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Bookshop part 1

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Isis and her friend Sapphire have been invited to the reopening of a bookshop - Toadstool Hollow. But they do not know the magical wonders that await...

    About the book...

    Isis Serenity and her best friend Sapphire Amore have been invited to go to the reopening of a bookshop that closed 30 years ago, after the young couple that owned it were allegedly struck by lightning at the same time. Little do they know that mystery and magic await them inside its doors...


    Isis was bored. She had read every book she owned twice. She had finished most of her homework and was procrastinating the rest for as long as possible. Alea and Ryley were busy, and Sapphire was on the train back from London with her family. Tyler, her brother, was locked in his room. She had nothing to do.
    There was a banging on the door.
    “Isis! Can you open the door?” yelled her mother. She ran downstairs and yanked open the front door. It was the postman.
    “Letter for Isis Serendipity?”
    “Thank you,” said Isis, and closed the door after grabbing the letter. She saw there were several items in the envelope, making it too big to fit through the letter flap. She ripped it open. Out of it fell a key, intricately decorated with vines and branches, a black-and-white photograph of a couple, and a ring box. Inside the box was a pair of tiny shoes, fit for a dainty little fairy. Puzzled, Isis opened the letter. It read:

    Dear Ms. Serendipity,

    You have been selected to attend the reopening of Toadstool Hollow, the bookshop on Town Street. It shall be held on the 14th of July, 6 -8 pm. Bring the items included in this envelope.

    - F .O

    Isis was even more confused than before. The 14th of July was next week, and she would be able to attend - but she wasn’t sure she wanted to. Who was F . O? Who else was coming to this event? Anyone she knew? And what were the objects for? A key, a photo, a box, a pair of shoes. Isis clutched everything to her chest and ran upstairs back to her bedroom.

    XXXThe Next DayXX

    Today was a Monday. She was scheduled to meet up with Sapphire and the twins Alea and Ryley, but only Sapphire was able to come. Her casual stroll through the park quickened into a run as she spotted her best friend by the bandstand.
    “So what’s up?” asked Sapphire.
    “Nothing - well, actually -“ Isis paused.
    “What!” asked Sapphire, a bit impatiently.
    “ I got a letter yesterday inviting me to a bookshop opening.”
    “ Not - Toadstool Hollow?”
    “ Actually, yeah it was. How did you know?”
    “I got the same letter!” Sapphire said excitedly.
    “ Seriously? Were there any items in the envelope?”
    “Yes. There was ... a ... tiny figure of a bird ... a picture of a cave ... a key ... and a blue-purple-green flower.”
    “I got a key, a photo of a couple, a box, and a pair of tiny fairy shoes. Are you going to the opening? I wasn’t sure, but I’d go with you,” said Isis, speaking so quickly she tripped over her words.
    “I’ll go if you go!”
    “Deal,” said Isis, and they shook hands.

    XXX14th of JulyXXXX

    It was 5 o’clock. Almost time. Isis was nervous. She had a paper bag, inside which was the key, the photo, the box, and the shoes. Half an hour later, Sapphire arrived and knocked gingerly on her door. Isis only just about heard it over Tyler’s video game music.
    She pulled open the door.
    “ Ready to go?” asked Sapphire.
    “Yup,” she replied.

    It took about twenty minutes to arrive at Toadstool Hollow. They walked inside.
    There was an appealing sense of mystery in the air, and though the once-diaphanous windows were scuffed, and the wood of the shelves was rotting, the sense of vellichor was overwhelming. Isis glanced nervously at Sapphire, who smiled back.

    They turned the corner, feet padding softly on the burgundy carpet, clutching their bags to their chests, and saw a tall man - at least 6 feet tall.
    “ Are you Isis Serendipity?”
    “ Yes, sir,” whispered Isis.
    “ Follow Raven.”
    “Raven?” mumbled Isis.
    As soon as she spoke, a sleek fox walked in and led her to a door at the far end of the shop. Isis peeked through a crack in one of the shelves - stacked full of fairy tale books, she noted - and saw Sapphire and the tall man.
    “ Are you Sapphire Amore?” Isis heard his low, intimidating voice say.
    “ Yes,” said Sapphire, and though she was much more confident than Isis, her voice faltered slightly.
    “Follow Crow,” he said, and another fox crawled towards Sapphire.

    Soon, they both joined Isis and Raven, the tall man standing still in the same spot.
    Before their eyes, Raven and Crow transformed, slowly, into a young boy and girl. They were dressed in orange T-Shirts and black shorts. The girl’s hair was tied in a ponytail with a piece of string. They were very scruffy and looked tired.

    Silently, Crow opened the old black door. She crept through, and Raven followed, beckoning Sapphire and Isis.
    They ducked through the door and found themselves in a passageway, which turned into a tunnel, which slowly became narrower and narrower.

    Still, they squeezed through, and Crow opened a much smaller door at the end. She handed everyone a tiny bottle and drank hers. Then Raven did, them Sapphire. Soon it was Isis’s turn. She took a deep breath, pushed her glasses up her nose, tilted her head back, and drank.

    Thirty seconds later, she could no longer see her friend, or Raven or Crow. Five seconds passed, and she felt herself shrinking, gradually at first, then speeding up until she caught sight of the others. The tunnel suddenly seemed much bigger. The girls and Raven ran through the door.
    What they saw on the other side was amazing...

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I Loved The Story Would Like To Read To The End,Excellent Story @ Delphi
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I know it’s not very good :(
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Hi what do you think of my book?