if he and Trist could wake me up if I fell asleep and Philip rubbed his hands together and said,” Can we wake you up in our ways?” evilly, I said,” Sure….I think Tristan would just wake me up but I’m worried about what you’d do,” And he laughed.

    That’s the sum of this week really, I’ll type more tomorrow.

    There ya go, The few first weeks of middle school for Shira! Tell me if you liked it in the comments and if I should continue! Thanks for reading!

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