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The Dangerous Trip

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Oscar and his wife decide to go to the mountains for their Anniversary. While going to the mountains, they don’t realize danger is ahead, and they will have to face some hard challenges in these woods. Maple Mountain is known for its beautiful nature, maple sap trees, and peaceful rivers, but what about the animals? When Oscar and his wife stumble upon a sleeping bear, startling the bear with noise, the bear turns aggressive. Oscar and his wife Danna have to get back to the safety of their cabin before it’s too late. Can this couple escape this angry bear and reach safety in time?

    “Babe I found a great vacation spot only 4 hours from here online.” Danna said, showing her husband the computer. “Maple Mountain? Babe you really want to go to the mountains? I was thinking somewhere a little more tropical.” Oscar said frowning. “Oscar, you know we can’t afford any luxurious vacation. Our Anniversary is only 1 day, not a week. Plus, it's fall time I want to be somewhere cool, beautiful, and peaceful just full of nature with no one else around.” Danna said smiling.
    “Oh, I know why, so we can have some romantic time?” Oscar said, hugging her. Danna giggled. “Stop babe, you're so silly. No, it's not just that, but you know how some people go off far to another island or country and then end up getting killed or lost. I don’t want that to be us. I would rather stay right here in the states close to home.” Danna said, laying her head on her husband’s shoulder.
    “Well, your right babe it's only 4 hours away. But I never really been in the woods before like that.” Oscar said nervously. “Babe my dad and uncle stayed hunting in the woods, so I was used to that. My family was country lovers. We loved the outdoors.” Danna said. “Well, I don't be plus what if a mountain lion bites one of our legs off then who are we going to call for help? Your uncle and dad? Soon as they get there, we would already be goners.” Danna laughed. “Hush babe and stop with the negative scenarios. We won’t get eaten by a mountain lion because we’re not going up the mountain we will be in a safe, cozy cabin.” Danna said laughing.
    “Okay but what if a crazy lumber jack man sees you and becomes obsessed and tries to kill me.” Oscar said worrying. “You know what babe you're a huge worry wart. Trust me, I’m not worried about a crazy lumber jack. I know you can fight.” Danna said laughing. “What! Now see you tried me.” Oscar said, laughing with her. “Anyway, babe call the website people and ask them how much it is to rent the cabin.” Danna said. “Alright babe.” Oscar said he dialed the number on the website and a man picked up the phone.
    “Hello, this is Rick Mosley speaking from Maple Mountain. How may I help you today?” “Hi sir, my name is Oscar and me and my wife would like to rent your cabin for our anniversary.” “Oh that’s nice. Well happy anniversary to you folks.” “Thanks. I was wondering how much it would cost to rent your cabin for 1 week?” “It will be $25 each day you stay there. So, are you staying from Monday to Friday?” “Yes sir.” “Okay so that will be $125.” Rick said. “Okay perfect, can I pay online, or I have to bring the money to you?” “You can pay online with a debit card.” “Okay that will work. So next week will it be fine for us to go out?”
    “Yes, but first I want to warn you bear, deer, bobcat and mountain lion season is here, so please be careful. Do not go past the river by the cabin. On the other side of the river are a lot of animals, trust me I know because I hunt there. I wouldn’t advise you 2 to go mountain hiking, stay in the cabin or around the river and open field. You can also go fishing if you want. There are plenty of salmon and catfish in the river and streams. Also, don’t eat any berries out there make sure y'all take non-perishable foods. I don’t have a refrigerator in the cabin, but I have AC and a cooler. Make sure you have plenty of gas out there because it's a long drive and there is no internet connection but a telephone booth on the outside of the cabin you can use to call me in case of emergency. Just make sure you have a lot of safety equipment, water, and bug spray. I have a stove y'all can cook on too, but it's a gas stove.”
    “Okay thanks for the info. We will be there next week and leave Friday morning.” “Okay, I will send you the key in the mail and just make sure ya’ll give me the key back that Friday morning. My telephone number is 478-832-1548.”
    “Okay thanks Rick, my wife and I really appreciate it. I will pay online right now.” “Okay you folks have a safe stay.” He said, then hung up. Oscar let Danna know what was going on. “Well, he sounds like a nice man. Babe, go ahead and pay for it, and we will just have to wait for the key to come in the mail, so we can head out there.” Danna said excitedly.

