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The Jealous Parent

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Caress Fields takes her mom in her and her husband’s home after she is injured by a dog while walking out to her mailbox. After the attack, Caress tries to make her mother as comfortable as she can, even though her mom was never good to her. When terrible things start to happen around the house, Caress and her husband both wonder what is going on. Then Caress husband suspects it to be her mother’s fault, but Caress doesn’t want to believe it. Caress later finds out her mother’s real plans and is shocked. Is this mother really jealous of her daughter's happy life?

    This story is about a woman named Caress Fields who is 25 years old, her 27-year-old husband Tommy Fields, and Caress’s mother, Champagne Thomas. So let’s get to their story. Champagne was going out to her mailbox to check the mail. She was looking for a certain letter. Every day for a whole week she was waiting on the mail outside to receive her letter, but it still hadn’t come. But today was going to be a day she wouldn’t forget.
    While waiting by the mailbox, she saw her neighbor, who was a younger guy named Calvin, was walking his pit bull, she never liked Calvin, even though he was a nice guy. She just never liked any of her neighbors. Calvin was a gangster. He loved to be in the streets playing ball with his friends, but he also loved to boom his music really loud and flirt with all the neighborhood women.
    While he was walking his pit bull named Bully across from her house, he waved. “What’s up Mrs. Thomas, I like your dress, you look great.” He said, winking. Champagne rolled her eyes and did not speak to him. For some reason, while he was bobbing his head not paying attention listening to his music with his headphones, his dog Bully, who was not on a leash, ran towards charging at Champagne, and he attacked her. Tearing her dress with his teeth and biting her on the leg. “HELP SOMEBODY Gets THIS MUTT OFF ME HELP!” She hollered. Calvin was scared and ran over to help. “Bully stop right now! Let her go!” All the neighbors came out of their houses to watch but because they didn’t like Champagne anyone bothered to call the cops or an ambulance. Calvin grabbed his cellphone, calling the cops and the ambulance.
    Champagne was bleeding badly from one of her legs and her clothes were ripped harshly. Her ankle and leg were sore and when she fell down her wrist was bruised and sprained. “Calvin that mutt belongs in a cage somewhere I could have been killed.” “I’m so sorry, Mrs. Thomas Bully never attacked anyone before.”
    The police asked what happened and got a report and Champagne was put in the ambulance. She was badly hurt and Calvin felt bad. He promised to pay for her medical bills. While laying up in the hospital, Champagne decided to call her only daughter. She was too scared to go back home and needed someone to take care of her with her severely injured leg. She called her daughter Caress. They hadn’t talked in months, but now she needed her the most. She was never close to her daughter Champagne was always kind of jealous of her daughter, but none of that mattered now she needed someone to take care of her.

    “Hey Caress, this is your mom, I’m in the hospital I had an accident.” “Oh my goodness mom are you alright?” Caress said getting ready for her new job interview.” “No I’m not.” “What happened, I was just getting ready for a job interview.” “Well, sorry to rain on your parade, but I’m seriously injured. My stupid neighbor Calvin had his pit bull off a leash and while I was waiting on the mailman his dog attacked me.” “Oh my goodness mom I’m so glad you're okay.” “Me too. My leg has wounds all over it and my wrist is sprained, but rather than that, I’m okay. I’m just scared to go back home right now.” “Aww well mom, after my interview I will pick you up, and you can come stay with me and Tommy.” “Nah, I don’t want to aggravate you all.” “Mom, you are welcomed over here. I know we had our differences while I was growing up, but you're still my mom and I still love you. You can stay until your leg heals.” “Thanks, Caress, you're a good daughter.” “Alright mom I got to go, I will talk to you later.” “Okay oh and Caress it would make me feel a lot better if you pick me up a Butterfingers and a coke at the store. You know that’s always my favorite.” “Alright mom I won’t forget, bye.” Caress said, hanging up and Champagne smiled.
    When Caress got off the phone, she was finishing getting dressed. “Babe guess what happened? Mom got hurt by a dog. She’s in the hospital.” “Dang babe that’s messed up, what happened?” “The neighbor’s dog attacked her. I’m going to pick her up from the hospital, and she’s going to stay with us for a while until her leg heals.” “What? Babe, are you certain that’s a good idea? You and your mom were never really that close. Remember you told me how she stole all the money your dad gave you for prom, and you could not go your senior year. What about the time she tried to steal a boyfriend from you and the time she beat you so hard for something you didn’t even do, and you ended up with a broken arm and dislocated jaw? She did some horrible things towards you.”
