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A Principal's Revenge

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Scarlett is a math teacher, and she is excited that a new principal is taking over since the last principal got fired and was not such a good person. Scarlett and the other teachers hear the tea on the new principal, and they are happy that she is changing the lunch menu, increasing their pay, hiring better janitors, making more activities and clubs for the school. Everything seems perfect, but what Scarlett and the other teachers don’t know is this principal has an agenda for the whole entire school. Because this principal had a terrible past and memories from this school, this principal is planning to shut down this whole school and make everyone pay. Can Scarlett figure it out and save the school she loves, or will it be too late because of this sneaky principal?

    This story is about the math teacher Scarlett and the new principal name Mrs. Storm. Scarlett is 32 and Mrs. Storm is 37. Both of them work at Woody Lamont High School. So, you heard a little about them, so let’s get to their story.
    It was 6:00 in the morning and Scarlett had to get up and get ready for work. She loved being a math teacher, and she loved her students, but sometimes she just wished she could go on a long vacation to get a break from school. Working at Woody Lamont High School was bittersweet.
    Scarlett had been a math teacher for 5 years and the main two things were that the food sucked in the cafeteria, and she only got paid $12 an hour, and she needed more money since she lived in an expensive house and had an expensive car to pay for. Scarlett also didn’t get along with many teachers. She mainly stayed to herself.
    Scarlett knew that today would be the day they would be getting a new principal since their old principal, Mr. Falcon, who was 53 years old, got fired for stealing school funds for his own personal use. Scarlett was glad and the rest of the teachers and students since he was a lousy principal and never made good decisions for the school.
    Being a 9th grade math teacher was nice, but Scarlett always wondered what if she had gone to college to be something else. She put on her khaki skirt and her black turtleneck sweater, and her black heels and walked out the door.
    She decided to stop at Dunkin' Donuts to get a coffee before work, she was going to need it because her classes were having a test today and test day was always stressful for her. Scarlett loved her students, but the struggle was real when they turned in their test papers. When she got to the Dunkin' Donuts drive through she waited because there were seven cars in front of her. “Come on cars before I'm late!” She said, Finally, when she got to the window the lady repeated her order. “Okay ma’am, so you said you wanted a large iced caramel coffee with almond milk and sugar.” “Yes.” “Okay ma’am that will be $2.79.” The woman said at the window. Scarlett handed her $5.00 and she gave her drink and change. “Okay here is your drink and your change is $2.21 have a nice day.” The man said. “Thanks, you too.” Scarlett said and then sped off.
    When she got to work she looked to see what the cafeteria was having for breakfast. It was breakfast pizza, juice boxes or chocolate milk bottles, a cup of peaches or pears, turkey sausage links and eggs. “Oh snap, they got good breakfast. The new principal must be in here, and you can get all of it the pizza, sausage, eggs, fruit cups, juice box, and milk. They have really upgraded.” Scarlett said.
    “Yes they have honey, it's better than wheat toast, soy eggs, and a rotten cartoon milk.” The cafeteria lady said. “Yes I know I got tired of that every Monday and Tuesday the same breakfast. Well, I hope the lunch will be even better.” Scarlett said. “Yes, me too.” The cafeteria lady agreed. Scarlett got a plate and went over to join the other teachers at the table. “Hey Scarlett girl this breakfast is so good!” One of her teacher friends said.
    “Yes it looks good Johann.” “I hope lunch is even better. I saw the new principal. She is beautiful and kind, so I believe things will get done around here because when Principal Falcon was here, this school was a hot mess!” Johann said. “Yes I know.” Scarlett answered. “I see new janitors are here.” Mr. Marley, the 10th grade math teacher said. “Oh yeah I didn’t notice they have 4 new ones, and I’m glad because those last 4 were horrible. They never cleaned the bathrooms, cafeteria, our teacher lounge, and the classrooms good enough. It was mold, mildew, funk, dust bunnies, dirt, and other germs everywhere, so I’m glad new people were hired.” Scarlett said.
    The other math teachers laughed at her. “I hope we get a raise and new teaching equipment and textbooks.” Miss. Holly, the 12th grade math teacher said. “I hope so too.” Scarlett agreed. After breakfast, the bell ringed for the classes to start. Scarlett walked in and put her purse by her desk and stood at the board. “Okay class settle down and get ready for the announcements.” She said greeting each of them. When the intercom came on she heard a lovely kind voice talking. “Hello Woody Lamont High. My name is Mrs. Storm, and I’m the new principal.” All the teachers and students clapped and cheered in their classrooms, even Scarlett clapped.
