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Where Is My Son?

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Dorothy is proud of her son Trenton, who plays basketball in college, but when he ends up missing, she drives all the way to Reidd University College campus to find her son. Trying to find out what happened to her son, she asked his girlfriend on the campus, his teacher, his friend, and the Dean of the college, but everyone seemed to act like he was troubled by something but didn’t know where he was. Dorothy decides to take matters into her own hands and figure out where her son is, but is it too late? And will Dorothy find out that this college is known for missing students? (Mystery story)

    Dorothy was looking at pictures of her son Trenton while sipping some hot ginger tea in her rocking chair outside. “I’m so proud of my Trenton! My college student and basketball star. That boy is going to make me proud one day.” She said, “I mean, what more can I ask for a loving talented son, a beautiful home, a nice car, and privacy and peace? Maybe I will call my son today since I haven’t heard from him in 2 weeks just to check on him.” Dorothy said.
    She grabbed her phone and dialed her son’s number, but it kept going to voicemail. “Hmmm that’s odd. I have been calling Trenton all week, and he hasn’t returned any of my phone calls. He normally answers all my calls, and he would have told me if he got a new phone. Maybe I should surprise him and go to the college bringing him some goodies.” Dorothy said. She put on her sun hat and grabbed her pocketbook beside her and got in the car and went to the Dollar Store.
    When she got to the Dollar Store she looked around and grabbed some marshmallows, which were his favorite, some chocolate, and graham crackers, so he could make some smores while on campus. She also got a card for him. “My son is going to love this!” She said happily. After leaving the Dollar Store she drove to Reidd’s College campus.
    She walked through the office area and talked to the lady at the front desk. “Hi, my name is Dorothy Jacobs and my son Trenton Jacobs goes to school here for accounting and basketball.” “Oh hi Mrs. Jacobs, let me look up your son’s room number for you.” “Okay thanks.” Dorothy said. She looked it up and then handed her a paper. “Okay, his room number is 406 and if you follow this little map it will show you where the boys' rooms are on the campus. “Thank you, have a good day.” Dorothy said. “You too.”
    After that, Dorothy walked trying to find her son’s room. “Wow this college campus is kind of big.” She said a little tired from walking in heels. She walked up to a building that said Boys College Rooms, and she opened up the doors to the building and walked down the hallway. She noticed it was an A wing and a B wing.
    She walked to the A wing first, and she saw a few college boys walking around and talking with each other. She walked down the hallway past some rooms and found the room 406 and knocked on it. She stood there knocking for 10 minutes but no one answered. “Son, it's me, your mother. I came to check on you.” But no one answered.
    Dorothy then opened the door, and she saw that it was a wreck in her son’s room. “What in the world! Trenton was always messy but not this messy.” She said shocked. She went in the room and looked around and saw beer bottles on the floor, papers on the floor and clothes and shoes. She then saw posters of MC Hammer on the wall and some swimsuit models as well. She looked at his bed and saw the bed had food wrappers everywhere, but she saw a college book that was open on a certain page, and it had certain words circled.
    She picked the book up and put it in her pocketbook and then looked at her son’s lamp and looked at the dress to find pills for appendicitis. “Oh my goodness, did Trenton have appendix surgery and didn’t tell me?” She said, she then looked in his drawer and found a pistol. “Huh? My son would never carry a gun after his father died from getting shot.” She said scared.
    What scared Dorothy was on his desk. Trenton's phone was left there. She looked through his phone and saw that he never answered any of her calls, but he had minutes. She looked and saw his messages and he had texted only her, his girlfriend, and an unknown number. The unknown person was sending him hateful threatening messages.
    “Oh, my goodness I hope my son is alright.” She said worried. All of a sudden, when she went to leave Trenton’s room, a boy came up to the door. “Hey, what are you doing here! No women allowed in this area!” “Oh I’m sorry, I came to visit my son, his name is Trenton. Do you know him?” “Yes, I’m his best friend and teammate.” “Oh good, then you can tell me where my son is.” Dorothy said, relieved. “Ma’am I haven’t seen Trenton in 2 weeks.” “What? What are you talking about?”