    “Babe I know, but she’s still my parent. I got to help her.” Caress said to her husband. “Babe, maybe she deserves it, think about it when we got married everyone was there except your mom because she was jealous you were getting married, and she wasn’t. What kind of mother does that. She has jealousy issues, and I don’t want her in our home.” Tommy said strictly.
    “Babe, I understand what you're saying. I should let her suffer, but I just can’t.” “Babe, that’s because you have a heart of gold. I wish your father were still around, he was a good man.” “Me too babe, after he got electrocuted and fell from that tall light pole it just replays in my mind and I wish he never had that job, and he still would have been here.” Caress said, tearing up.
    “Look when I get from the interview my mom will be here. Make up the guest room and take out those frozen drumsticks. I’m making barbecue chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner and for dessert we are having caramel cheesecake.” “Wow, that sounds good. Well, I hope your interview goes great babe.” “Thank you.” Caress said, kissing him on the cheek and leaving.
    The interview went great, and the boss informed Caress he would call her to let her know later if she got the job. Caress felt good. She went to the market and picked up the caramel cheesecake, and then she went to go get her mom. When she got to the hospital, her mom was glad to see her. “I’m surprised you came Caress.” “Of course, I was coming.” “How did your interview go?” “Great but right now, I’m concerned about you. How is your leg doing?” “Terrible, you see they are wheeling me in a chair. I won’t be able to walk on this leg at all. The doctor doesn't want me putting pressure on it.” “Oh okay, well, I will help you have a speedy recovery.” “Thanks daughter. Now where is my Butterfinger and coke?” “It's in the car mom.” Caress said laughing.
    When they got in the car, it was silent for the whole ride. When they got to Caress house, Tommy was waiting for them outside. “Wow, your husband is looking handsome. You were a good girl ‘m proud of you.” Champagne said laughing. “Thanks mom, come on I will get you settled in your room.” She told her. Tommy greeted Champagne at the door. “Tommy, you know my mom.” “Yes hi Mrs. Thomas. It's nice to see you again.” “Yeah, you too, you're really handsome Tommy. Why did you marry my daughter again?” Tommy frowned at Caress mom for a minute and, without being rude, said, “Because your daughter is the only one for me. When I met her, I knew we would get married one day. She shined brighter than the rest.”
    Champagne frowned at him and then wheeled her chair almost over his foot. “Alright mom, let me show you to your room. It's not perfect, but we tried to make it comfortable for you.” Caress said. She opened the guest room door and Champagne already tooted her nose. “Caress, I hate the color turquoise. Why is my room not zebra print you know that’s my favorite!” “Mom, how were we supposed to find a zebra bed set and rug?” “Just forget it. I guess I will have to sleep in this condition.” She said, rolling her eyes. “Oh no! I forgot my clothes at home.” “Well do you want me to stop by the house and…..” “No! That’s alright you will have to just buy me new clothes.” “Mom, I don’t have any money. Tommy works at a gas station, but that’s all the income we have until I get this job at the grocery store.”
    “What? So, we are broke? Great! So, what am I going to wear? And what about pajamas?” “Mom, you can borrow my clothes.” “Girl, you know you're too skinny, and I can’t fit in your clothes. I told you when you were younger to eat more. But if you wanted to be fancy you wouldn’t eat collard greens and neck bones and sweet potato pie. You like that stupid food like fruit, pasta, and seafood. No wonder you're skinny!” “Mom, I still eat like that. I eat a lot. I just don’t eat greasy food. I get that from daddy.” “Whatever, so I guess I will have to sleep nude then.” “Mom Tommy, have some shirts you can fit in.” She said, “What? Why my shirts?” He said ignorantly. “Hush Babe, mom has to wear something.” Tommy folded his arms and frowned. “Alright you two, can I have privacy? I need alone time.” Champagne said. “Alright mom. I’m making some barbecue chicken, mashed potatoes, and we are having cheesecake for dessert. I will go and get started now.” “Okay fine, call me when dinner is ready.” She said.