    After receiving the key from Rick that Saturday, Oscar and Danna spent Sunday packing and getting the car ready for Monday. “Babe I’m so excited to finally get away from town for a while.” Danna said.” “Yeah me too babe. I got everything for the trip: bottles of water, the flashlights, bug spray, canned goods, granola, fruit, body wash, a map, walking shoes, tissues, toothpaste, deodorant, blankets, and lotion.” “Well you're really prepared babe, but did you get your fishing equipment too?” “Yes I did, hopefully I can catch some salmon, so we can have salmon stew.” “Oh that sounds good.”
    “Yes I know, I gotta make the best anniversary dinner for my wife don’t I.” He hugged her tightly and kissed her on the head. “Babe it's going to be so beautiful and refreshing out there. I might pick some flowers while I’m out there.” “Well babe just be careful because Rick said it's bears, deer, bobcats, and mountain lion season, and you don’t want to stumble across them during mating season.”
    “Yeah I know Oscar.” Well, how about we get some rest and then finish loading up the car.” Oscar said, yawning. “Great idea.” Danna said. Monday came quickly, and it was Oscar and Danna’s anniversary. “Happy Anniversary my handsome husband.” Danna said, waking up kissing Oscar.
    “Happy Anniversary, pretty lady.” Oscar said, giving Danna a huge kiss. “Get ready babe go take your shower and get all dolled up, so we can leave. We got a huge day ahead of us.” Oscar said to Danna. “Okay babe.” She said, jumping up joyfully.
    While Danna was in the shower, Oscar went out to the car to double-check and make sure he had everything. He checked off on his list and then went back in to wait on Danna to get ready, so he could get in the shower. After 20 minutes, Danna came out and got dressed and Oscar went in to get cleaned up.
    Once both of them were finished dressing, they got in the car and Oscar drove for 4 hours straight to Maple Mountain. When they got there, Danna jumped out of the car in joy.
    “Oh my goodness babe, this place is so beautiful!” She screamed. “Yes it is babe, and it only costs me $125 now. If we had gone somewhere else we would have kicked out thousands of dollars.” Oscar said relieved. “Yes I know, that’s why I mentioned this place.” Danna said, looking around. “Those mountains are so beautiful and that river over there it's like we are in a paradise.” Danna said, breathing in the fresh air. “Well we deserve it.” Oscar said, kissing Danna on the cheek. “Now help me get this stuff in here, so I can go fishing. Oscar said.
    “Oh look babe the telephone booth and the cabin have an outhouse, so I guess that’s where we use the bathroom.” “Well I’m not going out late at night to the bathroom.” Oscar said. “Such a scary cat.” Danna teased him. They carried the items into the house and Oscar and Danna were amazed. “Oh this looks like a fancy old cabin. I mean this is nice. I wish we could live here.” Danna said. “Alright babe don’t get carried away. I love you but me and you're living alone in the wild for good without anyone else around that is pushing it.”
    “Wait…..what are you trying to say, Oscar?” “Nothing babe it's just I like to be around people. You're the one who’s the home body who acts like a crab in its shell. I can’t be like that I’m an extrovert, and you're an introvert.” “So, there is nothing wrong with that.” Danna said. “Yeah It's nothing wrong with that, but I’m just saying.” Oscar said. Danna looked around the log cabin. “This is really nice. Let me go check out the bedroom.” She said, walking towards the hall.
    Danna saw how small the bedroom was, but it was still nice. “Ehhh it will have to do. It’s not as big as Oscar and I would want it to be, but we're only staying here for a week, so it doesn't matter.” She said. Oscar was still in the living room area. He was trying to get his fishing gear together. “Danna I’m going to do a little fishing, maybe I can catch and filet some salmon for us to eat for dinner. I just don’t want to wait too late to start fishing.”
    “Okay babe I will be looking around in here and unpack our bags. I might go out there and join you later and pick some flowers.” “Okay.” Oscar said. Oscar went outside and started fishing. It took a whole hour, but he caught 2 salmon. “YES AND THEY ARE HUGE TOO! LOOKS LIKE SALMON STEW TONIGHT FOR ME AND MY BABY!” He said excitedly. Danna had walked around the cabin and found beautiful daisies and pink tulips to pick. “Wow this places is just too gorgeous. Let me see if I can take pictures even though there is no internet.” She said. She snapped a few pictures of the area and headed back in the house to find a vase to put her flowers in.