    “I’m glad to be here, and I want you all to know there will be a few changes around here. First off, I want to thank all the teachers, counselors, staff members, and students for working hard this year. I know things have been difficult in the past, but I’m here to improve things. To my staff members, I have supplied you all with a new desk, new chairs, and new file cabinets. We have new janitors and the last crew will no longer be working for us anymore, so students, please respect these new janitors, so they can make a sterilized clean environment for you to get your education in. For counselors, we have replaced the last 2 with 2 new counselors who are professionals, Mr. Hays and Mr. Otto and I know for a fact you can trust these two. They have a degree in psychology, so students don’t be afraid if you need to vent, there is always someone here to talk to that will keep your conversations private. For the teachers, I am ordering new textbooks for literature, math, science, and history and freshening up the band room. There will be new hobbies that the students can join like tennis, baseball, the sewing club, the theater club, gymnastics, dance club, and wildlife club to learn about animals.” Mrs. Storm spoke and Scarlett clapped and the class cheered.
    “The students at the end of each month who have perfect attendances, grades from 75-100, and who have not been in detention or suspended will have a movie day in the gym and ice cream and hamburgers as a reward treat for 1 whole day.” Mrs. Storm spoke. Everyone cheered and made noise. And also for the teachers and the cafeteria ladies, there will be an increase in their paychecks.” Scarlett was so happy that she thought she was in a dream. “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe this!” She said happily. She felt so warm and glad inside.
    “Students can sign up for extra hobbies and sports after school before the buses come. Just ask to be dismissed and all teachers and cafeteria staff at the end of the school day come to get more information about your raise. I hope we have a good rest of the year. Thank you and go Cougars!” Mrs. Storm said, and then the intercom went off and all the students were talking about everything. “Okay class, quiet down you can talk after your test today.” All the students groaned. “Today we are having a test on multiplying exponents, adding and subtracting equations, and geometry charts. You have 15 questions. After you are done, turn it in and remain silent until everyone has completed their test. Then after that you can chat.” Scarlett said. She passed out the test and her students began with their calculators. She went back to her desk and tried to see what math video they could look at for the next chapter.

    After her 4th class was over, it was time for lunch. Scarlett closed her laptop and went to the cafeteria to see they were having chicken sandwiches, fries, a vanilla pudding cup, and a pineapple juice or chocolate milk on one side and on the other side they were having chicken fried rice, egg rolls, an orange or apple, and a mango juice or chocolate milk.
    “Wow this looks good.” She said Scarlett decided to get the fried rice tray, and she got an apple and a mango juice. She went through the line and saw all the students enjoying and bragging about their meal. Normally, on Mondays for lunch they would have either a burnt corn dog and crinkle fries or a bologna and cheese sandwich on wheat bread. She was glad to see a big change, and she noticed how clean the cafeteria looked.
    She sat with the other math teachers, and they were bragging. “That principal is a wonder, this lunch is so good and fresh!” Miss. Holly said. “Yes, I do agree the fruit is not even rotten looking, and it looks like a brand-new cafeteria in here.” Mr. Marley said. “I believe this new principal is going to make this school great. I’m glad Principal Falcon has been fired.” Scarlett said.
    After lunch, Scarlett was full and enjoyed herself. She finished out the day nicely and the students didn’t do that bad on the test this time. She had mostly Bs and a few Cs but no failing grades. At the end of the day, she went to the office, so she could get information on the raise. It was a long line but when it was her turn, she finally met Mrs. Storm. “Hello, I’m Mrs. Storm, come on to my office.” She said sweetly. “Hi, it's nice to meet you. My name is Scarlett, and I'm the 9th grade math teacher.” “Okay nice to meet you Scarlett.” She said shaking her hand. “Have a seat.” Mrs. Storm suggested. “Okay thanks and your office is beautiful.” Scarlett said, looking around. “Thank you, I spent $350 on decorating this office.” “Really?” “Yep, but it was worth it. So, Scarlett, how did you enjoy your day?” “Oh it was nice Mrs. Storm thank you for all you have been doing around here. Everyone, including me, is happy.”
