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Chapter 6

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    Chapter 6

    Sunfire woke up the next morning stretching and yawning. She hopped down and saw that Tide and Maple were already up and chatting. “Good morning!” Sunfire said, hopping down. “Let’s go get breakfast,” Tide said, completely ignoring her. “Let’s go,” Maple said, without even a glance at Sunfire. She and Tide walked out of the cave. “Can I come?” Sunfire called after them. Still no answer. She sighed, and then suddenly Maple whipped around and came back to Sunfire. “Look, Sunfire, we don’t think that you murdered Blackout, but me and Tide love you,” she said in a rush. “So do I,” Sunfire agreed. “But we don’t want to be seen talking to you by like Sunny or someone like that. We love you, but we don’t want to be blamed for a conspiracy, you know? We’re really sorry,” Maple said sadly. “Oh, don’t be,” Sunfire said bitterly. “Have a nice few days.” And with that, she whipped around and stalked off to Star’s cave. “Sun! Wait!” Maple cried after her. She ignored them. I guess they just don’t want to be seen with a murderer, she thought bitterly. She came to Star and Bumblebee’s cave shortly after, and saw Star still in there. “Hey…” she said, trailing off, then decided to put a wing around her. Star continued to cry. “He- he’s gone,” she hiccuped, leaning into Sunfire. “I know,” she said sadly. “And now I’m being accused of murder, even though we all know that it was Alder Tiki and Wave.” She snarled angrily, scraping her claws on the floor. “Why don’t we go get some food?” Sunfire suggested suddenly. Star nodded and followed her to the prey center. Star suddenly jerked up and started growling at the edge of the cave, her face furious. “Are you ok?” Sunfire asked immediately. “No, but you’ll be worse,” she said bitterly, and with that, she pointed with one wing to the back of the cave, where Tiki and Cavern were chatting. And Tiki was pink. Which meant happiness. Sunfire snarled darkly and dashed across the cave. “WHAT are you doing!” She asked snarled at Tiki and Cavern. Tiki smirked at her and said, “oh, he’s my boyfriend now!” Sunfire snarled at her, and looked at Cavern. “Cave, is this true!” She said desperately. He looked away, avoiding conversation. She glared at the two of them, and then spun off, and dashed out of the prey center, heading to the lake in their secret spot. I guess they can have it now, she thought darkly. Star ran after her, trying to catch up. Sunfire ran to the lake, adding her tears to the water. “Sunfire!” Star cried, catching up. She sat down and hugged her, panting. “I’m so sorry,” she said. Sunfire leaned into her, sobbing. “I don’t understand… We were just talking last night, and he said he hates Tiki, and we were talking about how we love each other, and that we have each other’s backs…” she sobbed. Suddenly, she sat up, and started washing her face off. “I need to go see Sunny,” she said darkly, and then stalked out of the cave. Running through the hall, she looked for Sunny. She ran past an empty cave, then skidded to a stop when she saw a flash of golden scales in there. She ran inside the cave, except it wasn’t Sunny; it was Tiki, who was also waiting for Sunny. Tiki smirked at her. “Hello you disgusting bug,” she laughed mockingly at her. “I’m not a bug,” she snarled at her, “and you're just a lying piece of RainWing trash.” Tiki gasped, and said “ew! Bug is talking to me and calling me RainWing trash!” She exclaimed dramatically. Suddenly, Sunny entered the room. She sat down in front of them. “Hello,” she said lightly. “Let’s just incur straight to the case; you both will have bodyguards, sorry to say Tiki. I’m sure you won’t be needing it, but for now, we have to.” “SHE CALLED ME RAINWING TRASH!” Tiki suddenly bellowed, putting a talon to her forehead dramatically. Sunny frowned at her, her ears twitching in annoyance. “Hey, let’s try to keep it nice,” she said, giving Sunfire a look. “Sorry to say, but it’s never been nice,” she said apolitically, spreading her talons. “LISTEN TO ME,” Sunny glared at them. “I am listening,” Sunfire said. “Sunfire, your bodyguard will be Wolf. He is from your winglet, after all. Tiki, yours will be Avalanche.”“Can I go now?” Tiki said. Sunny nodded. “Yes, you may both go now. I will talk to Avalanche and Wolf later today.” Sunfire nodded. “Thank you,” she said. Sunny smiled at her. “You are welcome, Sunfire.” Sunfire started towards the door, then paused at the doorway, hesitating. What if she never knows? she thought, thinking about last night. She stood there for a moment, and then decided to turn around. “Sunny,” she said. “Yes?” She said, sitting back down. “I need you to hear me out on something, even if you’ll never believe me.” “Alright then,” Sunny sighed, resettling her wings, “I’ll listen.” Sunfire took a deep breath. “She’s been bullying me, and then she tried to kill me last night. I do admit I did defend myself.” “What!” Sunny yelped, shocked. “And I burnt the edge of her wing. I apologize.” “You had no right to harm Tiki in any way,” Sunny said, standing up. She sighed. “But I will talk to Tiki,” she said. “You’re missing the point,” Sunfire said sharply.