    Meanwhile, Oscar had put up his fishing equipment outside and went to a small wooden table out back and pulled it in front of the cabin. He then took out his pocket knife and scale scraper and started cleaning and filleting the 2 huge salmon. “Oh this is some nice-looking meat. No parasites and they have plenty of meat on them. Man, maybe Danna was right. I might have to live here. This place is alright for a city boy like me.” he said smiling. While filleting the fish, Danna came out to watch him. “Wow babe you caught 2 huge fish!”
    “I know, and they are parasite free and have plenty of meat for our stew tonight.” “You know it's healthier to eat out in the country and mountains than in these stores and fast food places. I could get used to this, especially if we had a garden.” Danna said. “Yeah, you're right, well, thanks, babe, for picking this place, it's nice.” Oscar said.
    After Oscar cleaned up and finished the fish outside, he went in a grabbed a huge pot filled it with chicken broth, carrots, diced potatoes, pepper, salt, celery, chives, lemon, and basil, thyme, and the 2 big fish fillets, and then he closed the pot with a lid and let it cook. “Wow babe dinner already smells good.” Danna said, rubbing her belly. “Well it's going to taste even better. Can you get the bread rolls and put some margarine on them babe.” Oscar said. “Yeah, sure.” Danna said. After 2 hours, the stew was ready. Oscar got out 2 big bowls, and he put stew in both for him and his wife. He sat it on the wooden table and then poured them both white grape juice in a glass.
    “Oh babe I’m ready to eat. This looks amazing. You never cooked for me like this.” Danna said. “Well I was hiding my cooking skills from you until the right moment.” He said, winking at her. After they ate and bragged about the dinner and their vacation spot, the two decided to sit by the fireplace and sit on the shaggy rug.
    “You know Danna falling in love with you was the best thing I ever did.” “Aww babe that is so sweet. You know when I first met you, I thought you hated me. You were always frowning, and then it's like the more I came around that hard shell that was around your heart softened and fell off, and it's like ever since then I fell deep in love with you.” Danna said. The two leaned over and had a kissing session. They kissed for a very long time all night long cuddling and kissing. Then both of them fell asleep by the fireplace on the shaggy white rug holding each other.

    The next morning, both of them woke up on the rug. “Good morning babe I guess we fell asleep on the rug last night.” “Yeah we did.” He said kissing her. “That was still the best sleep I got in a long time. This shag rug is nice.” Danna said standing up and stretching. “How about we go for a walk, like a little hike for some exercise?” Oscar said. “Yeah, I would like that. Let me go take a bath and put on my tank top and sweatpants, and then we can go.” Danna said.
    Oscar stood up and stretched and then packed a little bag for him and Danna. He packed a few granola bars, 2 bottles of water, bug spray, his pocket knife and germ x wipes. “Are you ready babe?” Oscar asked. “Yep, I’m ready to go.” She said tying her sneakers.
    Oscar had forgotten what Rick told him not to go past the river, but he and Danna crossed the stream on a few rocks and were walking towards the wooded area to look around more. “Babe put those flowers down. You don’t have to pick every flower you see.” “Hush boy, you know I love flowers, and it's a lot of them here. No one will miss them.” Danna said. “You're so hard-headed now what if they were poison then what?”
    “These flowers are not poisonous. I look up flowers at home and I know the poison from the safe ones.” Danna said. “Alright when you start itching from poison ivy, I don’t want to hear it because we don’t have any pink lotion back at the cabin.” Oscar said, rolling his eyes. They walked a little further and Danna stopped and saw a beautiful big purple flower.
    “Oh, that is beautiful, that will look nice in the cabin with the other flowers.” She said, when she tried to lean over to reach it she fell on a rock. “OUCH!” She yelled. “See you're hardheaded didn’t I tell you to leave the flowers alone!” Oscar yelled. Danna elbow was bleeding. “Babe, it hurts.”
    “Yeah, well, this will teach you! Give me the flower!” “NO! This flower looks rare.” She said. “Just give it to me, Danna!” Oscar fussed, he pulled the flower, and it broke. “Now see what you did you destroyed it. That might be a rare flower, and you broke it!” “Who cares.” Oscar said. All of a sudden, both of them heard a growl behind them.