    “Well I have been looking for him myself, but I haven’t found him. I don’t know if he dropped out or what, but the last time I saw him he was upset about something.” The guy said. “Upset about what?” Dorothy said nervously. “Let’s talk somewhere private, follow me to the student lounge.” He said. Dorothy followed the guy, and they went to another building and sat at a table by a vending machine. “Now what was going on with my son?”
    “Well, ever since he got to college we were best friends. He went for accounting, and I went for sonography, but we both were on the basketball team together. Anyway, everything was good, we had fun, and he was a cool dude until he found out something about the school, and he just started acting weird and talking about how he made a mistake coming here. Anyway, he started failing in his classes because he was so worried about what was going on that he found out, and he told me he would tell me what he found out, but then he disappeared.”
    “Oh my goodness, my poor baby I got to find him.” Dorothy said. “Well Mrs. Jacobs, I know his girlfriend, maybe she can tell you more about what was going on with him. Maybe she knows where he is. Here is her name. You have to go back to the front building and ask the lady her room number.” “Thanks, I appreciate it.” She said to the guy.
    “You're welcome and my name is Jim and my number is 478-114-8833 if you have any more questions or need my help finding him.” “Thank you, Jim.” She said and walked away. Dorothy went back to the front building and asked the lady about Trenton’s girlfriend's room number. “Okay, it's room 502.” The lady said.
    Dorothy walked to the girl’s building on the other side of the campus and went in. She saw a lot of girls laughing and talking, and they were listening to rap music. She walked past them and went straight to room 502. She saw some of the girls looking at her up and down and frowning. She knocked on the door and a 5’7 girl with a black French braid, answered the door. “Yes? Who are you?” She said with an attitude. “My name is Dorothy Jacobs, my son is Trenton and I heard you were dating him.” “Oh what’s up Mrs. Jacobs my name is Rose.”
    “Nice to meet you Rose ummm I was looking for my son to give him some goodies, but I couldn’t find him. I haven’t heard from him in 2 weeks.” “Well Mrs. Jacobs I haven’t heard from him either in 2 weeks. I've been calling his phone but no answer. I guess he broke up with me.”
    “No dear, I think my son is missing. This is not like him. I talked to his friend Jim, and he said….” “Oh no Jim? I really don’t like him, he is a pest, but have you seen him?” “No, he told me the last time he saw him he was acting strange; have you noticed my son acting differently?” “Come in Mrs. Jacobs because these girls around here are super nosey, and they love to gossip.” “Okay thanks.” Dorothy said, walking into her room. “Wow, your room is nice.” Dorothy said.
    “Thanks lavender and silver are my favorite colors so that’s how I did my room.” Rose said. “Well Mrs. Jacobs, 2 weeks ago, Trenton told me he found something dangerous, but he couldn’t tell me until later. He started acting like a detective, like he was solving a crime. I asked him to stop acting like Sherlock Holmes, but he was determined in whatever he was doing.”
    “Well, did he ever tell you what was going on?” “Well one day he asked me to meet him and the student lounge to discuss it, but when I got there, he wasn’t there. I waited there for an hour, but he never showed up.” “Oh, my goodness, do you think my son is in danger?” “I don’t know Mrs. Jacobs, but I’m worried.” “Thanks for your help, dear.” “You're welcome, Mrs. Jacobs, maybe we need to call the police.” “Maybe I don’t know, but most of the time they don’t do their job, so I will find my own son.” She told Rose then left.

    While walking around the campus, Dorothy saw a teacher walking pass. “Hi, excuse me.” She said tapping him. “My name is Dorothy Jacobs. I’m Trenton’s mother, and I was wondering did you have a minute. My son is missing, and I wonder was you one of his teachers.”
    The teacher looked scared and stood frozen for a minute, then spoke. “Oh hi Mrs. Jacobs, I have been worried about Trenton. I'm his accounting teacher for one of his classes. I haven’t heard from him and I even let our college security guard know.”
