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Crushes are something almost everyone will experience at least once in their lives. They can make you feel happy. Maybe brighten up your day!
And of course, everyone has different crushes depending on their sexuality. Straight, Lesbian Gay, Pansexual, Demisexual, Bisexual, etcetera (sorry if I didn't include yours).
Personally, I could talk about crushes for ages. I mean, there's so much to say. But I will continue for a bit longer.
Whenever I see my crush, I feel happy and cozy on the inside. Actually, that was a horrible explanation. But he's very sweet, nice, athletic, smart, and better things!
Also, there are some telltale things that usually mean someone likes you. For example:

1. Attempting to help you
2. Staring at you
3. Pointing their feet your way
4. Glancing at you after a joke
5. Their friends whispering around you

But those don't apply to everyone! Everyone is unique and different in their own way. And sometimes that can be very deep… deep down.
Crushes are amazing, and actually a big part of school life when you think about it.
But unfortunately, your crush won't always return your feelings. They might judge you on your appearance, your personality, or you might generally not be their 'type.'
Many people still like-like their crushes though, even after a thorough explanation that they're not interested in you.
I would write way more, but I don't have time.

Thank you for reading,

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108 days ago
can u rite one about manga
134 days ago
Can you make one about sexuality and gender?
145 days ago
err why school teachers are sh-it
182 days ago
Okay, I have finally updated. Sorry, I've been busy with schoolwprk and stuff. Keep suggesting!
184 days ago
Please make one about sibling rivalry! I can't stand my sister!
185 days ago
i have an idea: boyfriends and girlfriends!