    “What was that Oscar?” “I don’t know.” Oscar said scared. “Oscar, I hope it's not a bobcat or mountain lion. I'm scared, and I can’t run that fast.” Danna said nervously. “Let's just turn around really slow Danna and don’t make any sudden moves or noises. Animals hate loud noises.” Oscar said. Both of them turned around slowly to see a huge grizzly bear looking right at them. “OH….NO….. A BEAR!” Danna said scared. “Okay Danna let's just back up slowly, and maybe he won’t harm us.” Oscar said, frightened. “Oscar, this is your fault. If you weren't screaming at me about my flower the bear would not be over here angry.” Danna said in shock.
    “Shut up Danna and walk slowly,” he said. The bear was breathing heavy and kept his eyes on Oscar. He was grunting and trying to stand up on his 2 legs. “Bump this I’m out of here!” Danna said. She ran as fast as she could and the bear got angry. He stood up on his back legs and roared. “AHHHHH!” Oscar said. Oscar ran as fast as he could, only making the bear madder. The bear started chasing them and Oscar was terrified. “Oscar I’m scared.” Danna said, crying and running. “Just keep running, let's run to that huge rock!” Oscar told her.
    When they ran to the rock, they hid behind the rock. “Danna why did you do that!” Oscar said out of breath. “Because you think I’m about to stand there and say Hi yogi bear or hi smokey the bear, please don’t kill me and my husband it's our anniversary! NO, I got my behind out of there, I’m not going to sit there and wait for the bear to attack!” Danna said. “Keep your voice down for the bear will hear you! You're really ridiculous, and it's your fault for yelling about a stupid flower!” He said, yelling in her face. “Wow Oscar, we'll tell me how you really feel, and you act like the bear is going to listen to our conversation like he wants to hear tea. It's just a stupid animal. Maybe we can outsmart him!”
    “Look, that bear probably weighs 600 pounds! I’m not trying to outsmart him, I'm trying to stay alive!” Oscar said all of a sudden Oscar felt a wet nose on his back. “Danna, please tell me the grizzly bear is not behind me….” He said, sweating. “Okay, the brown bear is not behind you.” She said nervously. “Wait babe don’t look…..” Danna said. Oscar turned around slowly and looked to see the bear. “AHHHHH!” He yelled. The bear once again, stood on his back legs and roared. Oscar and Danna started running again, and the bear was getting faster.
    “Danna why you lie to me.” “I just didn’t want you to panic babe.” She said, still running beside him. “Let's run to that moss log over there and hide under it.” Oscar said. Both of them were tired, but they built up enough strength to run some more to a huge log with green algae and moss covering it. Both of them jumped and rolled under the huge log to where the bear couldn’t see them.
    Under the log, Oscar held Danna tightly. “Shhh.” He said. A skunk was right next to them, but they couldn’t make a sound. They were hoping the skunk would leave, but it stayed walking around both of them. Because Danna nudged the skunk, and he didn’t like it he sprayed her in the eyes. “Ahhh.” She hollered “HUSH!” Oscar whispered. “But that little stinker sprayed me!” She whispered back. “Well, you should have left it alone!” Oscar said strictly.
    When they thought the bear was gone, they looked up and noticed the bear had its back turned laying down. “Can we run now?” “Now are you crazy. Wait until the bear falls asleep.” Oscar said, irritated. Oscar and Danna both stayed under the log for 2 hours. “Babe I’m hungry.” Danna said. “Okay here, I got a granola bar.” He said give it to her. She quickly ate it, and he ate one too, still waiting for the bear to fall asleep.

    After 30 minutes passed, Oscar looked over the log, and he saw the bear was sleeping. “Okay babe get up slowly and walk quietly, so we can try to make it back to the cabin.” “I’m scared Oscar.” “I know babe, but I need you to be brave, okay.” He said. She shook her head. “I love you.” Danna told him. “I love you too, now come on, remember tip toe.” He said. Both of them stood up, and they were walking away from the bear. All of a sudden, Danna stepped on a pine cone and it made a loud crunch noise.
    The bear got up and was smelling in the air, looking around, and he made a loud roar again. “RUN!” Oscar shouted. Both of them ran as fast as they could and the bear was running behind them. While running, Oscar did not look where he was going, not knowing it was a little rocky stream area. He wrenched his ankle on a rock and went tumbling down. “BABE NOOOO!” Danna worried about Oscar not noticing the bear was right up behind her.