    “Which is?”
    “I said hear me out.”
    “I will.”
    “She tried to kill me,” Sunfire snarled angrily. “THAT'S NIEVE,” Tiki protested. “Oh, is it?” Sunfire growled at her. “She killed Blackout,” she said, turning back to Sunny. “SHE'S ALWAYS BEEN JEL—” “Tiki, OUT,” Sunny yelled, cutting her off. Sunfire smirked behind Sunny’s back at Tiki, who was now glaring at her. Sucker, she thought triumphantly. “WHAT!” Tiki shrieked. “You heard her,” Sunfire said, trying not to sound smug and burst out laughing at the same time. “Sunny, she burned my wing last night!” Tiki complained. “I was defending myself,” Sunfire said defiantly. “I didn’t even hurt her in any way!” Tiki whined. “She came in and threatened me,” Sunfire said, shifting her weight. “She’s lying!” Tiki sobbed. “And you killed Blackout,” Sunfire said fiercely. “Oh dear,” Sunny said, rubbing her head. “Are you ok dear?” Sunny said to Tiki. “Is SHE ok!” Sunfire shouted. “Yes, she’s obviously distressed,” Sunny replied, to turned back to Tiki. “Tiki, dear, go back to your cave. You can skip classes if you need. Sunfire, we are done here. GOODBYE.” Sunny shoved her out the door. Sunfire growled deep in her throat. “Haha, look, it’s a little bug!” Tiki smirked at her, with Cavern at her side. Sunfire turned and ignored her. She turned around and saw Star waiting for her. “TOO BAD YOU LOST YOUR BOYFRIEND!” Tiki yelled after her. “SHUT IT TIKI!” Sunfire yelled at her. Tiki smirked at Sunfire. “Oh, too bad you lost your boyfriend,” she mocked her. Sunfire snarled at her and turned before Tiki could insult her again. “Let's go,” she said, turning to Star. Star nodded in agreement and followed her. “Are you ok?” she whispered. Sunfire nodded. “I need to go to class, and so do you. We have music next.” She ran up the tunnel to the music cave, where it was filled with instruments. Sunfire spotted drums in the corner and ran over to them and started pounding rhythmically. She saw Tiki and Cavern over in the corner, chatting. He’ll regret this soon, Sunfire thought murderously. Tiki spotted her and came over to the drums, smirking. “Oh, you jealous? Poor wittle bug has no fwends, boohoo,” Tiki smirked at her. “TIKI!” Tsunami bellowed at her. “WHAT are you doing!” Tiki jumped, and then said coolly, “Sunfire was bullying me.” “No I was not!” Sunfire protested. “I can’t believe this,” Tsunami said, shaking her head. “Tiki, this amount of lying is unacceptable. And THIS isn't your Winglet! Gold is in history!” “I’m not lying!” Tiki whined. “And besides, I go where Cavie goes.” She twined her tail around his and smiled winningly. “Tiki,” Tsunami said sternly. “I am done with your lies. Back to class. Now.” Tiki looked at her, offended. “Fine. But I’m taking Cave with me.” Tiki tried to haul him out of the cave, but Cavern didn't move. Tiki fell backwards, making everyone in the cave laugh at her. Turning red and green, she whirled around and left the cave. Sunfire laughed gleefully and turned to Tsunami. “That was hilarious! Thank you for pointing her out,” Sunfire said, laughing. “Anytime when it comes to Tiki,” Tsunami laughed, grinning with all her sharp white teeth. “Hey, you know what? I'll try to talk some sense into Sunny that it wasn't you, and it really was Tiki. I believe you on that.” Sunfire grinned happily at her. “Really? Thank you SO MUCH!” “Like I said, anytime when it comes to Tiki,” Tsunami said again, rolling her eyes at the thought of the RainWing. Sunfire laughed and continued drumming. After a minute, Cavern hesitated and walked over to her. “Hey, Sun…” he