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Morning Star Stables: Horses, Love, and Mystery

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This is my first story. It's kind of a rip-off of Free Rein on Netflix. Kacey is the stable hand, and she is the main character. Please let me know if I should write a second chapter. It will get more exciting.

Chapter One

The room was silent. Shafts of morning sunlight fell on the hardwood floor. The sunlight slightly brightened the room and fell across the old chest of drawers. All was perfectly silent. Suddenly, a loud beep, beep, beep shattered the silence. The sound continued. “Is it already the morning?” Kacey said as she hopped out of bed. She shivered and jumped on the rug. “I hate that stupid cold floor!” she said under her breath. She pulled on her riding pants and put on her boots. “KACEY, IT’S TIME FOR BREAKFAST!” her dad yelled from the kitchen. “I’m coming!” she yelled back. She quickly ran a brush through her long, tangled brown hair, and pushed her bangs out of her face. “Not that anyone would want to eat my dad’s breakfast,” she muttered as she pulled on an old sweater. She raced out of her room, slid down the banister, and sat in a chair. “Dad, I thought you said you were going to make fresh-squeezed orange juice, not fresh burned orange juice. And how do you burn orange juice?” Kacey asked. “It’s my secret recipe, and I don't want any of your sass, young lady!” He said jokingly. “Some people are going to come to look at the plumbing today. It’s apparently ‘broken’” he said. “Well Dad, that’s what you get for trying to fix the plumbing yourself,” Kacey said as she put her plate in the sink. “Also, daughter, that sweater has a hole in it,” Her dad said as she hurriedly stuffed things in a bag. “The people at the stables will think you’re a slob.” Kacey changed her sweater and grabbed her bag. “Bye, dad! I can’t be late!” She hopped on her tall, white Barb and set off for Morning Star Stables.

Ella was thinking. She was thinking hard. It isn’t fair that Delaney has a horse, she thought. She didn’t have to wait until her 15th birthday. But of course, I do! She thought vehemently. Her brother Matthew came up. “Ready to go sis?” he asked as he ran down the stairs. “Yeah, but we have to wait for Delaney. She's getting ready.” Ella made a face at her brother. “Ugh! She’s going to take forever. Let’s go now,” Matthew said impatiently. “Mom! We’re leaving!” He yelled. “Are y’all going with Delaney?” She asked. “Yes!” Ella said. She and Matthew laughed and slipped out of the door.

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299 days ago
please make another chapter!!!