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Barely any, but some rabbit information.

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A rabbit’s digestive system needs fresh hay or grass to function properly.

    Hello! Welcome to this thing.
    A rabbit’s diet:
    A rabbit’s diet should be made up of 80% fresh hay or grass, and should have lettuce (but NOT iceberg lettuce!) served in a heavy, rabbit safe bowl. Rabbits can eat apples but only in very small amounts, one or two slices. It should be given once a week. It contains high levels of sugar and is very bad for rabbits if rabbits are fed it in large amounts. Timothy hay is a type of hay that is very good for rabbits, and it’s good to mix it in with other hay.
    You might be wondering about water? Water is best given to rabbits in a heavy, rabbit safe bowl instead of a bottle. Water should be fresh and clean when given to rabbits.

    A rabbit’s environment
    A rabbit’s environment can be where a rabbit or rabbits are able to freely move about the home, but you can save some un-rabbit safe rooms, as long as the rabbit(s) does not go in. A rabbit’s environment should be big enough for them to stand up on their back feet, do a binky (A binky is something rabbits do when they are very happy but is more common in younger rabbits.)
    All wires, chargers, electrical things, meat, harmful chemicals, ect should be out of reach of rabbits. A rabbit needs rabbit safe toys to keep them for boredom and sadness and other horrible issues.Please never put a rabbit in a cage as they will be deeply upset, and it’s too small.

    Please don’t bathe rabbits, or wash them in a wet way.

    I can’t say everything about rabbits here obviously, but some stuff to help you here. It’s not much, but hopefully, it is working.

    Good luck! Good bye!

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