    “Well I haven’t either and this is not like my son. When was the last time you heard from him? His friend and girlfriend said they haven’t heard from him in 2 weeks.” Dorothy said sadly.
    “Mrs. Jacobs, I’m so sorry this happened to you. I haven’t heard from Trenton in 2 weeks as well. He is my best student, so I don’t know what to say. I would tell you to talk to Coach Perry, but he is not here today because he has the flu.” “Well thanks for letting me know anyway.” Dorothy said sadly. “Wait…. Mrs. Jacobs. Talk to the Dean of the school, his name is Mr. Blair. He should be able to help you.” “Thank you so much.” Dorothy said. “And Mrs. Jacobs before you go, just be cautious and pay attention to everything. I want to see Trenton come back safely.” “Thank you.” She said and walked away.
    Dorothy once again went to the front office building and asked the lady at the front desk, could she talk to the Dean? She walked Dorothy towards his office. “Make should you knock loudly and say your name at the door. Dean Blair is very private and doesn’t like to be disturbed.” She said, then walked away. Dorothy knocked loudly and stated her name as the lady at the front told her.
    “Come in.” Dean Blair said. Dorothy went in, and she already didn’t like Mr. Blair’s office. He had artwork all around that looked a little creepy. He was playing sad instrumental music, and his chair looked scary. It was a jet-black hard chair with small silver spikes around it, and he was wearing a black suit and smoking a cigar. It smelled like old cheap cologne, and he had deer heads on the walls. “Ummm hi Dean Blair, I need to talk to you.” Dorothy said, frowning.
    “Have a seat, and what is your name?” “Dorothy Jacobs and my son's name is Trenton.” The Dean's eyes got big with a guilty look on his face. “Yeah, I know he is the basketball player here, right?” “Yes sir and my son is missing. No one has seen him, not his girlfriend, his friend, or his teacher, and I haven’t heard from him. That’s not like my son. I’m worried.” Dorothy said.
    Dean Blair sat back without a care and kept smoking his cigar but not blinking or taking his eyes off Dorothy. “Mrs. Jacobs, maybe your son ran away and quit college, or maybe he doesn’t want to talk to none of y'all.” He said, smirking. “NO, my son tells me everything, and he would never disappear and leave his phone! I found his phone in his room! Now Dean, I need your help finding my son.” “You didn’t call the police did you?” The Dean said, looking scared.
    “No, I didn’t yet, but if I don’t hear from him in another hour I will. Dean Blair I don’t know if you have children, but he is my only child. If something was to happen to him, I would lose it.” Dean Blair stared at Dorothy. “You know Mrs. Jacobs, I can tell you’re a nice caring mother, a mother that might do anything for her son. How about you look some more around campus and then just go home and stop worrying.” He said, smiling.
    “NO, I’m not leaving until I see my son! Don’t you care?” “Of course, I do, I’m the owner of this college I’m supposed to care. I tell you what go home and I will try to find him.” He said. “NO, I said I will find him I’m not going home I want to see my son and make sure he is safe!”
    “Okay fine Mrs. Jacobs, let me go talk to my security guards and see if they can pull the campus videos. You stay right here I will be back.” He said, smiling. Dorothy didn’t like how Dean Blair acted. Not only was he creepy, but he was also a sneaking acting man, something in her gut did not trust him.
    When he left, Dorothy looked around his office and saw files. She picked up one of the files and saw her son’s information in it, and it had a red x on it. “What the heck!” She said getting mad. She then looked at the other files, and it were a few other students, and they also had an x on their files, but she noticed it was only guys of all races but no females. She started to get scared, so she looked around some more, and then she found a huge suitcase full of money and some checks. She even saw a check from her son.
    “What the heck is going on is this Dean stealing money from the students?” She said. She then looked around some more and found a shot gun behind the desk. “Who is this Dean?” She said curiously. When Dorothy heard footsteps, she sat back in her seat and acted bored. “Okay Mrs. Jacobs I’m back, letting's take a look at these videos.” He said, sitting back in his chair. He put the videos in his DVD player and played them. Dorothy saw her son walking around the campus and then someone in a wolf mask came up behind him and stuck a needle in his neck and pulled him away. “Oh my baby boy!” Dorothy said, crying.