    Meanwhile, while Caress was cooking, Tommy got some of his regular t-shirt and sweatpants for Champagne to wear. He went and took it to Champagne's room for her. “Thanks Tommy, so how has my daughter been treating you?” “Great, I enjoy being married. When I was 20 I always said I would not get married until I was in my 50s, but meeting your daughter changed my mind.” “Oh well she could never keep a boyfriend back then she used to look worse than that. When she was in high school, you will be surprised, but she was a nerd. No one liked my daughter at all. She had no friends, and she dressed like a 12-year-old. She loved wearing a sideways ponytail, and she always wore tight clothing that was colorful and childish. She broke out of that once she turned 20 and realized no men wanted her.”
    “Well Mrs. Thomas, if I had met her then I would have still been with her.” “Whatever. Anyway, I hope she will hurry up with dinner. I'm hungry.” Champagne said. When dinner was ready, Caress went into her mom’s room to let her know. “Mom, the food is done.” “Alright about time, I’m hungry.” Her mom said, wheeling the chair behind her to the kitchen. When all of them sat down to eat Champagne, they started asking Tommy many questions about his personal life.
    “Caress this food is good.” “Thanks mom, I'm glad you like it.” She said, smiling. “So, Tommy, how is working at the gas station going?” “Well Mrs. Thomas, it's boring, and I don’t like my coworkers or boss, but it pays the bills.” “Well why don’t you go and work somewhere else. I know where you can work. You can work at the college and work in the cafeteria or as campus security.” “Well now that you said that, maybe I can do that. I used to work at a fast-food place so perhaps the cafeteria won’t be so bad.” “See, and they might pay good. Anyway, where are your parents at?” “Well, I don’t have a mom anymore, but my dad stays only 30 minutes from here.” “Is he single?” “No, he has a new wife, but I don’t like her.”
    “Well, what’s wrong with her? She’s a gold digger or a hoochie?” Tommy's eyes got big, and he looked at Champagne like she was too nosey. “Mom, that's Tommy’s business.” Caress jumped in. “So, you need to know the family your husband has. Now speak up boy, what’s wrong with her?” “I believe she is using the sympathy act to get attention from my dad, so he can spoil her. She doesn’t act like a gold digger, she just wants things her way.” “Oh well your dad would have been better off with me then.” She told him. “So what happened to your mom?”
    “Well Mrs. Thomas, I don’t like to talk about it.” Tommy said, holding his head down sadly. “Mom, it's a touchy subject for him.” Caress jumped in again. “She must be sick?” “No, she went walking to her car from work and a man that was crazy and obsessed with her at work ended up killing her because she didn’t want him. At the time, she was married to my dad, and she was faithful, and the man could not take no for an answer.” “Well why didn't she just call the cops on him when he first started acting obsessed. That’s stupid!” “MOM!” Caress yelled.
    Tommy was so offended he got up from the table and stormed into their bedroom. “What? Caress common sense tells you to call the cops.” “Mom Tommy’s mother worked at a loan company with the man. She didn’t know he was like that and when he started acting out, she did call the cops one time, but they ignored her and the next time it was too late. The man is now in prison for murder. He shot her 8 times in the back.” “Dang, well, that’s why women need to watch more lifetime, so they can be prepared. Your husband is weak if he let's me offend him.” Champagne said, folding her arms. “Mom, just hush you already ruined dinner. I’m going to go check on him. Goodnight!” Caress said, walking away. Champagne fanned her hand in the air like she didn’t care about insulting her daughter’s husband, she then went back to eating.
    Meanwhile, Tommy was in the room mad. “Caress you need to control your mom. None of that was her business, and then she called my mom stupid.” “Babe I’m so sorry I got on to her for that.” “If she insults me again she will be taking her hurt leg right back to her own home.” Tommy said seriously. “Okay babe, just calm down and let’s get ready for bed.”

    The next morning, Caress got a phone call that she was hired and that she needed to come on Thursday to get paperwork and other things down and to get shown around the job. She was very excited.
    Since Tommy was still asleep, she went to share the good news with her mom and to check on her. She opened the door and Champagne was on her phone watching Sanford and Son and laughing. “Oh hey Caress good thing you came in here. I need you to get this cast and this wound wrapping off me and clean my leg and put ointment on it. And my leg is in a lot of pain, so I need you to go in that drawer over there and hand me my medicine and a glass of water.” “Okay mom, but first I got good news!” Caress said bursting with joy. “What is it? Are you pregnant?” “No it's not that. I got the job!” “Oh, that’s great, now back to my leg.” She said rudely.
