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The REAL AND HONEST Nokia 6300 4G Review

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Okay, so I have read SO MANY REVIEWS about this phone, some bad, some good, so I just went and got the phone for myself.
And here I will share with you the TRUTH about this Nokia phone.

Welcome to the Nokia 6300 4G Review

Okay, first of all, there is a tiny bit of lag. But barely any, unlike some people suggest. Mostly when you go to the home/lock screen.
The keypad is fairly simple to use, and some apps support Predictive, which makes typing a lot faster. But not if you want to use abbreviations.
One amazing app is WhatsApp, which is cool to have on a feature phone. It supports Predictive, now has emojis, and you can change the color of the background wallpaper.
The phone also has YouTube, Google, Google Maps, Google Assistant, KaiStore, and preloaded apps.
The camera is better than some people say (it's a VGA) but is really bad in the dark. If you have some light, it's a lot better.
The phone doesn't have actual volume buttons, so you have to improvise with the main button when watching a video or calling someone.
One annoying thing is that you can't remove the preloaded apps from your phone (the preloaded games have free trials, but then you have to pay), but you can move unwanted apps to the bottom of your list.
Settings have a personalization section, where you can change ringtones, wallpaper, etcetera. And of course, it has other sections as well.
YouTube isn't actually as horrific as you might think. It can sense the size of the video, and automatically put it in portrait or landscape, which can be useful.
The KaiStore has over 500 apps, some exclusively on KaiOS devices, and some also available in the AppStore or PlayStore.
One app I thought I'd mention is Cache on Kai (I think it's called that), which is a geocaching app approved by geocaching.com specifically for KaiOS. I mentioned this because I like geocaching.
I'm not sure what else to mention, but you can ask questions in the comments, and I'll respond in a maximum of 24 hours.

Thank you for reading this,

Sugared Singer

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444 days ago

P.S. I think the phone is a great choice if you don't want a smartphone. I use it as my primary phone, and it's good.

P.P.S. You may not trust this review, and if you don't, I'm sorry. But I got infuriated with the mash of other reviews, which is why I wrote my own. So please trust this review.