    “Well, I’m glad to hear that. You know I used to go to school here.” Mrs. Storm said. “Really?” “Yep.” “Well what made you want to be a principal here?” Scarlett asked. “Well….. I got my own reasons.” Mrs. Storm said smiling. “So Scarlett, how old are you?” “I’m 32.” “Well you look really young, I’m 37.” “Really, you don’t look it.” Scarlett said. “Well I am. Now let's get down to it. I’m paying you $1.80 more. That’s what I’m doing for all the teachers, so you will be making $13.80 for now on.”
    “Thank you so much Mrs. Storm I really appreciate it.” Scarlett said, shaking her hand. “Well you deserve it. Now it won’t be on this paycheck it will be on the next one, okay.” “Alright thank you.” Scarlett said. “Oh and here are some more papers you may need with benefits and other things you can sign up for online for school.” “Okay I appreciate it. Have a nice day.” Scarlett said with joy. “You too.” Mrs. Storm said, smirking.
    After work, Scarlett drove home and went straight to take a shower and lay in her bed. “Today was a good day.” She said and then took a long nap. It was 10:00 at night and Mrs. Storm was sleeping. She had a nightmare that she was in high school again and got bullied and that the teachers were screaming in her face and giving her Fs and that food was being thrown at her, and she kept hearing someone with a deep loud voice scream Loser Loser. She woke up in a panic and sat up thinking.
    “That school will pay all of them! Let them trust me now and think I’m here to make a difference, but I’m going to destroy that school!” She said seriously in a mad sweat.

    The next morning, Scarlet got up and got ready for work. It was Tuesday, and she decided to wear a purple cotton v neck t-shirt, a black skirt, and black leather heels. She hopped in her car smiling with joy and ready to start her day.
    She stopped by Dunkin' Donuts again and ordered this time 2 coffees and 2 teas for her and her fellow math teacher friends. “Okay ma’am you ordered 2 plain hot medium teas, and 2 medium frozen coffees made with whole milk and french vanilla right?” The guy said at the drive through window. “Yes please.” Scarlett said, and she noticed cars were beeping behind her. “Okay ma’am that will be $11.76.” The cashier said at the drive through. Scarlett gave him $12. “Okay ma’am here are your drinks and your change is $0.24.” “Oh you can keep the change.” Scarlett said.
    “Okay thanks have a good day.” He said. So then Scarlett went to work, and she went through the breakfast line. She spoke to the janitors who were walking around, and the cafeteria ladies seemed happier. Today for breakfast they were serving cheese grits, biscuits, bacon, tangerine cups or a banana, and juice box or chocolate milk.
    “It smells good in here.” Scarlett said to one of the cafeteria ladies. “Thank you. You know I’m so happy about that raise extra money always goes a long ways, even if it is just a $1.80 more.” “You're right about that Mrs. Florence. “And you know what darling I went on the website that was on the papers that Mrs. Storm gave us and now all teachers, cafeteria ladies, staff members, and janitors can get benefits. We can get dental, eye, health benefits and a retirement plan and before when old Falcon was working here he didn’t offer that.” “Really Mrs. Florence, well, I got to check that out.”
    “Yeah darling check it out because you can sign up for it any time. I feel good about working here because I was thinking about quitting, but Mrs. Storm gave me new hope that my job will get better.” “Yes I know, she’s a great woman.” Scarlett said, not even knowing that Mrs. Storm had an agenda for all of them.
    After breakfast, Scarlett went to her classroom. “Okay students, today we will be doing a math project. I'm putting you in 2 partners. The presentation will be about pie charts and percentages. Each group has to make 4 pie charts with percentages. The pie charts can be about food, states, traveling, or sports, but you have to come up with your own not off the internet. Also, it has to be something you like and represents you and your partner. You will need a huge poster and markers for this, and you can print out a blank pie chart, or you can draw one. It's up to you. You will be presenting this in class and for the percentages you can ask family or friends to total up and put down. Now I’m going to you all only 2 days to complete this today and tomorrow and on Thursday we will present and share.” She told them the class grumbled as she put them in groups, and they started to complain.
    While her class started working on their projects, Scarlett checked her emails on her laptop and saw an email from the old principal, Mr. Falcon. She opened it and read, “Good morning, I’m sending this email to the school members I trust the most. I heard of who replaced me as principal at Woody Lamont High, and I’m here to say I know who Mrs. Storm is. She used to be a student there, and she was suspended multiple times for fighting teachers and other students. Just be careful of her and watch her.” Scarlett rolled her eyes. “Wow, Mr. Falcon is so upset about losing his job he will ruin the new principal’s name. How petty of him. He is not even supposed to send this to staff, so she can get in trouble. And who cares if she did use to go to school here that’s her business. She is improving this school.” Scarlett said. “I need to report this to Mrs. Storm.” Scarlett said.