    Caress looked at her for a second. “Mom, you don’t sound too happy?” “My leg is hurting, that's more important to me than getting a job. Everyone has to work, that's not exciting, but if you're happy, fine.” Caress looked and frowned at her for a while and then went to get some towels and a washcloth, and she got some Dial soap and Neosporin ointment for her mom’s leg. She went and gave her a glass of water and her medicine for the pain, and she quietly cleaned her leg for her.
    Caress noticed her leg was bitten really badly, but she didn’t say anything. “Mom I got to go do some paperwork and a walk through for the job, so I will be gone for a while. Before I go, I will make you some oatmeal and give you a cinnamon bagel, so you can have something to hold you until I get back.” “Where will Tommy be?” “Here unless he has other plans. Let me get started on your breakfast.” She told her and walked away. After giving her mom the breakfast, she woke Tommy up and told him where she was going and gave him his breakfast too. Then she left to go to work. Champagne ate, and then she got in her wheelchair and went into the kitchen. She saw Tommy’s wallet on the counter and picked it up. “Now let’s see what I can find.” She said, smiling. She saw credit cards, his license, a few dollars, and coupons. “Well Tommy I guess you won’t be having both of these credit cards they're mine now.” She said, smiling. She took the cards and then laid his wallet back on the counter and went into her room. When she got back in the room, she got online and started ordering things. “While I’m here I must live comfortably.” She said, smiling at the credit card. When Tommy came out of the room, he went to get his wallet and go down to the store to see if he could buy some things to go in his car, like oil and seat coverings his leather seats in his car were damaged, and he needed to fix that and since he was off today buy choice he wanted to get something done to his car. He knocked on Champagne’s door, and she hid the credit cards under her pillow.
    “Mrs. Thomas, I’m going down to Max’s Car Shop to get something done to my car. I will be back in maybe an hour. If you need me, here is my number.” He said, handing her a sticky note with his number. “Okay Tommy thanks I will be fine.” She said, waving. “Alright.” He said closing her door and leaving. “Well, I hope he is not looking for those credit cards because he won’t be able to buy anything.” She said laying down getting ready to take a nap.
    While Tommy was looking around in Max’s Car Shop, he looked in his wallet and noticed his credit cards were missing. “NO! Where are my cards?” He said scared. He rushed out to his car and dug to see if they were in there, but he could not find them. “I have to go back home.” He panicked and jumped in the car to leave. Meanwhile, Champagne was in Caress and Tommy's room plundering.
    Then she saw a picture of Caress and Tommy and she was jealous immediately. Looking at it made her think how she was lonely with no one to show her love. She hated her daughter and always got everything she wanted. She got the picture frame and took the picture out of it. “Caress you might think you're perfect now, but you are not.” She crumbled up the picture and went back to her room and threw it in her drawer. Tommy rushed to go back in the house, and he looked over on the sofa, on the kitchen table, in their bedroom, in the bathroom, even in the trash can, but he could not find the credit cards. “Why is this happening to me?” He said upset. “My cards never went missing!” He said sadly.
    He looked in his wallet and saw that he only had $50 left. He knew he needed to save some money because he didn’t get paid until the next week. He thought hard and knew he put it off long enough about his car and he decided to go back and get the car stuff anyway. After Tommy got back, he noticed that Caress was still not home, he still decided to go back in the house and go in the room and play a game on his phone. When he got into the room, he noticed it looked like a track like wheel tracks on the carpet. “What in the world?” He said looking, and then he noticed him and Caress' picture of their wedding day was gone. “What? First my credit cards and now our picture. Something isn't right.” He said, getting angry. He went and banged on the door where Champagne was then he burst into the door shocking her while she was laughing watching Sanford and Son again. “Tommy, are you okay? Why are you banging on the door like you're crazy?” “What happened to my credit cards and me and Caress' marriage picture from the bedroom?” “What are you talking about? I would never go in ya’ll room?” “Stop playing with me Mrs. Thomas!” He said, pointing at her in anger. All of a sudden, Caress came into the house. “Babe, where are you?” She asked, sounding happy. “I’m in here babe with your lying stealing mother!” Caress then rushed to where the guest room was. “What is going on here?” Caress said, upset.
