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Dear Diary: Rub that salt into the wound(Part 2)

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Part two of Shira's (my BFF's) diary! It's by me and Shira herself


    Too much happened to explain in one entry, I'll just say the highlights of the last weeks. About August 30, Philip attacked me by bonking me on the head. It was an all-out war! I and my friends fought back but yeah we lost big time.

    I'd say around September 1, Tristan found out I have a crush on him. He was speechless! He doesn't even seem awkward, he says we're still close friends and that it's not weird between us.

    Today, My goal was to ask Jason (A football jock and total popular dude at my school, who is friends with me)
    If he could ask Tristan what his Nitro Type(A online typing racing game) username was. But when I went to ask him it came out like this, "Hey Jason, "all calm and collected then I lost it! I couldn't speak! I just sat there stuttering! Nothing came out even if I forced myself!

    It was embarrassing. But oh well, he didn't mind. And a few days ago,(Yesterday)
    September 13, Phillip was rushing down the stairs and my friend tapped him on the head lightly, two seconds later he went soaring down those stairs crashing. I asked if it was okay and he said yup and kept crashing everywhere. The poor guy right? Well, today he told Tristan it was MY fault! I was so confused! I had been walking down the hallway when I heard the crashing!

    He said, "Hey, remember when you shoved me down the stairs?"And I was mortified I spent the whole time telling them I didn't. Tydale knows I wouldn't do that, and Phillip knows too, he was messing with me to get my reaction. Well, he got one.

    And we also have new seats in the Cafeteria! So I sit by Haylee, a nice girl in my computer class, Wendy and Delilah! Yay! The downfall is KC sits by us and is trying to join our Bff group.No no way I'm letting her in!

    I said NO, And she looked annoyed but too bad, so sad! There MY BFFs NOT hers!

    And I believe that I am doing great at KMS! It's going well, And Tristan keeps looking at me and I can tell we still have that spark even if neither of us sees it.

    So I'm glad, and I'm gonna keep up with this proud streak. And maintain my grades, profile, and positive attitude.

    Except for the fact that Jake(A annoying kid in my science class)won't stop annoying me, but that's another story I'm NOT gonna explain.

    We'll see what tomorrow brings upon me. And if it's a normal day, it's a normal day. Now I've got to go eat, wish me the best of luck.

    XOXO in the name of Tristan-
    Shira(Oh BTW Philip has given me a nickname, "Shira-later"/Like see you later/ so yeah life's going great *sarcasm*)

    September 20,
    Cat's out of the bag at lunch Wendy and I walked by Tristan's table and she bonked him on the head and said, "She has a crush on you. Like Shira legit loves you! And wants to date you Trist!" The whole table gasped and started teasing me and Tristan, I was so embarrassed! But at the same time, it was a bolt of thrill and excitement! But now it's a bit faded and Phillip didn't seem pleased to find out I didn't like him. He was chatting away on the bus with me which was a shocker. He never talks to me! Usually, his head is in a book.
    Otherwise, everything has gone normal and boring. (KC being a jerk) so yeah that's all we've got to today. Oh and today in computer apps we made newsletters and I wrote mine about Homecoming and she laughed when I said Ty was my crush then she said she was presenting it and I was so scared Bryant, Jason's BFF, said that'd be awesome. Luckily she was just joking but yeah that's it.

    See you!

    September 25
    First off, Today in FACS(Home EC)Jason said he tackled Tristan (they play football together) and I leaped up and put my fists up, "EXCUSE ME!"I said I was prepared to fight. Tristan looked down blushing and Delilah yanked me down.
    And yesterday Trist was staring at Hailee in History and I was talking to Tristan about it and he said he was staring at me the whole time because I wasn't acting normal. And I said, "when am I ever normal?"And he said never and he was just worried about me.

    I felt like I was on cloud 9! And KC got worse she told my enemy Zia who my crush was and pointed him out.

    Yay for me.-_-
    I and KC have been arch enemies for weeks now. It's not that good. And what's worse Wendy's grandma died! Poor girl.
    We have so much on our plates rn, luckily me and Hailee who's a good friend with me(And has the same b-day as me)
    Who's my twin, have been having the best time in computer class. Giggling about Tristan who sits in front of us, about 2 rows up.

    She takes my mind off all the stress. I and Delilah have been butting heads a bit. She doesn't understand that she isn't right all the time. And she's still mad that I didn't try a dang soup! It's ridiculous!>:(

    And Wendy's been embarrassing me. Acacia a girl who is in my D's ELA class and sits at our table is nice tho, and so is Everlee she rides the bus with me.

    So we'll see how the tables turn. But If I end up exploding in tomorrow's entry you can thank KC. Sorry if none of that made sense, but does life ever?


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