said, trailing off. “I just wanted to say–” Sunfire drummed louder, drowning out his voice. “SUN!” He yelled. “–This is Wolf,” Tsunami said suddenly, interrupting Cavern. He frowned, and then stalked off. Wolf looked at Sunfire with arctic blue eyes, with small crinkles around the edges from laughing so much. Tsunami turned to him. “Wolf, this is Sunfire. You will be her ‘bodyguard’ for the next few days.” Wolf nodded. “Although I highly doubt you're going to murder someone,” Wolf joked. “Wolf, I need you to take this seriously,” Tsunami said sternly. “Ok, ok,” Wolf said, but somehow it still sounded like a joke. “Wolf,” Tsunami warned. Wolf sighed, his white scales flashing in the dim light of the cave. “Anyway, it's a pleasure to meet you,” Wolf said to Sunfire. “You as well,” Sunfire said. “Go get some lunch,” Tsunami told them, shooing them out of the cave. Sunfire ran down the hall to the prey center. “I need to talk to my friend Bumblebee,” she called over her shoulder. “Fine,” Wolf said. “Go get something to eat,” she called again, then went across the cave to where Bumblebee was sitting. “Hi!” Bumblebee said happily. “How are you, Sun?” “Bumblebee, I…” Sunfire said, then wrapped her wings around her. Bumblebee hugged her back, looking confused. “I’m so sorry,” Sunfire said, tearing up. “It’s fine, I get it,” Bumblebee said to her, smiling. “So… want to get some food?” she asked. Sunfire nodded. “Let’s go then. ECLIPSE!” She suddenly shouted. “Want to join us?” a purple-black dragon poked her head up, and nodded. “Who’s Eclipse?” Sunfire said, puzzled. “Eclipse is a friend of mine. She’s a NightWing in my Winglet.” “Ohhhhh,” Sunfire said, nodding. “I get it now. Meet me at the fruit pile?” she said. “Sure.” Sunfire walked over to the fruit pile, where Star was sitting. “Hey,” she said. “How was talking with Bumblebee?” “It was great,” Sunfire said. Star nodded. “That’s good Sun,” she said. “Yeah…” Sunfire blinked, beating back tears. “I think I need a minute to be alone.” “Whatever you need,” Star said, taking a step back. “Thank you,” Sunfire said, then grabbed a piece of fruit and walked off to a corner. “Hey bug,” a voice said behind her. “What do you want?” Sunfire snarled, turning around. “Awww, are you all alone?” Tiki mocked her, then laughed. “Without your boyfriend, loser?” “Leave her alone, Tiki,” Cavern said. Coming up behind her. “Tsunami isn’t buying your worthless lies,” Sunfire growled at her. “HA,” Tiki barked a laugh. “So what if the snotty one hates me? Sunny and Clay still like me.” “No they don’t, BUG,” Sunfire mocked her. “HEY!” Tiki said. “DON’T CALL ME THAT!” “I will call you what I want, BUG,” Sunfire snapped back at her. Tiki started crying. “Cavie!” She whined. “Tell that ugly thing to stop making fun of me!” “Go cry to all your fake friends and boyfriend,” Sunfire said bitterly. “Umm,” Cavern said. “Bye jerk faces,” Sunfire mocked them, then stormed out of the cave. “Wait!” Cavern called after her. “SUN!” “Shut up pretty-boy cave-face,” she heard Wolf growl at him. “She deserves better than trash like you, ‘Cavie,’” Wolf said to him. “And you’re stupid enough to pick TIKI as a girlfriend? She deserves way better.” “I DON’T DESERVE ANY OF IT!” Sunfire yelled angrily. “STUPID BUG,” She heard Tiki yell after her. “And stupid ugly dog,” she snarled. Sunfire didn’t care. She kept on running down the hall. “Ooh, you got yourself a DOG boyfriend,” Tiki screamed after her. Sunfire saw the open air and ran to it. “WHAT IS GOING ON!” Clay bellowed. Sunfire paused, then turned back to see what