    “Your mother is a thief!” “Tommy, don't say that!” “Then ask her if my credit cards went missing today.” “Babe you probably misplaced them.” “Woman don’t try to act like I’m crazy, you know dang well I never lost my cards until your mother got here. And tell me why our wedding picture is missing.” He said, starting to yell. “Mom, please tell me you didn’t take our wedding picture?” “Girl, why would I want ya’ll ugly dumb wedding picture? How dare you and pineapple head over here accuse me?” “Mom, are you sure you didn’t take anything?” “Caress I would never take anything from y'all but if you want me to leave, I will go.” “No mom, we will find the stuff later. Now get some rest.” Caress told her. “What!” Tommy said madly. “Babe come on, let's talk in the room.” She said, pulling his arm.
    Tommy took another hateful glance at Champagne and then left with Caress. Champagne smiled and shook her head. Caress and Tommy went into their room and closed the door. “Babe, I’m telling you she….” “Babe listen we will find both things, I promise. Now let’s not worry about my mom."

    A week had passed and things were going good for Caress at her new job, but it seemed like her mom and husband could not get along. Today was the day that Caress was going to snap, though. While Caress and Tommy were at work, Champagne was plundering again through their stuff, and then she got a delivery that she ordered from Tommy’s credit card. She ordered her zebra stripe bed set and a matching carpet, and she was going to change their room to zebra stripe too.
    She then knew that when Caress got home she was going to make a lasagna, but she didn’t want that, so after she fixed the guest room and Caress room up she took the unfrozen ground beef and made homemade hamburger patties for them to eat, and she cooked tater tots. “Now that's dinner.” She said, smiling. Tommy came home first and he noticed the burgers. “Hey? Mrs. Thomas, did you use that ground beef in the fridge? Caress was using that to make her famous lasagna.” “Well I don’t like lasagna, and what makes her cooking famous? It's good, but it's not like she’s a chef.” “Well, your daughter is going to be very upset. Anyway, I'm going to take a shower. I’m tired because I had a long day.” He said walking to their bedroom.
    Soon as Tommy gets in there, he hollers. “What the heck did that woman do to our room!” He yelled. The purple and white sheets were now off their bed in the corner of their room on the floor and their purple fuzzy carpet was folded up also in the corner of the room. Tommy could not believe what Champagne did. He stormed back into the kitchen. “Mrs. Thomas? What did you do to our room?” “Made it look better and by the way, y'all sheets had dust on them and smelled funny.” She said, tooting her nose. “Mrs. Thomas, you're crossing the line. Stay out of our room! Caress is going to flip when she sees this.” “So that girl has no taste. Purple is so last season. I know there's barely any action in ya’ll bedroom. I can tell by the decoration.” Tommy's mouth was wide open.
    All of a sudden, Caress came in. “And saw the burgers cooked on the table. “Mom, please tell me you did not cook that defrosted ground beef? I was making lasagna tonight.” “Nobody wants no lasagna. So, I made hamburgers.” “Mom! That was not right of you.” “Hush girl and be grateful. Get out of those work clothes and get ready to eat.” “NO! I don’t want that!” She said mad.
    “Umm babe that’s not all, go see what your dear mother did to our bedroom.” Caress looked scared and ran to the bedroom and screamed. “What the heck is this!” She said frozen in the door. Champagne wheeled in the room and smirked. “It looks better here now. Y'all covers were dusty and had a bad odor so I threw them on the floor.” “What? How could you!” “Well you should be thanking me. You never let a man laying in dusty sheets girl you have no pride!” Champagne.
    “You know what mom I love you but one more thing and I will have to take you back to your own home.” “I’m not going back there. I was thinking about permanently staying with y'all.” She said, frowning. “No you can not. I said only until your leg heals.” Caress said frustrated. “Well if you kick me out I will never talk to you again. You won’t be my daughter anymore and I mean it. Now let’s go eat the delicious burgers I made.” Her mom said in a threatening tone. Caress was highly upset, but she couldn’t put her mother out yet while she was still injured. She walked back into the kitchen and her, Tommy, and Champagne ate the burgers in silence.
    The next day was Caress first pay day. She was excited because she did have to pay some bills, but she was going to use some of that money for her and Tommy to go see a famous jazz band playing downtown. It was $15 for each person to get in and Caress wanted to get out the house and go. She went to go to the mailbox and when she opened the mailbox she noticed her check was not in there. She started to panic and called the job, and they said they sent out all the checks and didn't understand what happened.