    Scarlett printed out the email and then excused herself from the class to go talk to Mrs. Storm. “Class I’m going up to the office, continue working in your groups but use low voices.” She said and then walked out. When she got to the office she asked one of the staff members in the office where Mrs. Storm was. “Oh she’s in her office, knock before you go in.” The lady said. “Okay thanks.” Scarlett said. She walked up to Mrs. Storm’s office and knocked. “Come in.” Mrs. Storm said. “Hi Mrs. Storm.” “Oh hey Scarlett, what can I help you with?” Mrs. Storm said. “Well I received an email and I don’t know if the other teachers have but Mr. Falcon emailed me and I wanted you to read it because I was a little concerned since he has been fired.” Scarlett said. “Have a seat Scarlett and here take a chocolate peppermint bar.” “Oh, thanks Mrs. Storm.” Scarlett said. Mrs. Storm started reading, and she was tapping her pen like she was angry. “You know what I appreciate you showing me this Scarlett. It will get handled.” “Okay but can you please not tell Mr. Falcon I told you? Maybe you can email him or maybe talk to the Education Board since they were the ones that fired him.” Scarlett said. “Oh yes, I will. Well, I will let you get back to your class. Please let me know about any more emails.” Mrs. Storm still said, tapping her pen angrily. “Okay I will, have a nice day.” Scarlett said. “Okay you too.” Mrs. Storm said. Soon as Scarlett closed her office door, she threw the pen at the wall.
    “Crap that old bird has to go NOW! He is going to ruin my plans. I have to make them trust me and then get my revenge, but if everyone catches on, I will be out of here! I have to do something!” Mrs. Storm said thinking.
    Mrs. Storm looked up his address from the system's computer, and then she grabbed her car keys and walked out. “Hey Elaine I’m going to go run a short errand, you got everything here?” Mrs. Storm said to the lady at the front desk. “Yes ma’am I do.” “Okay, I will be back soon. If anyone asks for my, let them wait up here.” “Okay will do ma’am.” Elaine said. Mrs. Storm jumped in her car and speeded to Mr. Falcon’s house.

    When Mr. Storm arrived at Mr. Falcon's house, she knocked on the door holding a bat behind her back. When he opened the door, she smiled. “Remember me, Mr. Falcon.” “Storm, what are you doing here?” “Shut up you lousy old pigeon! You were never a good principal! You used to let the teachers treat students so bad, then serve lousy lunches to the poor kids charging all that money when in reality you were stealing money and putting it in your fat pockets, then I remember when I kept coming to you telling you I was being bullied, but you brushed it off and kept sending those hateful weasels back to class to tease me, you never even fired the counselor who spread my business. You were a terrible principal and then had the nerve to suspend me when I was only doing self-defense against my teachers and the students, but you didn’t listen, and now it's time to pay!”
    “But Storm I……” Storm took the bat and struck Mr. Falcon 2 hard blows to the head and then she left. She walked away and threw the bat in the trunk and then drove back to work. When lunchtime came Scarlett, seen on one line, they had Nachos with melted cheese sauce, beans, and salsa with a butterscotch pudding cup and a peach juice or chocolate milk. The other line had a loaded baked potato, corn, a mango or plum and either a peach juice or chocolate milk. Scarlett went to the line with the Nachos.
    “This food keeps getting better and better.” She said, smiling. 4 weeks passed, and it seemed like everything was going great at school, but Scarlett did not know that this Monday was going to be the worst Monday she ever had. After stopping at Dunkin' Donuts to get herself a frozen coffee, she got to the school cafeteria to get her a sausage biscuit and a strawberry yogurt that they were having for breakfast, and she went to join the other math teachers.
    “Scarlett, did you hear about Mr. Falcon?” Mrs. Holly said. “No what happened?” “His brother was coming to visit him and found him killed this weekend, and it was on the news.” “What? Oh my goodness.” Scarlett said. “And the police are still trying to figure out who did it. They said it had to be someone close to him because nothing was stolen out of his house.”
    “Dang that’s terrible!” “I know.” Holly said. “You know ya’ll I did receive an email from Mr. Falcon weeks ago, and he was saying he knew Mrs. Storm.” Scarlett said. “Really well did he say how?” Mr. Marley asked. “Yeah, he said she used to be a student here. Did ya’ll get an email from him?” Scarlett asked. “No, we didn’t.” Both of them said.