    The bear stood on his back legs and let out a terrible roar and Danna started screaming. Terrified to move, the bear's paws and claws went down on Danna, and she fell and tumbled down the rocky stream just like Oscar. The bear’s claws had scratched Danna’s back with deep cuts. Danna could not move, crying in pain. The bear looked down the direction they fell, but he turned back around and left. Oscar’s leg was broken, and he had a big bump on his head. “Ouch oh no my leg must be broken. I can barely move it.” He said in pain. He looked over and blood covered Danna’s body. “BABE ARE YOU OKAY?” He said scared. “He scratched me in the back and shoulder. I'm in pain Oscar I can’t move! I want to go home!” Danna cried hard.
    “I know babe I’m going to get you out of here.” Oscar said. Oscar scooted over to Danna. “AHHH IT HURTS SO BAD!” She yelled. “We have to get you to a doctor.” Oscar said. He then saw her back with deep scratches, and he got the germ x wipes from his bag and tried to clean up some of the blood and disinfect it. “AHHHHH IT HURTS!” Danna cried so hard it was like she was a toddler. She screamed in pain and Oscar started crying. “Hold on babe it's almost over, let me tie this around your back to stop the bleeding.” He told her. He tore a piece of his shirt again and wrapped it tightly around Danna’s back.
    She screamed and cried and Oscar just held her. After 30 minutes, with all his strength, he stood on his good leg and tried to carry Danna on his back. His leg was hurting so bad, but he had to get his wife to safety. It was 5:30 close to night Oscar had to get Danna back to the cabin. He struggled but carried her for 20 minutes, and then he fell and collapsed from being too tired, and he fell with Danna. Both groaned in pain from the fall.
    “We need to rest and take a break. I know it's getting night soon, but we need to rest to gain more strength.” He said. He gave Danna a bottle of water, and then he drank a bottle too. “I never imagined this would have happened to us.” Oscar said. “I know babe…. I should have listened to you when you said not to run, I think I just made the situation worse.” Danna said. “It's okay babe we will find some way out of this situation.” Oscar said thinking. After trying to get back up and try walking with Danna on his back for 15 more minutes, they came to a secluded area with big rocks and fern trees and big plants. It was a river in between the trees. “We can rest here.” Oscar said. “Babe my back hurts so bad I need some relief.” Danna said in pain.
    “Okay babe well I don’t have anything to help the pain, but when I have a bruise, or I’m in pain, I use an ice pack to run cold water on it, and it relieves the pain a little by cooling the pain area down.” Oscar said. Oscar looked at the river, and he climbed over the rocks and picked Danna up in his arms, carrying her to the river. “Babe, I need you to ease into the river. It's cold, so it should relieve some of the pain where the bear scratched you.” He said. Danna eased slowly into the cold water, and she was feeling better already when the water hit her sore back. “That feels so good.” She said closing her eyes and laying back. After 10 minutes in the water, Oscar helped Danna get out. “Okay babe we got to keep moving.” He said. “Wait, what if the noise is that the bear?”
    “No that’s just a deer.” Oscar said seeing a buck walk around in the woods and go to the edge of the river for a drink. “Okay babe we have to climb back up and go the way we came, so we don’t get lost in these woods.” “But what about the bear? He is on the same path as we were when we left the cabin to come to the woods. What if the bear is waiting?” Danna said scared. “Well, we have to take that chance. Just try to walk quietly.” Oscar said.
    Oscar tried to help Danna to limp up the rocks to get back to the pathway. When they got up there, they looked around and didn’t see the bear. It was now 6:45, and it was almost night, and they had to try to get back. “Okay Danna picks up a big stick just in case the bear comes back, and we have to fight him off.” Oscar said. “Okay.” Danna said, limping. Both of them got a big stick and were walking back to find the cabin. Not paying attention, the bear was on the other side eating berries from a bush.

    The bear lifted his head and watched Oscar and Danna. While Danna had stopped to tie her shoes, she looked over and saw the grizzly bear staring at them and breathing hard. “Oscar the bear.” “Okay babe, just stay quiet and back away slowly.” Oscar said, keeping his eyes on the bear. The bear started to roar. “LEAVE US ALONE YOU STUPID BEAR!” Danna said, screaming in anger. “SHUT UP DANNA!” Oscar said.