    The Dean just stared at her and smirked. “Well, Mrs. Jacobs, I will get the college security guards to search for him.” “NO! I want you to stop looking a like an owl and get up and help me find my son, or maybe I will just have to call the police!” Dorothy said angrily. “NO! I mean Mrs. Jacobs, you're going too far. I’m sure your son is fine!”
    “Dean Blair, did you just watch the video, or do you have sand in your eyes? My son was attacked by a man wearing a wolf mask! How cruel and wicked is that! Who would want to hurt my poor Trenton!” “Mrs. Jacobs please…..” “You know what if you want to sit here like a bull frog, FINE, BUT I REFUSE TO STAND HERE WHILE SOMEONE IS HARMING MY POOR SON.” Dorothy stormed out of the office and ran down the hallway.

    Dorothy ran to the front and asked the lady at the desk a question. “I don’t mean to keep bothering you, but this is important. Have any other students gone missing from this school?” Dorothy asked. “Yes ma’am actually 7 boys have and no one could find them, not even their parents.”
    “Okay and did Dean Blair do something about it?” Dorothy asked her. “No ma’am and he didn’t call the police either. He sent the security guards to look around, but they never found a trace of the boys.” “Thank you so much. One more favor my son’s accountant teachers. What are their names? I need to talk to one of them.” “Mr. Junez, Mrs. Willis, and Mrs. Shelly.” “Okay what room number is Mr. Junez in and in what building?” “The classrooms in the back of this office will be in Section C and his room number is 11.” “Thank you so much for your help, here.” Dorothy said, handing her $40.
    “Oh no I can’t take this.” “Please take it anyway.” Dorothy said and then left. Meanwhile, Dean Blair called Jim and Rose in his office. “Hello you two close my door.” He said strictly. “Yes sir, what do you want?” Jim asked. “I need you two to find Mrs. Jacobs. She is looking for Trenton. I need you to stop her before she figures out what’s going on, and before she contacts the police. Don’t mess up, or I will cut the money I’m paying you two.” He said, still puffing on his cigar.
    “Yes sir.” Both Jim and Rose said, smiling. Jim and Rose had actually been dealing with the Dean for a while. Every time a new male student would come those two would befriend and date them. Jim was always the fake best friend and Rose was always the fake loving girlfriend. Jim and Rose walked out of the office.
    Jim had his pocketknife pulled out and Rose had her taser and pepper spray. “Let’s hope mother bear can’t fight.” Jim said, smiling sneakily. Mr. Junez was sitting in his classroom doing a cross word puzzle when Dorothy burst in. “Mr. Junez, I need your help. I think the Dean is behind what happened to my son. Something is off about him.”
    “I know I just didn’t know how to tell you. Wait, first let me put something up on the glass so no one can look in.” He said and put up a white poster board and locked the door. “Okay now Mrs. Jacobs, there have been 7 boys missing in the past few months. Certain boys that go for accounting and play a sport here end up missing and I don’t know why, but Dean Blair has never really done much about it. Sometimes I question him myself.”
    “Well what do I do? I need to find my son!” “I will help you find him, but I must warn you it's some other people I don’t trust on this campus, so we have to go in disguise and sneak out and try to find him.” “But how will we do that? I have a coat and a hat. You take off your vest over your shirt, and cut your long skirt with these scissors, I also got a cap you can tuck your hair under and take off all your jewelry and put it in your purse. That way you can look different.”
    Dorothy did as he told her, and then he stood back and looked. “Okay perfect you look different. Now let's go.” He said, and they walked out and looked around the campus. Meanwhile, Jim and Rose were checking every teacher’s classroom and the student lounge looking for Dorothy.

