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Hulons, Academy Of Magics [RPG]

11 Chapter - 1.678 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 918 taken-The story is currently being written

This is (maybe) the first roleplay in the language ''English''.
Sooo, I hope someone will join in this special roleplay.

It's basically a school roleplay, but a english-speaking and fantasy based one.

    ((bold))((big))Introduction((ebig))((ebold)) Hello and welcome to this new roleplay! I'm Maskenraich, the owner of this basic roleplay. I'm

    Hello and welcome to this new roleplay!
    I'm Maskenraich, the owner of this basic roleplay.
    I'm hoping, you will join this roleplay, because of interests and fun.

    As you could read in the description, it is simply an English role-playing game set in a school, but it is a fantasy school with all sorts of creatures.


    Chapter 01 - Introduction and Contents
    Chapter 02 - Rules
    Chapter 03 - Attendance and absence list
    Chapter 04 - Links
    Chapter 05 - Relationships of the characters
    Chapter 06 - Profiles template
    Chapter 07 - School subjects
    Chapter 08 - Dorms
    Chapter 09 - Creatures list
    Chapter 10 - News
    Chapter 11 - 'Who plays who' list

    ((bold))((big))Rules((ebig))((ebold)) ((fuchsia))1 - Decisions((efuchsia)) 1.1 Maskenraich is the leader, he*she*them is mostly in charge, of course y

    1 - Decisions

    1.1 Maskenraich is the leader, he*she*them is mostly in charge, of course you can express ideas, but in the end he*she*them decides.
    1.2. Profiles will be sent to the profile page and to the comments, you will start RPGing only after Maskenraich has accepted your profile.
    1.3 If something happens during the RPG that could influence the whole RPG, please discuss it with the others first and especially with Maskenraich.

    2 - Insults

    2.1 Insults are not allowed outside the RPG. Disagreements should be settled in a civilized manner. If you break this rule too often you will be kicked out of the RPG.
    2.2 Within the RPG this is allowed to a certain extent. But it doesn't mean that every second word can/should be an insult. I don't want any trouble with TesteDich.

    3 - Activity in the RPG

    3.1 Please come online at least 3 times a week.
    3.2. Who was not online for two weeks and did not log out flies out of the RPG.
    3.3. Logouts are ok, but please make sure that someone notices your logout.
    3.4. It does not count with being online, that you write a short sentence and then you are offline again.

    3.5. If you insult someone several times for no reason or even so hard, you will be flown as already mentioned.

    4 - Skipping

    4.1. Skips please at s3xual and very brutal scenes, there are also many young people on teste you should always remember.
    4.2. Always ask the people you are RPGing with if they want to skip too.

    5 - Spelling

    5.1. Please pay attention to spelling and grammar, I know it's often because of the autocorrect, but it's just nicer if people pay attention to it.
    5.2. Also with the steckis please pay attention to it.

    6 - Contact with others

    6.1. As said above, there will be no insults, everyone is allowed to have his own opinion and everyone has to accept it.
    6.2. Nobody will be excluded, ignored or otherwise offended.
    6.3 Please help new players if they have questions or make mistakes for which they can't do anything, e.g. because it's their first RPG.
    6.4 Please don't draw attention to yourself or spam the RPG.

    ((bold))((big))Attendance and absence list((ebig))((ebold)) Is online: ⇝ Maskenraich ⇝ ∂υ¢к ησяяιѕ ⇝ ʲᵉᶠᶠᵉʳʸ Should come m
    Attendance and absence list

    Is online:

    ⇝ Maskenraich
    ⇝ ∂υ¢к ησяяιѕ
    ⇝ ʲᵉᶠᶠᵉʳʸ

    Should come more often:

    Logout (From - To):

    Will flying soon:

    Drop out:

    Has leave:

    ((bold))((big))Links((ebig))((ebold)) ⇝ Profile site: [https://www.allthetests.com/quiz39/quiz/1642764512/Hulons-Academy-Of-Magics-profile-site]

    ⇝ Profile site:

    ((bold))((big))Relationships of the characters((ebig))((ebold)) 💖 A loves B 💕 A and B loves eachother 💞 A and B have a romantic relationship
    Relationships of the characters

    💖 A loves B

    💕 A and B loves eachother

    💞 A and B have a romantic relationship together

    💍 A and B have married

    👥 A and B are friends

    🤝 A and B are best friends

    😡 A hates B

    🤬 A and B hate eachother

    🖤 A is the ex-boy/girlfriend from B

    🤲 A and B are related

    ((bold))((big))Profiles template((ebig))((ebold)) ((bold))General Information((ebold)) Full Name: Other Names: Age: Nationality: Gender: Sexuality: Re
    Profiles template

    General Information

    Full Name:
    Other Names:
    Relationship Status:

    Physical Appearance

    Eye Color:
    Shape of Face:
    Build of Body:
    Hair Color:
    Hair Style:
    Special features:


    Religious Inclination:


    Sleeping Habits:
    Energy Levels:
    Eating Habits:
    Exercise Habits:
    Unhealthy Habits:
    Drinking Habits:


    Family History:
    Past Places of Residences:
    Places Traveled:

    Training & Skills

    [Insert listed of skills/talents/things they’re trained in here]

    Other Trivia

    Clubs: (two clubs)
    Favorite Types of Food:
    Favorite Types of Drink:
    Favorite Colors:
    Favorite subjects:
    Favorite animals:
    Facts: (four facts)