was happening. “TIKI! YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. IT’S YOU. I should’ve known,” Clay said, shaking his head. Sunfire cried out joyously, knowing that Tiki was caught and would now be seeing Sunny in the most likely cases, then tried for murder. “See?” Sunfire cried out. “This is what I’ve been telling you guys!” “I’m sorry for forever doubting you, Sunfire,” Clay said honestly. He turned back to Tiki. “I’ll have to turn Wolf into your bodyguard instead,” he said sternly. “Oh no,” Sunfire said. “Don’t torture him.” Clay laughed at her. Clay turned back to Tiki, frowning. “Tiki, I will have to send word to your parents,” he said seriously. Sunfire shook her head. “Nah, queen. She’s a murderer.” “And I will have a mind reader read your mind, Tiki, and see who murdered Queen Glory’s son.” “Really?” Sunfire said hopefully. Clay laughed at her. “Yes, really.”
    “Wow. But you probably won’t do Star as she’s my friend.” Clay nodded. “Yeah, it must be someone else… hmmm, Eclipse will do.” Sunfire nodded at him trustingly. “Sure. And, Clay? Thank you.” “No problem,” Clay said, grinning at her. “Yes, well, have a nice lunch everyone.” Tsunami came around the corner, and Clay told her what had happened. Tsunami nodded. “Yes, have a nice lunch, as Clay said, and TIKI COME WITH ME.” Sunfire grinned at Tiki winningly. Suddenly Tide peeked her head out from around the corner, and came over to Sunfire. “Hey… Sun…” Tide said, trailing off. “Hey Tide…” Sunfire said awkwardly. “Look, I’m SO sorry forever thinking you did that to black out! Or, at least, pretending to think that.” “It’s ok,” Sunfire said, then started laughing tearfully. “Hey, are you ok?” Tide said immediately. “Oh… well… Cavern ditched me,” Sunfire said, wiping her tears. “WHAT,” Tide yelped, “How stupid! You’re the best! BY ALL THE MOONS HE’S AN IDIOT.” Sunfire laughed again, and stood up, shaking her sun-colored wings. “I need some time alone outside… if that’s ok?” Sunfire asked. Tide nodded and took a step back. “Thank you,” Sunfire said gratefully, then took off down the hall, opening her wings as she did so. She jumped off the landing area, and plummeted to the ground, and snapped her wings open at the last second. “SUN!” She heard Cavern yell behind her as she swooped up, into the sky. “Hey SUN!” Sunfire ignored him, letting the wind whisk away her tears. She beat her wings, flying up, and then stopped, falling backwards, and dove down, not knowing where she would really end up. The sun sparkled off her wings as she plummeted, and she snapped them open, flipping over, and then reared up, and then down as she landed, apparently, at the spot where she and Cavern had both confessed their love for each other. She saw Cavern flying over to her at top SkyWing speed, faster than any other tribe. Sunfire sat down next to the stream with her back turned to the direction he was coming. Soon after, he landed behind her. “Hey, Sun, I have something to tell you…” Cavern said, panting. Sunfire whipped around, and saw him standing there. “I love you, and I never wanted to be Tiki’s boyfriend. She forced me to.” Sunfire stood there and stared at him, going still. “She said that if I didn’t play along with her, she’d–” he took a deep breath, and then continued, “she’d murder your best friend, Bumblebee.” Sunfire looked at him, tears slowly pouring down her snout. “And she forced me to for so long, and I hated every moment of it. I love you, truly.” Sunfire looked at him, then broke down, tears spilling into the stream. “I love you…” Cavern said, “I missed