    “Well, that was weird, but I feel sorry for his family.” Scarlett said. When she got to her classroom she couldn’t stop thinking about Mr. Falcon and how he just was killed like that. Scarlett stood in front of her class. “Okay class today we are going on the computers and doing a timed 10 minute 4 question math quizzes and after everyone is done, we are going to watch a video on Mean, Median, and Mode math problems and I want ya’ll to take notes. So, that’s all for today. It will be 5 people at a time since I only have 5 computers. So, Josh, Cory, Iesha, Kylie and Desiree you 5 can go first and yes, this will go in the grade book.” She said.
    After her classes and it was time for lunch, while walking to the cafeteria, she saw Mrs. Storm carrying a huge box and sneaking it around the building. “What is she up to?” Scarlett said. Scarlett decided to follow Mrs. Storm, and she was walking slowly behind her. She then saw Mrs. Storm go into the gym and placed the box there in the middle of the gym floor, and then she turned around to leave.
    Scarlett had to run back towards the cafeteria, so she wouldn’t get caught. She ran back towards the cafeteria and then stopped to catch her breath. “What was that in that box.” She said, trying to forget about it, she went through the line and asked what they were having.
    “Hey Mrs. Florence, what are y'all having today?” “Okay on my line we have chicken tenders, tater tots, and corn and on the other line we are having vegetable soup, wheat crackers, and mangos.” “Okay thanks I will go on the other line.” Scarlett said. She went and got a tray, and she sat by her math teacher friends again.

    When the kids had loaded up on the buses at the end of the day, all the other staff were still there about to get ready to leave themselves. Scarlett was in her classroom gathering her work bag when the intercom came on.
    “Attention school employees, this is principal Storm here and none of ya’ll can leave right now. The school is on lockdown!” Scarlett was scared and wondered what was going on. “If any of you try to leave, my janitor friends will be waiting outside by your doors, so I suggest all of you stay in. I used to go to this lousy good for nothing school, and it did nothing but cause me pain! Did ya’ll really think I was coming here to help this school well…..NO! I was coming to harm this school and Principal Falcon is to blame for it all.” Scarlett ran to her classroom door and saw one of the janitors guarding the door.
    “All of you will have to pay, that’s why I waited until all the kids loaded the bus, so they could be safe and go home, but as for all of you ya’ll have to pay this building has to pay. I found out that some of you teachers are the same ones that used to bully me when we were kids ya’ll just never remembered it was me. I was called funny bones and goose neck because I was skinny and ya’ll didn’t realize I was skinny because we barely had food at the house. Some days we ate big meals some days we had nothing but a loaf of bread. I couldn’t even afford a $5 lunch at school, so I had to eat stale crackers. Oh, and also I had a low immune system, so most times I was so sick and weak that it showed on my body how I looked frail sometimes and ya’ll laughed I would cry and cry! My teachers were so cruel I used to fail all my classes, then I was kicked off the soccer team because a coach yelled in my face and I said his breath stinks, I trusted a counselor telling her that I had been sleeping around, and you know what she did called my parents and told them knowing also I had a std and then told other staff members embarrassing me and I had to come to school with dirty looks from teachers, the principal, and students! It all ends today. This school will be gone! I set a little surprise that will be going off soon. A ticking time bomb right in the gym. It will be going off in 5 more minutes and by then I will be gone out the window still alive and happy.” Mrs. Storm said laughing.
    Scarlett started to panic. “Oh no I got to get to that bomb!” She said scared. She grabbed a heavy textbook and slowly opened the classroom door while the janitor guard working for Mrs. Storm was on his cellphone texting and distracted. Scarlett hit him in the back of the head hard and when he fell down unconscious she ran towards the gym as fast as her legs could move.
    By the time she got to the gym she was winded she opened the gym doors and ran in and saw the box standing there. She opened the box, and it was 2 minutes left before the bomb. It was 3 wires a yellow one, a blue one, and a red one. “Okay think Scarlett. Yellow may save a fellow, Red means dead, and Blue means true.” She said. She took a pair of scissors from her back pocket and was hoping she would save the day by cutting the yellow wire. Soon as she cut it the bomb said off mode on the top and Scarlett knew she and the other school members were safe. Now all she had to do was talk Mrs. Storm down and call the police. She quickly ran towards the office but saw that one of the janitors was blocking the office entrance. “Dang!” She said nervously. She then noticed a pepper packet she had in her pocket from lunch.
