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I have dug deep into the arts of lucid dreaming and I want to tell you about a couple of my experiences. Personally if I wake up, I don't go back to sleep. So I lucid dream naturally.

    My first experience ever was almost like a cartoon. It was dark out and a dark-skinned dude and I were in this room with no roof. We were drawings. I can remember the man clearly. But I don't remember me there. I only knew the presence of me was in the room. Suddenly, I told him to pitch me. He did and pinched me in the shin. I didn't feel anything, so I decided to fly. Then I looked like Peter pan for some reason, I flew into a wall and the dream ended.

    Ok, so the second time I was a worker at want as toy shop apparently, and he was about to give me a ride in his sleigh. Then I randomly decided to fly, but I just ran in place. So, the dream failed.

    The third time was not long ago. I woke up in a dream to find myself spawned in a room with three black walls and no wall was in front of me. I remember a small train like structure in front of me. Then I counted my fingers. One two three four five six. They were black as ash. There was a extra finger in between my middle finger and my ring finger. It was really long The creepiest part was I could feel the finger there. Any way, I was like, "this is a dream! Let's fly!" Then I was at my aunts house. But it wasn't her house exactly. Almost like it was but it wasn't. All of my aunts were there walking towards the pool. I told them that it was a dream, and they said that they knew. then I remember trying to spawn someone. But I didn't know whom to spawn, and I closed my eyes wished that someone would appear turned around and nothing happened. Creepily I could feel the ground beneath me. And I remember thinking that it looked so real. The trees were so detailed. I did tell some person with blonde hair to race me somewhere Without them being able to fly. I don't know exactly who it was. I remember thinking. I'm in bed sleeping and then almost faded out of the dream, but I recovered. Then the last thought I had in the dream was; I'm going to swim, but I didn't and the dream ended

    And another time I just was dreaming, and I said I'm dreaming. Then looked at a word, and it changed every time. Latch to match to hatch to catch and yeah. Another time I was playing adopt me in Roblox and a glitch happened and weird pets were in there. I did a reality check and everything seemed so real that I didn't care. I will be telling more of my crazy dreams and other stuff later on. See you in your dreams (or nightmares)

    Thank you for reading please rate and post a comment. I am happy that you are reading this. Please note that these are true experiences that have been simulated by the author. Read more and have a good day. (Are you dreaming?)

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69 days ago
@Lexigem. I will try some methods and i will let you know if they work.
71 days ago
@ olivia I tried out many different methods and the one that worked for me is when it came to me naturally. You can use the WILD lucid dreaming technique but I would just wake up to an annoying alarm in the night and not go back to sleep and not lucid dream. But they say it only works if you go wake up from a dream THEN go back to sleep. But really it is whatever technique works for you!
71 days ago
@Mia that is Awesome!
86 days ago
How to i Lucid dream???
86 days ago
So i had this lucid dream and it was really cool. So i was in a house in a bedroom so i looked around the house then i went downstairs and opened the front door it was day time so i went outside and found this flower i picked up the flower then i started to fly it was really cool.
180 days ago
Hello! Can you guys tell me some of your dreams you have had? And thanks so much for reading! I will come out with more!( if it will publish it lol)