you so much. Seeing Wolf defending you from Tiki hurt so much because I knew that I should be doing that, not him,” Cavern growled angrily, then looked into Sunfire’s eyes. “I love you so much, Sunfire, more than anything,” he said fiercely. Sunfire smiled sadly. “Cave,” she said, “so do I.” She smiled at him. Cavern smiled back, and then stepped forward and hugged her fiercely. She hugged him back, and they sat there, wings wrapped around each other, tails intertwined. I missed him so much. Then, of course, Tiki had to come and ruin the moment. “WHAT IN THE THREE MOONS IS THIS!” She shrieked, seeing them. Sunfire sat up and glared at her. “Cavie dear, why are you with this loser?” Tiki whined. “I’m your GIRLFRIEND.” “Go. Now.” Sunfire snarled at her. “He loves me, not you.” Tiki ran and tried to hug him. “OF COURSE HE LOVES ME!” She cried, and Cavern pushed her off. “HEY,” she yelped. “What… CAVE I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME.” “Go away Tiki,” Sunfire snarled at her. “NO,” she said in a bratty voice. “I. Want. My Boyfriend. BACK.” “He obviously doesn’t love you,” Sunfire pointed out. “And now everyone sees through your lies you little brat.” “NOW or else…” Tiki bent down and whispered into Cavern’s ear. Sunfire snarled angrily, lashing her tail. She knew this meant that she was threatening him, which meant that Tiki would go back to having a fake boyfriend… again. Tiki finally pulled away, smirking. “HA! You fell for it! I’m going to go back with my girlfriend, not you.” Cavern said, pulling away from Sunfire. For a second, his back was turned to Tiki, and he looked sadly at her, just enough for Sunfire to know that Tiki had threatened him. He turned as quickly as he could and went to Tiki’s side. Sunfire looked at him, then let out a fake sob to make it a bit more realistic. “SEE,” Tiki said triumphantly, “HE LOVES ME.” “You LIAR!” Sunfire yelled at Cavern. Tiki grabbed Cavern and dragged him away with all her strength. Sunfire gave Cavern a fake shove, but he stumbled back, catching on to what she was doing. She gave him a sad look and then flew off. “HA! TAKE THAT LOSER BUG!” She heard Tiki yell after her. As she was airborne, she saw Wolf looking out at the fight, waiting to see when it was necessary to jump in. She smiled at him, pulling up into the sky, and then dive-bombed Tiki. Wolf followed Sunfire as she pinned Tiki to the ground. “Nice shot,” Wolf remarked, landing behind her. “HOW DARE YOU,” Tiki yelled, turning red, black, and orange, the colors of rage and annoyance for a RainWing. “GET OFF ME!” “This will be the last time you threaten anyone,” Sunfire snarled into her ear. “Get off! CAVERN! HELP ME!” Tiki demanded. Sunfire raised her tail menacingly. “No! Please!” Tiki begged. “I-I’ll do anything!” Keeping her tail raised, Sunfire said, “I will stab you unless you go to Sunny right now and tell her what you’ve done,” she threatened. “I-I will!” Tiki said, turning pale green, the color of fear. “My tail is right behind you,” Sunfire growled. “And none of this will be spoken of. Understand? Because I will not hesitate to stab you.” “OK!” Tiki trembled, sobbing like a one-year-old who didn’t get her way. “Let’s go,” Sunfire said darkly, stepping off. “Fine,” Tiki said nervously, jumping up immediately and eyeing Sunfire’s tail, where her tail stinger gleamed with toxin. “Go,” Sunfire said, jabbing her tail forward. “Now.” Tiki yelped, dodging, and dove off the cliff, flying away as fast as she could. Sunfire flew right behind her, while Cavern and Wolf followed closely behind.