    She opened it and got ready to dash it in the woman janitor’s eyes. She ran up, and the woman janitor was already trying to fight her. She quickly dashed the pepper in her eyes and the woman hollered trying to wipe her eyes quick.
    Scarlett then ran into the main office and saw that the staff ladies were tied up. She cut the duct to take off their mouth, arms, and legs and told them to call the police then run to their vehicles. Scarlett slowly walked towards Mrs. Storm’s office and then burst the door open. “Mrs. Storm, please stop this!” “How did you get pass my janitors?” She said meanly. “Look I dislodged the bomb it's over just calm down and talk to me. You don’t have to go down with a fight. I can help you.” Scarlett said.
    “How can you help me? I’m in knee-deep darling and soon as the police find out, I’m toast.” “Look, I know you been through a lot and…..” “You don’t know squat. I suffered at this school. Scarlett, have you ever been bullied, had failing grades, was poor and couldn’t afford food all the time, had your parents look at you like you were a disgusting instead of their daughter, did you ever have the school look at you like you were a plague because the counselor you trusted told your business, have you ever had a record that you were suspended multiple times? No, I don’t think so.” Mrs. Storm shouted and cried.
    “Mrs. Storm, that’s all in the past, and you must realize that. This school went down before you came back as principal. Everyone here seen how horrible Principal Falcon was and how this school was, but when you came along this whole school was thankful and loved you. You made a huge difference for us that Principal Falcon couldn’t give us, so why would you ruin a school that finally loved you and looked up to you and try to bomb it? That is not right. Principal Falcon had already paid for what he did when he got laid off, so why wouldn’t you accept that and be happy that you could run this school? I just don’t get it? Here was your opportunity to be successful Mrs. Storm and you ruined it.” Scarlett said.
    Mrs. Storm started to cry. “It's too late, I’m going to jail now so now the school will probably have the worst principal.” She said crying. “I’m so sorry I just snapped, and I had been going through so much during and after school.” She said crying hard. Scarlett went over and hugged her tightly.
    “You are not what those other people said about you, you are a great woman, and you have to believe that. Look, I’m going to help you out. I know they already called the police, but maybe you can hurry and get out of here.” “You would do that for me?” Mrs. Storm said, still crying.
    “Yes, but if you get caught, I will have to tell the police the truth. I’m just letting you know.” Scarlett said. “Thanks.” Mrs. Storm said. She tried to sneak out the window of her office, but the police were already waiting around the building and in front of the building. Soon as she got out the window good they grabbed her and arrested her right on the spot.

    The police had taken Scarlett’s statement, and they had located and got the bomb. When Scarlett got home, she was tired. She was ready to take a long bubble bath. While in the bathtub she kept thinking about Mrs. Storm. She felt bad for her.
    “Poor lady, I’m glad I didn’t grow up dealing with all those issues. Good thing I didn’t go to Woody Lamont high I went to West Ford High.” She said, then Scarlett started thinking that most the time it doesn’t just be one bomb, some people are smart enough to place 2 or 3. Right when Scarlett had thought about it that night. On the other side of town at 2:00 in the morning.
    Indeed, Mrs. Storm had placed another bomb where she thought no one would guess to look. She placed it in the cafeteria under other boxes. By the time Scarlett went to dial 911, the bomb exploded in the empty school. It was so loud Scarlett could hear a thump all the way from her apartment. “Oh my goodness, that woman was smart. Either way, the bomb was going to go off!” Scarlett said.
    Scarlett called 911, and they confirmed that they just got a report that the high school had exploded, but thankfully it was at night while the school was locked up and no one was in there.
    Because the school was gone, the teachers and students had to do online learning for the rest of the school year until the city built another school. Scarlett had missed seeing her students' faces and getting up every morning driving to work and going to Dunkin' Donuts ordering her morning coffee.
    Nothing felt the same anymore, so she started just making instant coffee at home, the Board of Education even made everyone’s pay salary go down. Scarlett was now making $13 an hour, and she was mad about it.
    Scarlett had decided that she was going to quit working as a school teacher soon and go back to college to pursue another dream. On the other hand, Mrs. Storm had been sentenced to prison for 10 years. Because no one got hurt, she didn’t get more charges but having a bomb and destroying school property and state property she got 10 years.

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