    “No, maybe we can scare him to leave us alone.” Danna said. Danna threw a pine cone at the bear, making him angrier. The bear began to charge, and they had to run. “WHY DID YOU DO THAT DANNA!” Oscar said, angry and running. Oscar saw an area of water, and he thought that maybe the bear wouldn’t jump in the water after them. “Danna, I need you to jump in the water with me. We will have to swim away from the bear and go to the other side.” “Oscar, I don’t know about that!” She said, out of breath and terrified. “Shut up and trust me!” Oscar said firmly. Both of them ran and jumped into the water to swim to the other side, but the bear jumped in the water too. “Oh no babe he is in the water!”
    “WHAT BEARS CAN SWIM?” Oscar said, shocked. “Well they catch fish, don’t they? I guess they can.” Danna said nervously. The two had to swim as fast as they could, but the bear was catching up. Just then the bear jumped on Danna and roared, fighting her in the water. “HELP…..HELP BABE….HE GOT ME.” Oscar had to try to go back and swim, but the bear was fighting Danna had he even bit her on the leg. Danna's mustered up enough strength to fight the bear and use the same big stick that was in her hand while swimming to stab the bear in the belly.
    The bear’s paw hit Danna on the side of the head, knocking her out and the bear ran back to land while the stick was stuck in his stomach. The bear then fell down and was on his side slowly dying. Meanwhile, Oscar was crying and trying to wake Danna back up. “Come on babe we just have a little ways to go wake up.” He said shaking her, but Danna was unconscious. Oscar had to carry his wife on his back through the water and on to the other side.
    He stopped to rest and ate a granola bar to keep his strength up, and then he used sticks to tie together and make a place to put Danna’s body on. He then got a piece of rope from his bag and tied it to the stick board he made and started pulling Danna. His hands were sore, but he kept on pulling her. By 8:00 that night he found another river, but it was close to the cabin on the other side.
    He used his flashlight in his bag. “Oh, my goodness we are almost back to the cabin. Babe just holds on, we are almost there.” He told her while she was still unconscious. He climbed the smaller rocks by the river’s bank and sat on the rocks. He noticed the light blue beautiful sparkling clean water that was coming from the mountains was fresh clean water. He was so thirsty from carrying Danna he took a handful and splashed his face and drank some of the water.
    The water was so cold that it relaxed Oscar and relieved his thirst. He then fell asleep on the rocks by the river. The next morning at 7:00 Oscar woke up and noticed Danna mumbling his name. “Oscar, where are you?” She said, “I’m right here babe.” “Okay…. I’m so thirsty babe I need some water.” Danna mumbled. “Here, try to sit up.” Oscar said to her.
    He held out his hand and caught some water from the clean mountain water river and let Danna drink out of his hands. Danna was drinking so fast. “Drink slow babe I don’t want you to choke.” He said. Danna drank the water in his hands and then wanted some more, Oscar scooped another handful, and after she drank the water she laid back on the board peacefully. “Babe good news we are almost to the cabin, see.” Oscar said, pointing across the river. “Oh babe.” Danna said, crying happily. “When we get back we will call Rick and return his key, and then we are getting the heck out of here, and I’m taking you to the hospital.” Oscar said.
    Oscar then built up enough strength and pulled the stick board across the water until he made it on the other side. He then kept pulling non-stop until he reached the cabin and him and Danna hugged. “WE MADE IT.” He said cheering and Danna was cheering too and hugging Oscar tightly. “Okay babe stay right here, and I will call 911 and Rick.” Oscar said.
    Oscar limped over to the phone booth and called the police, and they said they were coming, then he called Rick and told him what happened and told Rick he was leaving his key in the cabin on the table. Rick offered to even give Oscar a refund and return his $125 and Oscar was glad and thankful. When the ambulance came out they took Danna in the ambulance. “My brave hero, I love you Oscar.” “I love you too.” Oscar said to his wife. Oscar promised Danna he would follow the ambulance to the hospital later, but he had to pack up their things. Oscar packed all him and his wife's items up in the car and he left.

    After the vacation, Danna had to stay in the hospital for a while and Oscar had to get a brace on his leg and ointment on his hands from rope burn, but they turned out fine. After both of them were released from the hospital, they were both doing much better, and they promised not to go on any more vacations and just to stay home and spend time together. Rick did give them their $125 back and Oscar and Danna were very grateful. Rick still rented his cabin out, but he just put up bear signs out there, so people could know and be safe. This couple might have had a dangerous trip, but they got out alive and that’s all that matters.

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