    Caress was so upset that she started to cry, not knowing that Champagne had it in her room. “Babe, what’s wrong?” Tommy said, walking over to her on the sofa. “My check is gone. The mailman already ran, and I called the job, and they said they didn’t know what happened, and they sent out all the checks.” “Aww babe maybe hopefully tomorrow they will have it.” “But babe I was going to help you pay some of the bills and take you to a famous jazz concert by The Razzle jazz band.” “Aww babe I would have loved that, but don’t worry about it. I know the band is only in town for tonight but maybe next year we can go. They do it every year.” He said hugging her. Champagne heard the whole thing and came out. “What’s wrong Caress?” “My check is gone.” She said still crying. “Hush up girl, that thing probably was coming late. It will be here tomorrow. Now I need you to come and tend to my leg. It's really sore.” She said hatefully and wheeled back into the room. Tommy was getting mad now. “Mrs. Thomas if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all and matter of fact, you clean your own leg.” He said mad. “No babe it's okay I will help her. Go in the room and wait for me.” Caress said, getting up. “Alright babe.” He said, looking madly at Champagne. Later that night, Tommy started thinking.
    The whole night Champagne was rude, and Tommy was getting sick of it. He woke Caress up to talk even though it was 3:00 in the morning. “Babe, I think it's time for your mom to leave.” “But she is still injured, Tommy.” “I don’t care. I think she is trying to cause trouble around here. I don’t know if we can trust your mom. I just got a bad feeling.” “Babe, I tell you, how about she stays here for 2 more days, and then I will take her back home.” “Alright fine, but she leaves Monday.” “Okay.” Caress told him. They did not know that Champagne was listening at the door, and she was planning on her next dangerous move.

    The next morning, Champagne got up extra early to make Caress and Tommy breakfast. She warmed up a few sausages and warmed them for only a minute, and they were still half cooked and undone, then she made fried eggs, and pancakes. She put it on the table and called them, but first she put clear colored beads on the floor, hair beads right in front of their bedroom door and waited until they came out.
    Caress was the first one to come out, and she rolled and fell hard on the floor, scratching up her knee. “AHHHH TOMMY!” She screamed. Tommy came quickly and helped her get up. “Babe are you okay?” “Yeah, but my knee hurts a little.” She said in pain. “Come on, let me get you to the table okay.” He said, helping her hop to the kitchen table. “Thanks babe.” She said, and he sat her down at the table. “Good morning you 2. I made breakfast. You all didn’t have bacon, so I made sausage for the breakfast meat.” She said putting everything on the table.
    “It smells good mom.” Caress said, rubbing her sore knee. Champagne made sure to cook her sausage all the way, and she gave them the half-done ones. After eating, within 10 minutes, Tommy started to feel terrible. His stomach boiled, and he went to the bathroom to do number two, but he had serious cramps. Then Caress started getting sick. Her stomach was in painful knots, and she felt dizzy, nauseous, and she felt like she had to sit on the toilet next.
    Both of them were so sick that Tommy immediately wanted to go to the hospital. He helped Caress to the car, and they sped off without telling Champagne anything. She laughed and then went into her room. When they got to the doctor, Tommy informed the doctor that he believed he was food poisoned, and he told him he knew the eggs were done, but he was afraid the sausage were not. The hospital had to immediately run tests and give both of them medicine to fight off the food poisoning. The doctor even recommended keeping them overnight because it was serious.
    When Champagne realized they didn’t come back, she decided to celebrate by calling up an old boyfriend she used to deal with. She knew he had a girlfriend, but he never turned her down for a casual late-night fling. She gave him the address, and he came over. For 2 days, both caress and her husband were in the hospital. They had a mild but still serious case of food poisoning, and it took a while for them to get over it. The doctor informed both of them to eat light food for a week and drink plenty of water and juice to flush the rest of the illness out. He gave them a prescription and then sent them both home. “Babe, I believe your mom poisoned us.” Tommy said on the way back. “Tommy, please don’t say that. Maybe mom was sick while we were in the hospital too.” She said she was worried. “I don’t think, so she did something to that meat. We can’t trust anything she cooks babe.” “But Tommy, my mom, would never purposely poison us.” “Yes, she would. Your mom hates me, probably because she doesn't have a man, and she is jealous of you. She might be the reason we still can’t find your check or our wedding picture. If I find out she's been stealing, I'll call the cops on her myself!” He hollered.
