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The Camping Trip

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Do you like romance? Do you like camping? Do you like music? Then this is the book for you!
Told from Claudia's POV.

I bit my lip as the car arrived at the campsite. I hate class camps. Secrets always get spilled, and the toilets are trash. And they make boys sleep in the same tents as girls! Ugh.
I flung my door open and felt the sun dancing across my cheeks. My Mum passed me my things, then kissed the top of my head.
"I'll see you soon, sweetheart. Goodbye." She got back in the car.
"Bye, Mum." I waved. She smiled, then drove off down the gravelly road.
I sighed and made my way across the dewy grass. The tents were already set up.
Miss Joss, our teacher, came over to me. "Hi, Claudia. You're in tent 3 with Alicia and Isaac." She smiled and pointed to a teal tent just a bit away.
I thanked her and made my way over to the tent. I poked my head inside and found that it was reasonably large.
It had a small area with enough space for some bags and shoes, and then had a zip-up door that led to a larger space for sleeping.
I put my bag in the smaller space and then started setting up my sleeping bag and sleeping mattress.
When I finished, I went outside again, and looked around, trying to find my friends.
I found my BFF, Angelina, sitting outside of tent 1, frowning. Then she noticed me and turned her head.
"Ugh! Claud, I'm stuck with Ruby and Tayo! My life is over!" She held her head between her hands.
I sighed. "I'm stuck with Alicia and Isaac. Double ugh." I grimaced.
Then Alicia arrived. She was wearing a crazy short skirt, cropped halter top, a ridiculous amount of jewelry, high heels, and her hair was in a high ponytail, and she was carrying a tiny suitcase.
She came down the hill, with pursed lips. She then vanished into the teal tent.
I checked my phone. Alicia had just sent Oscar a ton of heart emojis. Sometimes I wish I hadn't accidentally hacked her account.
I checked my Instagram and saw that I had 100 more followers than yesterday. Woop!
Then I checked the time. 4:28. We were scheduled to arrive by half-past, so everyone would probably arrive soon.

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692 days ago
nurse teaful whats it called the fanfic
708 days ago
i know too much SUSPENSE im bored of waiting (im ADHD)
708 days ago
Hey are you working on the next chapter? It’s been a month+some weeks.
Sorry if I sound rude
713 days ago
Anyway back to work on the fanfiction 💝🌷✨
713 days ago
Now I’m not stereotyping boarding schools as dull, creepy and too strict. When she goes to boarding school she’s going to have a pretty cool roommate who is also a loner ( normal that roommate is free a lot and is hanging out without anyone else ) who introduces her to exploring who she is.

( 🌻 this Kpop I’m listening to is really good 👀✨ )
713 days ago
But basically I am currently writing another fanfiction, it’s about a 12 yr old girl named Aiko going to boarding school. So far there isn’t any drama and nothing cringey. Aiko has no friendships and is fine with that, she isn’t very close with her parents anyway so I won’t have to deal with the hard homesickness as it’s hard to describe. Though I’ve been writing for hours, doing some research on foods, better words to use, type of clothing names and I also looked for pictures that would represent exactly a place Aiko would go or what she’d look like / wear.
713 days ago
Wait never mind-
Also sorry for terrible typing skills from 12 hours ago ;-;
713 days ago
713 days ago
Shoot I commented in the wrong chat-
713 days ago
Sorry I didn’t reply earlier I was actually writing some. I actually just posted my first one but I can’t tell what happened and it just said something went wrong and to re-publish it so I did. I can’t tell if it wasn’t accepted and taken down cause there are other things like this.
714 days ago
yea have to say it is a bit weird and im abit confuzzed about what happened rn and btw merry christmas p.s. what is ur fanfic about
714 days ago
I changed my name from ‘Unknown’ ( the comment under ) to this because I’m planning on writing fanfic soon and I need a unique name for it.
I saw some people were asking to be added just wanted to say that you probably shouldn’t say that later on. It can be a lot if there also being asked to have nee people join since nee characters are a big thing and then shed have to do some chsracter developmentbon them as well.
714 days ago
Please continue this!! Also a suggestion: try and just make chapter 4+5 a dream if your not thinking of doing that already. The singer thing is very cringey and I think the plot is super good and can go on very well
714 days ago
On chapter four rn and I’m fine with the stereotypes because of the time this was made but everyone turning into singers..? This chapter is really weird-
724 days ago
nooooo dont discontinue plsi REALLY wanna know what hapens next
742 days ago
Hi readers!
So, I am SOOOO ssorry that I havent updated in ages, but i have had next to no time! And if you arent enjoying the story anyway, maybe i should discontinue? I need feedback
748 days ago
cant wait to see what happens next!
762 days ago
Sorry for not updating! I have been busy with schoolwork and such.
I added your characters, just slightly different, but if you want them exactly the same, just tell me and I can change it.
Btw, I'm thinking this story will have minimum 10 chapters, in case you were wondering.
Anyway, thanks so much for reading this!
769 days ago
btw pls dont embarras me
769 days ago
hi. i have a couple of questions.
1 is this still being updated?
2 can you add my name?
name:nathan or nat
food:carrots (i know , wierd)
hair:kind of light brown, with a hint or ginger, very messy and wavy
music:indie rock
eyes:blue gray
accent:northern (if u know brit accents. if not, i dont pronounce ts and hs right)