    Relevant Family Members:
    Romantic Interests:
    Trusted Friends:
    Friendly With:
    Hated by:

    ((bold))((big))School subjects((ebig))((ebold)) ((unli))Main subjects, for all creatures((eunli)) ⇝ mathematics ⇝ english ⇝ spanish ⇝ world hi
    School subjects

    Main subjects, for all creatures

    ⇝ mathematics
    ⇝ english
    ⇝ spanish
    ⇝ world history
    ⇝ geography
    ⇝ physical education (P.E)
    ⇝ economics
    ⇝ career technical
    ⇝ home economics

    Subsidiary subjects, for all creatures

    ⇝ music
    ⇝ arts
    ⇝ astronomy
    ⇝ flying (with and without broomsticks)
    ⇝ life science
    ⇝ physical science
    ⇝ german
    ⇝ chinese
    ⇝ korean
    ⇝ japanese
    ⇝ french
    ⇝ russian
    ⇝ botany

    Extra-curricular subjects, for all creatures

    ⇝ anime & manga - club
    ⇝ photography - club
    ⇝ animation - club
    ⇝ band - club
    ⇝ songwriting - club
    ⇝ philosophy - club
    ⇝ martial arts - club
    ⇝ chess - club
    ⇝ ball sports - club
    ⇝ swimming - club
    ⇝ cheerleading - club
    ⇝ school newspaper - club
    ⇝ student council - club
    ⇝ theatre - club
    ⇝ gaming - club
    ⇝ pottery - club

    Main subjects, only for wizards

    ⇝ charms
    ⇝ history of magic
    ⇝ potions
    ⇝ transfiguration

    Subsidiary subjects, only for wizards

    [third years and up]

    ⇝ arithmancy
    ⇝ divination

    [sixth and seventh year]

    ⇝ alchemy
    ⇝ apparition

    ((bold))((big))Dorms((ebig))((ebold)) ((unli))Girls Dorms:((eunli)) ⇝ Zapptos [Severa Kaas] [Niko Yokoyama] [free] [free] ⇝ Flammedra [Joan Petrov

    Girls Dorms:

    ⇝ Zapptos
    [Severa Kaas]
    [Niko Yokoyama]

    ⇝ Flammedra
    [Joan Petrov]

    Boys Dorms:

    ⇝ Aquarus
    [Taylor Maddson]

    ⇝ Lyra
    [Lucas Zhang]

    Genderfree Dorms:

    ⇝ Remus

    ⇝ Shikta

    ((bold))((big))(mythical) Creatures list((ebig))((ebold)) ⇝ humans ⇝ fairies ⇝ ghosts ⇝ mummies ⇝ ghouls ⇝ gnoms ⇝ elves ⇝ wizards ⇝
    (mythical) Creatures list

    ⇝ humans

    ⇝ fairies

    ⇝ ghosts

    ⇝ mummies

    ⇝ ghouls

    ⇝ gnoms

    ⇝ elves

    ⇝ wizards

    ⇝ demons

    ⇝ angels

    ⇝ vampires

    ⇝ zombies

    ⇝ dwarfs

    ⇝ jack o' lantern (?)

    ⇝ shapeshifters

    ⇝ shapewander

    ⇝ werewolves

    ⇝ animal shifters

    ⇝ mermaids / mermans

    ⇝ kitsunes (japanese creatures)

    ⇝ yuki onnas (japanese creatures)

    ⇝ mixed creatures (but not only)

    ((big))((bold))News((ebold))((ebig)) ((unli))Outside of the roleplay((eunli)) [January 21st, 2022] ⇝ The roleplay was created. ⇝ The profile site

    Outside of the roleplay

    [January 21st, 2022]

    ⇝ The roleplay was created.
    ⇝ The profile site was created.
    ⇝ The character 'Taylor Maddson' was created by @Maskenraich.
    ⇝ ʲᵉᶠᶠᵉʳʸ joined the roleplay. (maybe)
    ⇝ The character 'Joan Petrov' was created by @ʲᵉᶠᶠᵉʳʸ.
    ⇝ The character 'Severa Kaas' was created by @ʲᵉᶠᶠᵉʳʸ.
    ⇝ Actually, the role-playing game has only moved to the website ''AllTheTests.com''. Previous website was ''TesteDich.de''.
    ⇝ ∂υ¢к ησяяιѕ joined the roleplay.
    ⇝ The character 'Niko Yokoyama' was created by @∂υ¢к ησяяιѕ.

    [January 22th, 2022]
    ⇝ The character 'Lucas Zhang' was created by @Maskenraich, but the profile is not finished yet.

    Inside of the roleplay

    ⇝ The roleplay plays in California, United States.
    ⇝ Taylor Maddson joined the ''band'' and ''songwriting'' club.
    ⇝ Joan Petrov joined the ''philosophy'' and ''gaming'' club.
    ⇝ Severa Kaas joined the ''gaming'' and ''photography'' club.
    ⇝ Niko Yokoyama joined the ''photography'' and ''martial arts'' club.

    ((bold))((big))'Who plays who' list((ebig))((ebold)) Maskenraich: Taylor Maddson; Lucas Zhang ((small))(not finished yet)((esmall)); ∂υ¢
    'Who plays who' list

    Maskenraich: Taylor Maddson; Lucas Zhang (not finished yet);

    ∂υ¢к ησяяιѕ: Niko Yokoyama;

    ʲᵉᶠᶠᵉʳʸ: Joan Petrov; Severa Kaas;

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