    Mr. Junez looked around with Dorothy, and they found a metal shed. “Is it locked?” Dorothy asked. “Yeah, but I’m going to break the door down.” He spoke. Mr. Junez took his foot and kicked 2 times hard, and the door flew open. Dorothy and him couldn’t believe their eyes. They saw Trenton there with his arms, feet, and mouth duck taped, and he had bruises on him, and he was crying. “SON OH NO, MY POOR SON. WHAT HAVE THAT WICKED MAN DONE TO YOU, I KNEW IT WAS THAT SNEAKY LOOKING DEAN!” She said, trying to free him.
    Mr. Junez helped too. “I will call the police. I have my phone back in my classroom.” He said. “You stay here Mrs. Jacobs while I go get the police.” Dorothy shook her head yes and freed her son. “MA I’M SO GLAD YOU'RE HERE! JIM WAS THE ONE WHO TIED ME UP AND BEAT ME AND ROSE WAS IN ON IT! I FOUND OUT THE DEAN WAS A CROOKED WICKED MAN AND HE WAS KILLING OTHER GUYS HERE AND TAKING THEIR MONEY HE BLACKMAILED MANY OF THEM BEFORE KILLING THEM!”
    “Oh my goodness son, I’m just glad you're alive.” “I am too. I was in Dean Blair’s office and when he was out of there I saw so many things. I trusted Jim and Rose and I told them, and I was going to call the police, but they stopped me.” “Oh my goodness, son I don’t want you going to this college no more. You're coming back home where you belong.”
    “Okay Ma but first let’s get out of here.” While Dorothy and her son were escaping, Mr. Junez had called the police. Jim and Rose were still looking for Dorothy, but they could not find her, but while Dorothy and Trenton were escaping, Mr. Dean saw them on the camera. He grabbed his shotgun and snuck out where the lady at the desk was unable to see him, and he walked out to hunt them down.
    When he spotted them, he started running after them, and then he started shooting. Dorothy looked back in terror and her and Trenton were running faster. “COME BACK HERE YOU TWO!” He hollered and kept chasing them. When they finally got to the parking lot, Dean Blair looked and took a heavy rock and threw it, hitting Trenton in the back of the neck with it. “Ahhhhh!” Trenton said in pain.
    “Come on son we are almost to the car.” Dorothy said. Dean Blair kept shooting and when Dorothy and Trenton jumped in the car, he ran up quickly to the car and was smiling and aiming the shotgun at Dorothy. “Bye Mrs. Jacobs you should have stayed at home.” He said, laughing like a maniac, but Dean didn’t realize he had run out of bullets and when he aimed to shoot nothing was coming out of the gun.”
    “What the heck!” He said, frowning and while he was checking the gun, Dorothy hit him hard with her car door and jumped out, and she wrestled and fought him. While they were fighting, Dean grabbed Dorothy’s neck and started choking her. Trenton didn’t have enough strength to move, so he sat in the car and used his mom’s phone to dial the cops.
    Dorothy almost blacked out, but she punched him hard in the gut and then elbowed him in the ribs. He let her go and they were fighting again. “You're going to be a dead duck with your son!” He said. “NO, I’M NOT.” Dorothy said, and she grabbed the shotgun that was on the ground and wacked Dean Blair hard in his head, knocking him out cold. It took the police 20 minutes to get there, but when they got there, Dorothy and her son told what happened and Dean, Jim, and Rose were arrested.
    After that, Dorothy and Trenton went home and Trenton cried. “Ma thanks for rescuing me. If it wasn’t for you checking on me, I might have been dead.” “Well son, I'm just glad you're home. I love you, and you don’t ever have to worry about that college again.” “Thanks Ma.” Trenton said hugging her. “Now sit down I will make you a grilled cheese and give you some water. I know you're hungry and thirsty.” She said, smiling at him.

    A few weeks went by and Dorothy found out through the newspaper that Dean Blair, Jim, and Rose were going to prison for assault, murder, kidnapping, black mailing, and fraud. She was just glad it was all over. Dorothy let her son Trenton live with her again, and he had got a full-time job at a restaurant. Things were looking better for them. Dorothy later found out that Reidd College had shut down for good, and they intended to build another college there. She thought about it but still made up her mind that Trenton was not going to any college around there again. She almost lost her son once, and she didn’t want to ever lose him again.

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