    Tiki ran down the hall to Sunny’s classroom, Sunfire close behind. Wolf and Cavern had stopped for a breath a little ways down the hall, but were now catching up again. Tiki skidded into the cave, gasping for air. Sunfire came in behind her immediately, breathing heavily, her wings fluttering slightly. “SUNNY!” Tiki yelped, turning a pale green, the color of fear. Sunfire slid her stingers back in, but still kept them at the ready, just in case. “Hello Sunny,” she said calmly. “Hello dears,” Sunny replied, slightly confused. “She has a confession to make,” Sunfire said, tipping a wing towards Tiki. “Oh really?” Sunny said, resettling her wings. “And remember our agreement,” Sunfire growled at Tiki, who shrank back slightly. “Tell her. Now.” She began to jab her tail towards her slightly, making Tiki yelp, jumping back once again. “I killed Blackout,” Tiki said, tears forming in her eyes. “I’m sorry…” “And who helped you?” Sunfire pressed. “Cavern,” Tiki lied. Of COURSE, she would lie. I should’ve known she would, Sunfire thought angrily. “Kill Blackout?” Sunfire said dubiously. “YES,” Tiki said, turning an even paler shade of green. “Lier,” Sunfire snarled, silently sliding her stingers out. “Cavern made me- I swear,” Tiki gulped, looking at Sunny wildly. Sunfire slid her tail over and pressed lightly on Tiki’s tail, making her wince. “Remember what we agreed on,” Sunfire hissed into her ear, “No lying ‘BUG’”. “Sunny!” Tiki suddenly yelped. “SUNFIRE HAS BEEN BLACKMAILING ME.” “It’s not blackmail,” Sunfire said, rolling her eyes.

    “What?” Sunny said, sitting up, her brown eyes widening. Wait, Sunfire thought suddenly, her heart pounding. Her eyes. They were brown. Sunny’s eyes were normally gray/green. Sunfire looked at Sunny’s body, staying perfectly still. She spotted something new that had appeared on Sunny; a tail band, studded with yellow topaz. “Sunny,” Sunfire said cautiously, “can I see your tail band?” Sunny looked at her suspiciously, but nodded and took it off, passing it to Sunfire. Sunny suddenly gasped, hey eyes becoming gray/green again. “Sunny,” Sunfire said, “I need you to go get Clay and Tsunami.” Sunny nodded, and hopped out of the cave. Sunfire snarled at Tiki as Sunny’s tail disappeared around the corner. Tiki opened her jaw, preparing to shoot venom, when Clay, Tsunami, and Sunny all entered the room. “Sunny, Tiki isn’t who you think she is,” Clay explained, sitting down in front of Sunfire and Tiki. “She’s completely crazy.” Sunny nodded, confused. “I know, it’s just… something… was blocking me from believing that.” Her gray/green eyes widened. “No, she really is crazy though,” Sunfire said. “Worst student award,” Tsunami said, pointing to Tiki, who was acid green with swirls of pale green. “I agree,” Caly said. Sunfire started laughing so hard she had to lie down. “So Tiki will be under heavy guard until she can get a private audience with Queen Glory and Deathbringer,” Sunny said, looking at Clay and Tsunami, who both nodded. “They are very upset at the loss of Blackout…” Clay said mournfully, “they want this solved.” “I understand completely,” Sunfire said sadly, thinking of Blackout. Alder and Wave should go too… but I have no proof, and they wouldn’t believe me anyway. And… did someone enchant Sunny? Sunfire wondered, then suddenly forgot about the whole situation. She shook her head, confused, wondering about what she had just been thinking… but never mind that. “So Tiki will go to see Queen Glory,” Sunfire confirmed. “Yes,” Clay nodded. “Good. And I apologize for any trouble I may have caused,” Sunfire said, ducking her head. “And for how rude I have been to all of you. Except Tiki,” She added with a snort. “Not at all,” Clay said, with Sunny nodding behind him. “I’m sorry for doubting you, Sunfire,” Sunny said apologetically. “It’s ok,” Sunfire said, smiling. Sunny nodded. “May I go now?” Sunfire said. “Yes,” Tsunami said. “Thank you,” Sunfire said, and with that, she turned and left the room.

    Hope you like it Saph! And please be honest with me about how you like it. Love you!

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