    “Tonight, we wait until she takes her bath, and we sneak quickly in her room to take pictures and get evidence, then we surprise her by calling the cops and telling her to leave.” Tommy said. “Okay babe I guess it won’t hurt to make sure, but if she did do this, I don’t want, nothing to do with her anymore. I will just have to love her from a distance.” “That's a right babe, and she will never be welcomed in our home again. My pops always said too many grown folks can’t stay in one house, and he always asked me to keep my family out of my home life.” “Well, your dad was right.” Caress said sadly.

    When they got to the house, Tommy opened the door and saw a new recliner seat and a palm tree looking plant in the living room. “What in the world? How is she getting money to pay for new stuff? Oh no, my credit cards!” Tommy hollered. All of a sudden, Champagne came hopping on her leg greeting them. “Hi Tommy, hi daughter. Are y'all feeling better?” She asked, hugging them both. “The question is mom, are you feeling better? You didn’t get sick from eating those sausages? The doctor said we had food poisoning.” “Oh, my goodness. No, I didn’t get sick at all. I was so worried about you too. Well, I’m glad you are home. My leg is getting better, and I got new stuff.”
    Tommy was furious now. “Mrs. Thomas, if you don’t mind me asking how were you able to pay for all this stuff?” “Because the guy named Calvin, the one that the pit bull attacked me with, is sending me money. He knows I’m staying here; he wants to pay for what happened to me.” She said innocently, but neither of them was buying it. “Excuse me you two, I left something back at the hospital. I got to go back. You stay here.” Tommy told Caress. “Oh, okay babe.” Caress said, not knowing that Tommy was going to drive over to Champagne’s house and see if he could find the neighbor to ask if he was really sending Champagne money. Once he left, Caress went to go into her room.
    “Caress where are you going?” “Mom I will talk to you in a little while. I got to go take a shower, I only sponge bathed in the hospital.” “Oh, okay well would you like me to make you peanut butter and jelly?” “No, thanks, the doctor said I have to be on something very light, so I’m going to eat some jello in the fridge and drink a little juice and head to bed.” “Okay well I will be in my room if you need me.” Champagne said, smiling and hopping back in her room.
    Meanwhile, Tommy arrived at Champagnes old house. He wanted to go look inside, but first he needed to find that Calvin guy. He saw a house next door, and he knocked on there first. A guy with a drag, tank top, and boxers came to the door. “What’s up man, what you want?” It was Calvin and his pit bull was at the door wagging his tail and he pet the dog on the head. “Nice dog bro. I’m here because my mother-in-law lives next door to you, Mrs. Thomas.” “For real that’s your mother-in-law?” “Yes.” “She’s a piece of work that lady got serious anger issues. You can’t be nice to her.” “Yes, trust me I know. So, she told me that you have been sending her money because of the accident.” “Nah bro I was going to, but then I thought about how mean and stuck up she acts towards me and other neighbors and I decided that’s what she deserved. How is she doing anyway?” “She’s doing much better. Living with me and her daughter and driving us crazy with her little schemes. I want her to leave us alone, actually.”
    “Well bro all I can say is the whole neighborhood hates her. If I were you, I would kick her out.” “That’s exactly what I plan on doing. By the way, your dog is not acting aggressive now.” “Yes, I know he just doesn't like your mother-in-law. She’s not a kind person.” Calvin said and walked back to his house. Tommy then went over to Champagne's house and opened up the door. He looked around, and the house smelled of old garbage. He had to hold his breath a little. He searched around and went to a room and saw that it was Caress' old bedroom. He saw how all her stuff was damaged and torn up like someone did it out of hate. “This woman is crazy.” Tommy said taking pictures.
    He then went into a big bedroom which was Champagne's room and saw alcohol bottles, weed blunts, and he saw pictures of Caress in a small waste-basket. He then found a journal and took pictures of a confession of how much Champagne hated everyone, including her daughter. After he was done, he left and went back to show Caress the evidence. “Babe come in the room right quick, where is your mom?” “She is getting ready to take a bath soon.” “Alright come on, hurry.” He whispered. Hey, went in the room and closed the door. “Babe looks at these pictures and listen to this video I recorded from your mom’s neighbor.” “That’s where you were this whole time?” “Yes, here look at these pictures.” “Oh, my goodness my old room. All my pictures! She does hate me.” “Babe I’m sorry you have to see all this, but I told you your mom was not right and to not let her in here. Now listen to this video.” Tommy said playing the video of what the neighbor said. “Oh my goodness.” Caress said.
    “Babe, we got to call the cops. Your mom purposely poisoned us, but we need more evidence. How about you sneak in her room and see what you can find, and I’ll keep watch out for her.” “Okay babe.” “Then we will have the evidence to call the cops and make her leave.” “I still can’t believe she’s this terrible.” “Well after this you won’t ever have to see her again.” Tommy said. When the two walked out the room Caress went in to check on her mom. “Mom, are you ready to take your bath?” “Yes, where is Tommy?” “Laying down.” “Oh, okay well when I call you, I want you to help me out the tub my leg still bothers me a little.” “Okay I will.” “What are you going to do while I’m bathing?” Her mom said suspiciously. “I’m going to romance Tommy a little.” Caress said giggling. “Yuck well handle ya’ll business but when I call you, I want you to help me.” “Okay mom I got it.” Once Champagne went into the bathroom Caress let Tommy know she was going into her mom’s room. “Alright babe I will be waiting on the outside and let you know when to hurry and get out.” “Okay.” Caress said and she rushed in the room.
    She looked around and went in the drawers and she found her check. She was boiling mad she could not believe her mom kept her check from her after all this time. She hoped she could still cash it. She grabbed the check and put it in her back pocket then she dug some more and what really hurt Caress to the core was when she saw her, and Tommy’s wedding picture balled up. “That’s it I will never deal with that woman again. She went too far.” Caress said trying to smooth out the picture then she looked and saw a piece of clothing on the floor almost under the bed. It looked like a long belt, a man’s belt. I know she did not have a man in our house. That’s it she’s gone.” Caress said fed up. When Caress came out she told Tommy to call the police. And he immediately called them.
    A few minutes later Champagne called Caress to come help her. Caress went into the bathroom and stared at her mother in the tub full of regret. “Girl why are you just standing there looking stupid? Help me get out.” Champagne said, rolling her eyes. Caress helped her and her mother stood there looking at her strangely while in the robe. “Girl speak up, what’s wrong?” “Mom, come out here me and Tommy need to tell you something.” “Tommy, he can’t see me in my bathrobe.” “Mom right now that is not important.” Caress said and then walked out to meet Tommy when Champagne came out to the living room where they were she stood there frowning. “What’s wrong with you two.”
    “Mrs. Thomas, I will tell you exactly what’s wrong with your jealousy of your daughter and we will kick you out permanently. You will never set foot in our home again.” “Caress what is this idiot talking about? You're going to let him kick your own mother out?” “Mom, you went too far. Stilling my check, messing up my wedding picture, stealing Tommy’s credit cards, and poisoning us you're going to jail.” Caress told her. “What? Girl you can’t do this to me!” “I loved you mom, but you always hated me. I see why you got attacked by the dog, you're a bitter sour woman and I want nothing to do with you.” “You stupid brat you never deserved to be happy, I did! And I’m not going anywhere without a fight!” Champagne said running and back slapping Caress hard in the face. She then started pulling Caress' hair. “Let me go, you crazy woman!” Caress said.
    Tommy was not going to stand there and let Champagne hurt his wife. He drew his fist back and punched Champagne so hard in the face she lost her balance and fell on the floor her mouth started to bleed and he kicked her hard in her hurt leg she cried out and the police came to the door.
    Caress immediately let them in, and they took her mother away. One of the officers was asking questions about what happened, and Caress gave full details and showed pictures. After that she and Tommy watched her mom being thrown into the police car. Tears were coming down her mom’s face. Caress hugged Tommy and went back into their home.
    A month had passed, and Caress and Tommy were doing much better. They had forgotten about Champagne and were glad to know she was going to stay in jail for 2 years for stealing.
    Caress cared about her mom but decided she would not go see her or talk to her while she was in jail. Tommy later got promoted to assistant manager at the gas station and things were looking up for them. Meanwhile Champagne was sad by how everything played out. She decided she didn’t want anything else to do with her daughter.

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